4 Delicious, Easy Summery Cherry Cocktail Recipes

Good morning everyone! Cherries are by far one my FAVORITE summer fruits! I am not a recipe creator (LOL), but I decided to share some of my favorite summer cherry cocktail recipes with you guys today. I hope you like these refreshing drinks as much as we do at our home! I listed two of … Read more

4th of July Family Fun Activities – 6 Ideas!

Six Ideas for 4th of July Family Fun Activities! Happy 4th Everyone! I am so excited to share my ideas for 4th of July family fun activities! I always get so excited celebrating holidays! I feel like holidays are the best excuse to gather your family and friends together.  Additionally, you can have a little … Read more

13 Life Lessons Iโ€™m Going to Teach My Children Before They Turn 13

Life lessons for children means so much to me. I remember my parents always said โ€œbeing a parent is THE HARDEST job in lifeโ€! I never understood what they meant until I became a mom myself! Oh Boy!!! They were RIGHT!!! The reason that parenting is the hardest job you will ever have is that … Read more

10 Tips on How to Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding!

Today I want to talk about something super special – how to plan your dream destination wedding! Why?! Matt and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary today! TEN YEARS. In fact we have been together for 13 years (2 years of dating and one year of being engaged). He is truly my best friend, my … Read more

10 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong

As Matt and I are approaching our 10th year anniversary, I wanted to share my thoughts on a few ways to keep your marriage strong. But before I get into that, please let me share a little story with you guys about โ€œUSโ€ and how we met 13 years ago! I remember every single moment … Read more

Memorable Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Do you get stuck thinking up Quarantine party ideas? Celebrating a birthday is one of the biggest things in life that makes most kids truly happy! At least thatโ€™s what makes our little 5 year old (Valentina) happy the most! She literally counts months and days until her next birthday! Hahaha! Knowing how excited she … Read more

What is the โ€œPersian New Yearโ€- โ€œNowruzโ€?

“Nowruz” literally means “new day,” and it marks the beginning of the Persian New Year in Iran’s official calendar. Most people in Iran call Nowruz, Eyd! Maybe it’s easierโ€ฆ? Not sure… I grew up in Iran-Tehran and moved to the US when I was 22. I was lucky to experience 22 โ€œNowruzโ€ celebrations before I … Read more

Planning My Baby’s First Birthday Party

As you all know, I love throwing parties, and I was really excited to be planning my baby’s first birthday for my little angel Alina! I prayed SOOO much for our little baby Alina! She was our miracle baby! If you are new to my blog, you can read about infertility challenges with my second … Read more

A Fun & Simple Weekend Activity with Your Kids!

I always look online and try to come up with fun and interesting ideas of โ€œwhat to do with your kidsโ€ on the weekends. There always seems to be a long list of โ€œthings to doโ€ on the internet, but somehow most weekends we end up repeating the same things over and over again! Hahaha! … Read more

Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Valentineโ€™s Day

Have you thought about what things to do with your kids on Valentine’s Day?! Our baby Alina is only 10 months and too young to understand or get excited about any holidays! But our 4 year old Valentina loves doing crafts! Itโ€™s one of her favorite activities to do after she gets home from school … Read more