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Best Friendsgiving Decor Ideas to Make Your Table Look Fabulous!

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“Friendsgiving” is a compound of two words: “friends and “Thanksgiving”. In this post, I would like to share some fun Friendsgiving decor ideas with you. Hopefully, this post will help you style the most beautiful table for your friends (and family) this Thanksgiving.

This post is about the best Friendsgiving decor ideas for your table.

This is the table that I’m planning to design for our guests. I’m going to walk you through each step and help you to style a fabulous table for your friends and family this thanksgiving. 

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#1: Start with a Tablecloth 

When it comes to Thanksgiving tables, the first thing that everyone notices is the tablecloth. It’s important to choose a tablecloth that will complement your Thanksgiving decorations and make your meal look appealing.

There are a number of different types of tablecloths available on the market, so it’s important to find one that suits your style and personality. Here are some tablecloth ideas for your Friendsgiving party:

Solid Tablecloth

I personally like to stay away from “busy pattern” tablecloths. Especially if I’m going to style an elaborate centerpiece. I do not want the “busy” tablecloth patterns to compete with all of the other decorations on the table.

Since my plates have a striped black and white design, decided to go with a simple white tablecloth for this table. For a solid tablecloth, you can choose colors like white, orange, beige, brown, burgundy, or navy blue.

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Thanksgiving Tablecloths and Napkins

If you prefer to choose a Thanksgiving harvest pumpkin print tablecloth or a cute turkey print tablecloth, there are many great choices in the market. As I mentioned above, if you choose any of these “busy patterns” tablecloths, try to avoid having a busy centerpiece for your table.

Floral Tablecloth

I personally prefer to use a floral tablecloth for my spring tablescape. However, I have seen some people use a floral tablecloth for their Friendsgiving celebration, which looks so beautiful.

Flowers are a fun way to add some color and femininity to your table, while also helping to set the mood for the evening. The good news is flowers and pumpkins look so beautiful together… So you can consider a floral tablecloth if that is what you prefer!

Tablecloth Size

The size of the tablecloth should be proportional to the size of your dining table. 

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#2: Thanksgiving Table Runner 

Table runners are a perfect addition to create an extra layer of design, color, and texture for your table setting. They can help set the tone for the entire dinner party or serve as a focal point for specific courses. Plus, they’re easy and affordable to purchase – just take a look online at some of the best brands on the market!

I chose a black and white striped runner and matching napkins to compliment my black and white striped plates. When choosing a table runner, I try to create a contrast with my tablecloth.

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For example, if you choose a solid orange color tablecloth, try to choose a solid brown table runner. This is the perfect way to create great contrast on your table!!!

Also, keep in mind that you need to choose a runner that will effortlessly match your dinnerware selection. Play around with different combinations of place setting and see what looks best on your particular dinner tabletop.

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#3: Decorate Your Centerpiece with Flowers, Leaves, and Berries

I think one of the best Friendsgiving decorations for your table is designing an elegant centerpiece. I honestly believe a great centerpiece is the best and most important part of any tablescape (regardless of the holiday season or any other occasion)!!!

Start with Leaves or Decorative Branches

After placing the table runner, add the leaves in various sizes and shapes in the center of your table. You can choose yellow and orange foliage or green leaves. Either one will look great on your table! Use greenery sparingly so it doesn’t overpower everything else, but make sure it is visible enough to be noticed. 

I used a long floral garland that was designed with leaves, flowers and decorative branches. It was such a great and easy way to make the statement on the table.

Choose Your Flowers

You can always go with fresh flowers for your centerpiece. However, there are many beautiful artificial flowers these days that look absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorite flowers for a centerpiece is Hydrangeas.

They are so beautiful and perfect for “filling up” the space on your centerpiece. This is how I used Hydrangeas on our last year’s Thanksgiving table centerpiece. This year I decided to use orange and white flowers.

