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What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress: Elevate Your Look!

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If you love wearing white, as much as I do, you may wonder what color shoes to wear with a white dress. In this post, I want to share some great ideas on the best colors to wear with not only a beautiful white dress, but also white pants, suits or skirts!

The color of your shoes can significantly elevate or transform your entire look. From classic pumps to strappy gold sandals, the options are endless, and choosing the perfect combination requires a little bit of consideration.

White shoes or nude heels are a safe and elegant choice for a chic and understated look. Which easily blend with white outfit. If you’re looking for a “bold and edgy look”, black boots or animal print can add a touch of fierceness to your look!

Whether you don a little white dress for a date night or a formal affair, the color of your shoes plays a crucial role in defining your style.

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What Color Shoes Go with a White Dress?

1- Nude or Neutral Shoes

  • Due to their versatility, beige, nude, or neutral-colored shoes are a wardrobe staple. These tones create a seamless and understated look when paired with a white dress. The neutral color help elongate the legs and keep the focus on the dress itself. This is an excellent choice for various occasions, from casual outings to more formal events, where you want the dress to take center stage.

2- Metallic Shoes

  • Gold or silver shoes can introduce an element of sophistication and glamour to your ensemble, making them particularly suitable for formal events and evening occasions. Metallic shoes catch the light, adding a subtle sparkle that complements the crispness of a white dress. This choice is perfect for elevating your look and creating a touch of luxury.

3- Bold Colors

  • Opting for bold-colored shoes, such as vibrant red, royal blue, or emerald green, is a fantastic way to make a bold and confident statement. This choice adds a dynamic and eye-catching element to your outfit, expressing personality and flair. It’s an ideal option for those who want to inject color into their look while maintaining a cohesive and stylish appearance.

4- Black Shoes

  • Classic black shoes are a timeless and foolproof option when paired with a white dress. The high contrast between black and white creates a striking and elegant effect. Black shoes are versatile and can be worn across various dress styles and occasions, making them a reliable choice for casual and formal events.

5- Pastel Shoes

  • Soft pastel shades, like blush pink or light mint, offer a delicate and feminine touch when paired with a white dress. This combination exudes a sweet and romantic vibe, making it well-suited for spring or summer events. Pastel-colored shoes add a subtle hint of color while maintaining an overall light and airy aesthetic.

6- Printed Shoes

  • Floral or patterned shoes can introduce an element of playfulness and visual interest to a plain white dress. When choosing printed shoes, it’s essential to ensure that the patterns complement the dress rather than clash. This choice allows for creativity and personal expression, adding a unique and stylish dimension to your look.

7- Cork or Tan Shoes

  • Cork or tan-colored shoes provide a warm and earthy tone that complements the freshness of a white dress. This choice is excellent for daytime events and outdoor settings, offering a laid-back and natural feel.

8- Muted Gray Shoes

  • Muted gray shoes offer a subtle and sophisticated option. This neutral color works well with shades of white and can add a modern touch to your overall look.

9- Burgundy or Wine Shoes

  • Deep burgundy or wine-colored shoes can bring your outfit a rich and luxurious feel. This color choice is particularly suitable for fall or winter events, adding warmth and depth to the ensemble.

10- Turquoise or Teal Shoes

  • Turquoise or teal shoes provide a vibrant and refreshing option. This color choice is perfect for summer events, creating a lively and tropical atmosphere paired with a white dress.

11- Mustard or Yellow Shoes

  • Mustard or yellow shoes add a sunny and cheerful element to your look. This color choice is ideal for creating a playful and bright ensemble, especially during spring or summer.

12- Chocolate Brown Shoes

  • Chocolate brown shoes offer a rich and warm alternative to black. This choice works well for a more subdued and classic look, providing a softer contrast with a white dress.

13- Lavender or Lilac Shoes

  • Lavender or lilac-colored shoes bring a touch of romance and femininity to your outfit. This pastel option is delightful for creating a soft and dreamy look, especially for spring events.

14- Olive Green Shoes

  • Olive green shoes offer an earthy and unconventional choice. This color adds a hint of sophistication and can be a unique option for casual and semi-formal occasions.

15- Slate Blue Shoes

  • Slate blue shoes provide an excellent and muted color option. This versatile choice can be paired with a white dress for a serene and composed appearance.

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Shoe Styles for White Dresses (Different Occasions)

Casual Choices for Everyday Wear

I recommend pairing a white dress with strappy sandals or flats for a casual daytime look. These shoes are comfortable and practical, perfect for running errands or going for lunch with friends.

