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Romantic Table Setting: 11 Tips for a Chic Dinner for Two!

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Romantic Table Setting is the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere and set the mood for a special occasion or a romantic dinner date. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or Valentine’s Day or want to spend quality time with your partner, a well-decorated table can make all the difference.

You can create and design an intimate setting with simple tips and tricks to make your partner feel loved! When creating a beautiful tablescape, a few key elements must be remembered.

From the table arrangement and linen to the centerpieces and decorations, each component plays a significant role in setting the tone for a romantic table setting.

Here are some easy steps and ideas for you to follow to design the most beautiful and romantic table for a perfect date night or an extraordinary celebration! 

1- Choose the Perfect Location for a Romantic Evening

The first step to creating a romantic table setting is to choose a location that feels intimate and special. This could be your dining room, backyard, or even a picnic spot in the park. I set up this table in our dining room because it is cold this time of year for dining outside in the evening. You can choose the location that works best for you two! 

The location you choose for your romantic table should reflect the mood you want to create for your evening. Whether you want a cozy and casual atmosphere or a more formal setting, your chosen location can help set the tone for your romantic evening. 

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Consider the style of your home, the time of day, and the ambiance you want to create when choosing the perfect location for your romantic table setting. 

2- Start with the Right Tablecloth, Placemats and Linens

After choosing your location (indoor or outdoor), you need to think about the table arrangement using the right color tablecloth, placemats, and linens. 

Whether you’re working with a small or a larger table, choosing the right tablecloth and linens can make all the difference. 

A white tablecloth paired with crisp white napkins is always a safe bet for a classic and timeless look. Alternatively, you can opt for colored linen to add a beautiful visual to the table.

For example, since our dining room table is black and we also have red and black curtains, I decided to go with red placemats and red cloth napkins to compliment our dining room’s existing color scheme! 

It worked perfectly for the Valentine’s Day setup! You can always have this setup for other romantic dinner tablescapes, too. It does not need to be only for the Valentine’s Day!

3- Choose the Right Dinnerware

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Choosing the right dinnerware is one of the first things you must consider before starting your romantic table setting. Fine China is a popular choice for special occasions. Still, white dinnerware can also add an elegant touch to your table.

If you want to add a touch of luxury, consider using bras or gold flatware. Crystal wine glasses can also add a touch of sophistication to your table.

4- Don’t be Afraid of Bold and Playful Prints

I combined two different bold prints together. These lovely plates (black and white print), and the butterfly print plates. You can be as creative as you want! Play around with different arrangements until you find the best one for you. 

5- Follow These Few Easy Steps to Setup the Table

Setting an elegant table is easy, however it requires attention to detail. If you are using a tablecloth, start by laying a tablecloth on the table.

As you can see, I did not use any tablecloth for this setting as I wanted to create a bold contrast between our black dining table and red placemats, napkins, flowers, and candles. 

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Then, place a charger plate on each seat. The dinner plate should be placed on top of the charger plate, with the napkin folded neatly on top of the dinner plate or folded in a beautiful napkin ring. 

Place the knife with the blade facing inward toward the plate and the spoon (if necessary) to the knife’s right. Place one or two forks (small and medium) on the other side of your plates. The water or wine glass should be placed above the knife or at a 45-degree angle to the knife’s right.

6- Centerpieces and Decorations


No romantic tablescape is complete without a beautiful floral centerpiece. The centerpiece should be the table’s focal point, whether you opt for a simple flower arrangement or a more elaborate display.

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I simply cut two dozen red roses and placed them in the vase!  You can always mix different flowers and greenery to add texture and depth to the arrangement.

Candles and Rose Pedals

In addition to the centerpiece, you can add other decorations to the table to create a more cohesive look. For example, you can scatter rose petals around the table or incorporate candles to add warmth and ambiance.

I placed these beautiful butterfly candleholders on the table and added red candles (color coordinating with the red roses). I also placed the matching butterfly vase in the center of the table to create a balanced and cohesive look! Always remember to keep the decorations understated to avoid overwhelming the table.