These two colors complement my orange and white pumpkins as well as our dinner plates. You can choose flowers that you think are a perfect addition to your table. You also want to make sure they complement your dinner plates and other decorations.

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Add Berries

Although I did not add any berries to my Thanksgiving table setting this year, I think berries are such beautiful and colorful addition to your table.

Depending on the flowers and the fall leaves that you choose, a festive touch can be added by including some berries in your centerpiece. Berries are a perfect addition to any fall table decoration. I love using berries on my Thanksgiving and Christmas tablescapes.

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#4: Use Decorative Pumpkins for Your Centerpiece

I don’t think you can have a Thanksgiving tablescape without having a few beautiful decorative pumpkins on your table!!!

Adding decorative pumpkins to your Friendsgiving tablescape is a great idea and can help to add some fun and excitement to the celebration.

Place your decorative pumpkins on the leaves and next to the flowers. I LOVE velvet pumpkins (especially the ones with feathers)!!! They look so elegant and make your table look so beautiful for Thanksgiving. You can get something similar to mine here:

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No matter what is on the menu for your Friendsgiving dinner party, a traditional Thanksgiving meal typically includes rich dishes like pumpkin pie, savory stuffed pumpkin, or some other delicious “pumpkin-related” dishes. None of these dishes would be as appealing without some “festive flair”. This is why it is important to add some decorative pumpkins to your table along with all of your favorite menu items.

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#5: Use Placemats or Chargers

Now is the time to bring out your placemats or chargers! I personally prefer chargers over placemats. I think chargers look more elegant and take up a lot less space on your table.

In recent years, more and more people design their tables with chargers instead of placemats. However, there are many beautiful placemats in the market that are absolutely gorgeous! So do not hesitate to choose a placemat over chargers if this is what you prefer!

I chose simple glass chargers with gold trim for our plates. Since our plates have patterns, I chose to go with simple chargers. If your plates are simple, then choose a charger or placemat with more patterns or textures.

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#6: Layer Plates in Different Finishes, Colors, or Textures

My black and white striped dinner plates are designed by Vista Alegre which you can purchase from Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale or Vista Alegre website. I absolutely love them!

One of the best ways to make your Friendsgiving table look stylish and inviting is by layering the plates in different finishes, colors, or textures. This will add a bit of personality to the otherwise standard Thanksgiving table setting.

You can choose to go with sleek and simple designs, or you can get a little more creative and use different colors, patterns, and textures in your design.

For example, for this table setting, I used glass chargers with gold trims, and black and white striped dinner plates, and I added plain white salad plates to this layering design. This will help to create a visually stimulating table that you and your Friendsgiving guests will love!

Ideas for Layer Plates

Some ideas for layer plates that you can use to create a stylish Friendsgiving table include:

  • Use exciting prints and patterns that will never go out of style (stripes, checkerboard, polka dot, floral, etc..)
  • Use brightly colored finishes like orange, and yellow to add some energy and vibrancy to your table.
  • Try textured finishes like wood grain or marble to give your table an extra level of sophistication.
  • Use metallic finishes like gold plates, silver plates, or chargers to create a shiny and luxurious appearance.
  • Chose natural materials like linen or wood for a rustic and earthy feel.

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#7: Place Decorative Pumpkins on Each Plate 

After layering your charges, dinner plates, soup, or salad plates, it is time to finish up the look with either napkin rings or placing pumpkins on each plate.

I love decorating my cloth napkins with napkin rings for most of my table settings. When it comes to the Thanksgiving tablescape, I like to finish up the look by placing a pumpkin on each plate.

I think pumpkins are such fun and festive party decorations for the fall season. If you choose not to place decorative pumpkins on each plate, you can finish up by styling your plates by using napkin rings which I will explain in the next section.

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

#8: Coordinate Your Napkins with Tablecloth or Table Runner

For this specific table setting, I coordinated my napkins with my table runner. However, I usually coordinate my napkin’s color and texture with my tablecloth. This is completely up to you and your table setup.

