9 Tips to Design a Stunning Pink Tablescape Like A Pro!

 If you are planning to style a pink tablescape or simply looking to add a touch of pink to your next spring/summer gathering, birthday party, Valentine’s Day celebration or any other events, this post is for you! In this post, I will be sharing 9 easy tips on how to professionally design a beautiful and elegant pink tablescape that you and your guests will LOVE!!!

This post is about easy tips to design a stunning pink tablescape like a pro!

Although the Arizona summers are brutally hot, I am so excited that summer is finally here!!! Not only do we love all of the fun pool craziness in our backyard, but we also love having summer gatherings with our friends and family. As most of you know, I love decorating, entertaining and setting up tables.

I recently set up this pink tablescape that was perfect for a fantastically colorful summer party. It was super easy and so much fun to set it up! Therefore, I have decided to share these easy pink tablescape ideas so that you can design and create the same or a similar table for yourself!

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What Is a Tablescape?

The tablescaping trend has been gaining momentum in recent years. This is when the focus is on table is all about presentation. A beautiful floral arrangement or carefully placed runner can transform your dining space into something truly special and memorable for guests to enjoy!

In my opinion, a tablescape isn’t just an amazing spread; there are also creative ideas that will make every dish pop with color. So, in aesthetically pleasing words, tablescapes are creative spaces full of embellishments that convey a particular theme or an experience.

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If you know me through my blog or if you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I absolutely love tablescapes; from pastel rainbow party decorations to summer table settings, every tablescape idea and theme is teeming with exciting experiences!

Key Elements of Tablescapes

Every tablescape consists of certain elements that can’t be missed. Each piece is a part of the collective theme. Any tablescape would consist of the following:

  • A tablecloth, runner, or placemats
  • Plates, bowls, and any other dinnerware
  • Stemware
  • Utensils
  • Napkins
  • A centerpiece, especially floral centerpieces

You can even add additional items to give any tablescape a sophisticated or elegant feel. Add:

  • Charger plates that go underneath dinnerware as a decorative accent
  • Menus perked up at each place setting,, highlighting the evening’s fare
  • Place cards for your guests
  • Candles and other decorative accents
  • Napkin rings
  • Flowers

Combining all of the elements mentioned above will turn any basic table into a romantic table setting! Some people prefer a boho tablescape for summer which is great! All you need is to change a few items on your table setting to create a bohemian tablescape feel (I will be sharing a blog post on how to design a boho tablesacape soon).

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How to Design a Stunning Pink Tablescape Like a Pro!

Here are the top 7 tips to help you bring versatile shades of pink to your tablescape for a sophisticated and stunning party!

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1- Start with A Pink or Light Pink Tablecloth

A tablescape is incomplete, empty, and lonely without a tablecloth. I love to add one as it works like a background or a backdrop to the tablescape. For this table setting, I used a pink tablecloth to match the blush pink table décor.

It is best to go for a plain one, as a tablecloth dotted with patterns will distract the viewer from the decor and make the entire tablescape too busy! I highly suggest getting a rose gold or cherry blossom pink tablecloth as it will act as a nice, soft layer to the rest of the decor.

2- Coordinate the Color of the Cloth Napkins with the Tablecloth

I love matching tablecloths with cloth napkins. They blend well together and add an aesthetic appeal to the entire table. For a pink tablescape, I used cloth napkins that matched the tablecloth. There are many great ideas on Pinterest on how to arrange cloth napkins.

3- Elaborate Your Centerpiece by Creating Floral Garlands or Floral Wreaths

Centerpieces accentuate the theme and the colors of the tablescape. I like to throw in some floral garlands or floral wreaths for a pink tablescape to create exquisite centerpieces. Add pink roses along with some whites to create a vibrant contrast to your wreath. One or more of the floral colors should tie into or compliment your tablecloth choice. It looked magical! Floral wreaths or garlands as centerpieces are such great idea! They add so much color and character to your table!

4- Create a Floral Centerpiece (Fresh or Silk Flowers) Using Different Shades of Pink

I LOVE flowers, roses, daffodils, lilies, peonies —you name it. Hence, it is only natural to add flowers to my pink tablescape ideas! Nothing brings beauty to a table than flowers.

I added versatile shades of pink flowers to my floral centerpiece for this very purpose. You can use fresh or silk flowers to create this look! They are both beautiful! Make sure to add different shades of Dianthus with pink roses to create an aesthetically pleasing floral centerpiece. You can choose any flower as long as you have some pink flowers in there!

5- Create Different Heights with Your Candles and Candleholders

There are so many ways to decorate a dining table with candles. One of my favorite ways to decorate my dining table is creating different heights. If you vary the height of your candle holders, it makes your eyes move through the display. Also, the high and low candlelight create a very romantic atmosphere and is visually very appealing. Here are some beautiful candle holders for you to consider:

6- Use a Playful Pattern Dinnerware in a Sophisticated Way

I am in love with this stunning Butterfly Parade dinnerware collection! When I first shared this table on my Instagram, I got so many DMs asking me where to purchase this collection. This collection is a fabulous collaboration between Vista Alegre and haut couture French designer “Christian Lacroix”.

