4th of July Family Fun Activities – 6 Ideas!

4th of July family fun activities - how to celebrate in style with your family
You can still have a family party during lockdown with these ideas for 4th of July family fun activities
6 ideas for 4th of July family fun activities

Six Ideas for 4th of July Family Fun Activities!

Happy 4th Everyone! I am so excited to share my ideas for 4th of July family fun activities!

I always get so excited celebrating holidays! I feel like holidays are the best excuse to gather your family and friends together.  Additionally, you can have a little extra “cheat day” on the diet (LOL), and  have a day off not worrying about anything else except for enjoying your time with your family and friends!

How are you celebrating this 4th of July while in lockdown? We are taking the quarantine as serious as possible since Arizona’s Covid-19 cases are increasing dramatically. In fact, our governor shut down most businesses again for another month! Therefore, we are going to continue our social distancing practices and come up with some fun ideas at home.

In my previous post, I shared some ideas of “How to bring style to your 4th of July table decorations”! You can read about it if you are planning to bring some fun 4th of July holiday vibes to your home!

I am also going to share some ideas with you on what you can do with your family this 4th of July if you are practicing social distancing!

  • Backyard BBQ: Yes!!! We all know this one!!!! It is one of the most common things to do on 4th of July! But this year it is even more important to consider having a BBQ in your own backyard, patio or rooftop to avoid crowds at the park or any other outdoor areas due to Covid-19.
  • Host A Small & Safe Firework Show in Your Backyard: Everyone loves a good July 4th fireworks show.  They are so fun and so colorful! Firework manufacturers always have safe operating procedures printed on their instructions. Follow them and have a safe small firework show with your family in your own backyard.
  • Throw the Ultimate Backyard Movie Night:  Most people have the basics of throwing a movie night down! You stream a movie on Netflix, HBO, Amazon, etc.., you get some snacks, drinks, comfy blanket and you are all set! But when it comes to throwing a movie party in the backyard, things get a little trickier. Therefore, if you can plan it a few days in advance, you can either rent or buy the equipment for the movie night. I think that is a really fun and memorable way to end your 4th of July celebration!  
  • Think of The Best Games Your Family Loves the Most: Each family has their own favorite game (Clue, Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble ect…), There are a lot of great game ideas for 4th of July! Pick the one that your family likes the most and play together!
  • Drive to Your Favorite Firework Spot in Your Town & Watch It from Distance: This is actually one of our favorite things to do every 4th of July! We love to drive to an area in our town and watch the fireworks while sitting in our car and enjoying some music!
  • Pick a Festive Fourth of July Outfit for you and your family:  Shorts are always my favorite for this holiday! Especially since this is typically one of the hottest weekends of the summer for us in Arizona. A cute star t-shirt is just the kind of patriotic clothing that is fun to add to your favorite white, red or denim shorts. I also love to wear a cute flowy white dress and maybe add some red or blue accessories!

While it might be true that your city’s Independence Day bash may be canceled this year, you can still come up with plenty of fun ideas for 4th of July family fun activities! 

Have a happy and safe 4th celebration everyone!


Sherry, xoxo

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