If you’re looking for something more stylish, you can opt for a pair of espadrilles or sneakers. These shoes will add a touch of personality to your outfit while still keeping it casual.

Elegant Picks for Formal Occasions

A pair of high heels is a must if you’re attending a formal event. Black or nude pumps are classic choices that will never go out of style, but you can also experiment with other colors. Red, blue, or metallic heels can add color to your outfit and make a statement.

If you’re not a fan of heels, you can opt for a pair of dressy flats or sandals. Look for shoes with embellishments or unique details to make them stand out.

When choosing a pair of shoes to wear with a white dress, it’s essential to consider the style of the dress. A flowy, bohemian dress pairs well with strappy sandals or wedges, while a fitted, structured dress looks best with high heels. The occasion should always be taken into account. Casual looks call for comfortable shoes, while formal events require dressier footwear.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

As important as selecting the right pair of shoes to wear with your white dress, accessorizing your outfit with the right jewelry and bags can make or break your overall look.

Here are some tips on coordinating your accessories with your white dress outfit:

Coordinating with Jewelry and Bags

When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to keep it simple and elegant. A delicate pendant necklace or stud earrings complement a simple white dress nicely. If you prefer bolder jewelry, opt for statement pieces in gold or silver.

When choosing a bag, consider the occasion and style of your dress. For a casual look, a crossbody or tote bag in a neutral color can work well. For a more formal event, a clutch or structured bag in a complementary color can add sophistication to your outfit.

Layering with Outerwear

Layering your white dress with a cute jacket or coat can add dimension and texture to your outfit. A black leather jacket is a classic choice to give your dress an edgier look. A denim jacket or blazer can also complement a simple white dress nicely. When choosing outerwear, consider the style and occasion of your dress. 

Event Type and Comfort Level

As I briefly mentioned above, the type of event you are attending, and your comfort level are also important factors to consider when choosing the right shoes. If you are attending a special occasion like a wedding or a formal dinner, choose dressier shoes that match the event’s formality.

However, suppose you attend a more casual event like a backyard barbecue or a picnic. In that case, you may opt for more comfortable shoes like flats or sneakers. Choosing shoes, you feel comfortable in is essential, especially if you will be on your feet for an extended period.

When choosing the right shoes to wear with a white dress, it’s essential to consider your style, the event you attend, and your comfort level. Considering these factors, you can choose the perfect pair of shoes to complement your dress and make you feel confident and comfortable.

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What’s the best shoe color for a white dress in the summer vibes?

You can go right with nude or tan-colored shoes in the summer. These colors complement the lightness and brightness of a white dress. Sandals, wedges, or espadrilles in these colors can give your outfit a chic and effortless vibe. If you want to add a pop of color, light pastel shades like baby blue or blush pink can also work well.

How to style shoes with a white wedding dress for that special day?

When it comes to styling shoes with a white wedding dress, it’s essential to consider the style and formality of your dress. Classic white pumps or strappy sandals can be a timeless choice for a traditional wedding dress. You can opt for nude or metallic sandals or even embroidered flats for a more modern or bohemian dress. Ultimately, choosing shoes you feel comfortable and confident in on your special day is essential.

What color shoes work with an off-white dress?

With an off-white dress, you can pair shoes in various colors. Neutral colors like beige, nude, or tan can complement the softness of an off-white dress. Metallic shades like gold or silver can add a touch of glamour. Shades like navy blue or burgundy can work well if you want to add a pop of color.

Have I got a white floral dress, what color shoes should I wear?

When it comes to styling shoes with a white floral dress, you can choose shoes that match the color of the flowers or opt for a neutral shade. For example, if your dress has pink or red flowers, you can choose shoes in a similar shade. To keep it simple, nude or beige shoes can work well.

What shoes do you pair with a white suit for a sharp look?

You can pair a white suit with black or brown dress shoes for a sharp and sophisticated look. Oxfords or loafers in these colors can add a touch of formality to your outfit. You can opt for white sneakers or even sandals for a more casual look.

Bottom Line!

White and nude shoes remain a classic and versatile option. They blend with different occasions and outfits, while black heels bring a timeless sophistication, especially when paired with a black dress.

For those looking for a pop of color, pink or gold shoes can be a great way to add vibrancy and make a chic statement. Whether you opt for purple shoes for a touch of uniqueness or embrace the trendy shade of orange shoes, the key is to consider the occasion, your preference, and the overall color palette.

I hope this post was helpful! You can now choose the right pair of shoes that can elevate your white dress, creating a timeless and chic look that works best with your personality! 

Have fun shopping!


Sherry XOXO

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