I think the best way to create great harmony on your table is by coordinating your napkins, tablecloth, and table runner together. I usually like to choose solid color tablecloths and napkins. However, I sometimes like to use patterns (like this Easter tablescape), or this year’s Thanksgiving tablescape.

The other idea is to mix and match the color and texture of your tablecloth and napkins! For example, for a Thanksgiving table setting, you can choose a solid orange tablecloth and go with brown cloth napkins and a table runner.

This is a great mix-and-match look! There are so many little simple ideas on Pinterest that can help you to decide which fall colors to choose for your Thanksgiving table setting.

Just remember these easy tips:

  • Pair your napkins with your tablecloth in a complementary color. 
  • Use a neutral color for the tablecloth and go with brightly colored napkins to add some fun. 
  • Try using patterns or designs on the tablecloth as part of your decor. 
  • Choose an eye-catching design for your napkins that will also complement the tablecloth.

#9: Napkin Rings

As you can see, since I placed mini decorative pumpkins on each plate, I did not use any napkin rings this year! However, napkin rings are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your Friendsgiving table.

I honestly think that napkin rings are one of the “must-have” items when styling your table for special occasions. A well-arranged napkin ring can help to create a more cohesive look on your table.

There are a number of different types of napkin rings available on the market, so it’s important to choose the one that is right for your table. Some napkin rings have pockets in them that keep the centerpieces secure while others simply hold up each individual napkin in place.

There are even designs that combine both features – perfect for when you want to keep everything neatly arranged but still be able to easily remove individual napkins as needed. I think napkin rings are a great addition to Friendsgiving parties and you should have them as part of your table decoration.

#10: Choose Flatware 

Flatware is another important part of any table setting, and there are a few reasons why. First of all, it gives your food an elegant appearance.

Metallic flatware looks great on a white or ivory dinner table and can really add flare to the look of your meal. It also helps to minimize visual noise on the plate, which makes it easier for you to focus on what’s in front of you.

Second, flatware is versatile. You can use different types of knives and forks with them, depending on the type of dish you’re preparing.

For example, if you’re serving up a salad course, opt for fork-and-knife sets instead of individual utensils like forks and spoons. This way everything will be neatly contained within one bowl so that no morsels get lost in between!

#11: Place Water, Wine and Champagne Glasses

When it comes to table settings, wine, and water glasses are key components. Not only do they add an element of elegance and class to any dinner party or event, but they also serve a practical purpose.

Water and wine glasses should be placed on the left side of the plate, while champagne flutes should be positioned on the right side. The other types of glasses can be located anywhere else on the table, depending on their use.

#12: Pumpkin or Fall Place Card

I love place cards! For something more traditional, try out an autumn-themed place card. These cards typically feature leaves, acorns, and other Fall-inspired motifs. To make yours even more special, add a photo of your Friendsgiving guest inside one of these adorable place cards.

#13: Candles and Candleholders

Candles and candleholders are a MUST!!! Not only do they add a touch of elegance to any room, but they also provide soothing light that can help you relax after an intense day.

I used a set of 6 candleholders and placed them on the centerpiece next to pumpkins and flowers. If you do not like to use individual candleholder, then choose tall or votive candles with elegant containers. Try either glass or metal cylinders shaped like flowers, leaves or other simple designs.

If you want something more festive, try using faux flower wicks in Mason jars filled with colorful wax melts. These gorgeous displays will look amazing on your table or living space!

Bottom Line

From traditional to modern, I shared some of the best Friendsgiving decor ideas with you! Just grab your favorite things and start decorating. Make sure everything looks beautiful before hosting this joyful feast!

This year, our friends are flying from out of town to celebrate this Thanksgiving with us (along with our family). This is why we are excited to call it a “Friendsgiving”. Don’t forget to count your blessing on this special day!

Happy Thanksgiving



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