The very first time I saw this collection at Neiman Marcus, and I fell in love with it! This collection was sent to me as a gift from Vista Alegre-US. It is even more breathtaking in person! You can purchase the Butterfly Parade dinnerware from Vista Alegre website, Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales.

You can also get these stunning striped black and white dinnerware collection (Sol y Sombra) designed by Christian Lacroix from any of these department stores or Vista Alegre website. You can get this beautiful Butterfly Parade Vase from either Vista Alegre’s website, Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales.

Adding a playful pattern dinnerware like butterflies, flowers, fruits, etc… to your table will make your table to pop. Also try to design an elegant silverware arrangement, next to napkins and colored glasses, and you are good to go!

The pink will pop out and turn every element of our pink tablescape into a dreamy sight. I honestly think summer table settings are one of the easiest table decorations, as you have many different elements and colors to bring the “summer mood” to your table.  I think any kinds of butterfly decorations will always be a great choice for your spring/summer table!

7- Choose a Flatware Set to Complement Your Dinnerware

Once your dinnerware is all arranged, it is time to choose utensils, aka flatware. I recommend choosing a flatware set that compliments your dinnerware. When choosing a flatware set to go with your dinnerware, I recommend looking at the colors and shapes of each piece!

If your dinnerware has many patterns, make sure your flatware does not contain a lot of patterns to compete with your dinnerware. They don’t need to be very basic either. Just choose a texture and color that compliment your dinnerware. Here are some beautiful flatware ideas for you:

8- Choose the Right Color of Glassware to Compliment the Pink Tablecloth/Napkins

Designing an elegant tablescape is all about creating a beautiful harmony on your table! Not everything on your table has to match, but everything needs to complement each other. Choosing the right glassware is important when styling your table. You do not need to buy a new set of glassware for each tablescape. This is why I love these clear Vista Alegre water goblets. They pretty much go with any tablescape colors and designs!

If you do not like the idea of using a clear glassware for your pink tablescape, then you can use stemmed wine glasses in cranberry, pastel pink, or white to add shine and another layer of pink to the table. I personally prefer stemmed glasses over tumblers! You can use pastel pink glassware to match the other elements of your pink tablescape.

9- Napkin Rings: Mix Traditional and Modern Styles

Napkin rings are the perfect accessory for your table. With napkins, I sometimes like to use a mixture of traditional and modern styles. Napkin rings come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Round napkin rings, square design, floral napkin rings, modern napkin rings and so much more… they can all work perfectly for your table!

I use napkin rings for 95% of my tablescapes. However, for this specific tablescape, I decided to fold the napkin cloths under each dessert plate. I thought since the Butterfly Parade plates and the Sol Y Sombra black and white plates have lots of patterns, adding any napkin rings, would make the table looking “too busy”. Therefore, I decided to create a modern look by simply folding each napkin under the dessert plates.

If your dinnerware are simple and do not have that many patterns, then I strongly recommend using some kind of napkin rings! If you are not a big fan of napkin rings, you can use a pastel pink ribbon to hold together the napkin and added a stem of pink peonies, tulips, roses or any other beautiful summer flowers. If you look on Pinterest for a romantic table setting, you can even go for a gold cord and a pink flower to hold a napkin. This combo is cute and adds a delicate and chic accent to your pink tablescape.

Here are some beautiful napkin rings ideas for you:

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How do you make a perfect tablescape?

An ideal tablescape consists of a coherent theme depicted primarily in colors and centerpiece. Depending on the occasion, match your table accordingly.

How do you set up a pretty table?

Your best friends are floral centerpieces, matching dinnerware and flatware, appropriate glassware, napkins, candles, and table runners!

How do you make an elegant table centerpiece?

For an elegant table centerpiece, use beautiful vases fitted with flowers. If you have tall and short cylinder vases, place one tall cylinder vase next to a short cylinder vase. That way, you will create different heights for your floral centerpiece. Then you can add different heights of candelabras to your flowers. You can also use beautiful and full floral garlands as well as the floral wreaths for your centerpiece.  

What makes a great tablescape?

Color coordination, flowers, candles, and appropriative centerpieces make the best tablescapes!

How do you set a formal dinner setting?

Choose an appropriate color and texture tablecloth and napkin cloth. Coordinate dinnerware with flatware and glassware. Set napkins on the side with napkin holders. Add flowers and candles!

What are the components that make an excellent and aesthetically pleasing table?

Elements such as color, organization, arrangement of utensils, candles, flowers, and visual clarity make an aesthetically pleasing table.

I hope this post was helpful to design an elegant pink tablescape for your next summer party, birthday party, Valentine’s Day celebration, holiday brunches, birthday brunches, Mother’s Day brunch, Girls party, or any other occasion. I hope these tips help you make the most of your pink tablescape party!



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