7- Dinner and Special Desserts

Consider cooking your partner’s favorite meals! You can either cook for your partner, cook together, or order their favorite dishes!!

Do not forget the desserts! Haha! A special dessert can be the perfect way to end a romantic evening.

Consider making a homemade dessert or ordering a special treat from your favorite bakery.

Chocolate-covered strawberries, heart-shaped cookies, and mini cheesecakes are all popular options for a romantic dessert.

8- Lighting

Lighting is an important element to consider when creating a romantic mood. Dim light or candlelight dinner can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

I recommend using candles with a soft glow, either scented or unscented, to add a touch of elegance to your table setting. If you prefer electric lights, consider using a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness to your desired level.

9- Music and Extras

Soft music can help set the mood and create a relaxing ambiance. Choose music you and your partner enjoy, whether classical, jazz, or something else. 

10- Personalized Place Cards

Personalized place cards are a thoughtful way to make your partner feel special and add a personal touch to your table setting. Use a calligraphy pen to write your partner’s name on a card and place it on their plate.

11-Final Touches to Create a Memorable Evening

Personal touches such as handwritten notes, fresh flowers, or unique tableware can also add to the romantic mood of your setting. Consider adding small extras like chocolates or a favorite bottle of wine to make the evening even more special.


What elements are essential for creating a romantic table setting for a couple?

When creating a romantic table setting for a couple, it is essential to consider the lighting, color scheme, and tableware. Soft lighting, such as candles or dimmed lamps, can help create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Choose a color scheme that is warm and inviting, like reds, pinks, and golds. For tableware, opt for elegant dishes and glassware that elevate the overall look and feel of the table setting.

How can I arrange a romantic table setting for a special occasion like a wedding?

For a romantic table setting at a wedding, consider incorporating elements personal to the couple, such as their favorite flowers or colors. Use elegant tableware and linens, and add a sparkling touch with gold or silver accents. Soft lighting and candles can also help create a romantic atmosphere.

What are some affordable ways to create a romantic table setting?

Creating a romantic table setting doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider using items you already have at home, such as candles, string lights, and fresh flowers. You can also create a romantic atmosphere with simple touches like a handwritten note or a special dessert.

What are the best tips for setting a romantic table for two at home?

When setting a romantic table for two at home, consider using a smaller table to create a more intimate setting. Use soft lighting, such as candles or dimmed lamps, to create a cozy atmosphere. Choose a color scheme that is warm and inviting, like reds, pinks, and golds. For tableware, opt for elegant dishes and glassware that elevate the overall look and feel of the table setting.

How can I personalize a romantic table setting to impress my significant other?

To personalize a romantic table setting:

  1. Consider incorporating elements unique to your significant other, such as their favorite flowers or colors.
  2. Use elegant tableware and linens, and add a sparkling touch with gold or silver accents.
  3. Write a handwritten note or create a special dessert to make the occasion memorable.

Bottom Line!

Creating the perfect romantic table setting for date nights doesn’t have to be daunting. You can elevate your dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary by incorporating a few key elements.

First, set the mood with the essence of love through red roses, whether from a florist or simple grocery store flowers arranged in a simple, clear glass vase. A touch of color, like jewel-toned hues or soft strokes of gold, adds elegance to the table.

Natural elements such as a single flower or a small arrangement of beautiful flowers bring the outdoors in. At the same time, accent pieces like red table mats or velvet table runners can add color and texture. Place candles in the middle of the table or opt for dim lighting for an extra touch of romance.

Whether planning a Valentine’s Day tablescape or simply a romantic dinner setup for your favorite person, these top tips will go a long way in creating a memorable evening.

So, set your dining table, pour some red wine, and enjoy the evening in the beauty of your elegant and romantic setting. After all, the little things make the entire evening truly special.


Sherry XOXO

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