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Blue and White Table Decor: Gorgeous Thanksgiving Setting

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I know what you are thinking!!! Blue and white table decor for Thanksgiving? And my answer is, YES!!! Blue and white table decor not only speaks to timeless elegance but also brings a breath of fresh air to traditional Thanksgiving celebrations.

This post is about blue and white table decor for an elegant Thanksgiving setup!

In my opinion, those days when Thanksgiving decor was restricted to shades of orange, brown, and red are gone! While you can still use these beautiful fall colors on your table decor, I think you can be creative and think outside of the box!

With the infusion of blue and crisp white, contrasting colors, you can create a breathtaking tablescape that not only complements the traditional spirit of gratitude but also adds a bit of sophistication. 

I designed this Thanksgiving table using pink and purple pumpkins and our guests fell in love with it! I also designed this “Friendsgiving” table using black, white, and orange, last year! Both of these tables are not the “typical Thanksgiving tablescape” colors.

However, they each turned out to be a beautiful fall table. I truly love and enjoy the table setups and decorations for holidays (especially Thanksgiving)!!!!

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Since we are so lucky with the weather in Arizona this time of year (the temperature in November is usually around the mid-70s), I usually prefer an outdoor dining and set up our Thanksgiving dinner table on our patio. You can set up this table inside or outside (it all depends on the temperature and your preferences). 

How to Create a Magical Thanksgiving Table

Using Blue and White 

As I mentioned above, if you want to transform your traditional Thanksgiving table into a unique and unexpected color palette, go with BLUE and WHITE!!!! These complementary colors, bring an air of classic elegance to your table feel! 

In this post, I am going to share a few tips with you on how to decorate a chic Thanksgiving dining table using blue and white table decor, chinoiseries jars, flowers, elegant table linens, candles and so much more!

I’m also going to show you where to purchase these items (or similar items), for your table. Now, if you’re down to shake things up this Thanksgiving and make it extra memorable, stick around for my tips and tricks. It’s going to be a stunner!!! 

Blue and White Table Decor

1- Choose a Solid White Tablecloth 

I think choosing a solid white tablecloth as the foundation for a blue and white Thanksgiving table setting is a great idea for several reasons: 

1- The white backdrop provides a neutral canvas that allows the blue accents (whether in dinnerware, glassware, or decor), to truly pop. This creates a sense of balance, allowing each color to contribute to the aesthetic without overwhelming the other. 

2- White is such a versatile color! It is easily complemented by different shades of blue, from navy to sky blue, giving you great flexibility in design choices. You can seamlessly mix and match textures and patterns in blue without worrying about clashing.

3- A white tablecloth also introduces an element of timeless elegance that never goes out of style. It looks nice and clean, and appropriate for any season (including Thanksgiving). 

4- I believe that a white tablecloth is easier to dress up or down, making it possible to either elevate the setting with sophisticated elements or maintain a casual, cozy look!  

Blue and White Table Decor

2- Pair a Blue Table Runner with a White Tablecloth for Cohesion

As you can see in the pictures, I did not use a table runner for this table! However, pairing a blue table runner with a white tablecloth creates an elegant, timeless look that can elevate your Thanksgiving table setting to new heights of sophistication.

The white tablecloth serves as a neutral backdrop, bringing a clean, crisp canvas that highlights the dishes and tableware.

Also, a blue table runner adds a rich layer of color and texture. The combination of blue and white is not only visually appealing but also highly versatile. It complements a wide range of accents like metallic gold or silver cutlery, crystal glassware, and seasonal floral arrangements.

Blue and White Table Decor

3- Add Blue and White Pumpkins as Your Centerpiece

To be honest, one of the biggest reasons that I wanted to design our Thanksgiving table in blue and white, is because I came across these beautiful pumpkins on EtsyI ditched the usual orange and went for something very eye-catching- these blue and white pumpkins! LOL!!! 

At the time, when I was designing this table, I could not find that many “blue and white pumpkins” online… Now. there are so many beautiful designs in the market that you can choose from.

I LOVE Etsy and always find my favorite handmade items that are so beautiful and unique. A perfect centerpiece is always the focal point of your table! Make sure you focus on your centerpiece before anything else!

 Blue and White Table Decor

4- Make Blue and White Ginger Jars the Star of Your Table

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These vases can make a HUGE statement on your table! I highly recommend purchasing two, three, or more of these blue and white chinoiserie vases (depending on your table size). If you think about it, these jars have been around for centuries, right?

They’ve got that classic, timeless look, but they still feel fresh and modern. From your grandma’s vintage treasures to modern jars and vases, these are the ultimate styles! 

 Not only do these jars look amazing, but they’re also super versatile. You can pop some beautiful seasonal flowers in them, fill them up with water, and place them on your kitchen counter or coffee table! In my opinion, the blue and white color scheme is so calming and elegant.

So, if you want to create a space that is stylish, unique, and peaceful for Thanksgiving, these ginger jars are your go-to.  There are so many beautiful Chinoiserie vases on Amazon or many other home décor stores. 

Blue and White Table Decor

5- Blue and White Dinnerware

If you have blue and white Chinoiserie jars or flower vases on your table, I highly recommend using a similar Chinoiserie set for your dinnerware!

If you do not want to combine Chinoiserie dinnerware with Chinoiserie salad plates, you can go with white dinner plates and only use Chinoiserie salad plates as an accent!

There is so many beautiful blue and white “fancy China”, as well as paper plates that you can use for your table! They are both lovely! I personally like to use porcelain or other dinnerware sets for holiday celebrations! 

For “less work and fewer headaches”, Matt usually tries to convince me to use “nicer paper plates” for holidays and bigger gatherings!  Unfortunately, I have refused his request every year (LOL), simply because I like to design special tables for big holidays! This is something that I hope I can teach our little girls one day!

If you are anything like my husband, Matt, and prefer not to deal with all the plate cleanups (LOL), I recommend using beautiful paper plates!

There are so many “fine paper plates” in the market these days, that you can easily design a wonderful table without going through the hassle of washing and cleaning the China dinnerware. 

Blue and White Table Decor

6- The Magic of Accents: Chargers, Napkin Rings, and Place Cards 

Designing a Thanksgiving table is not just about utility. It is also about creating an atmosphere that creates warmth, togetherness, and gratitude.

Using accents like chargers, table linens, napkin rings, and place cards can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your table setting, turning a regular meal into a memorable experience.

Chargers: The decorative plates that sit under your dining plates, add depth and texture to the table. They act as frames for your dinnerware, spotlighting each individual place setting. By selecting chargers that complement your tableware and seasonal décor, you can improve the overall visual impact of the table.

Napkin rings: Bring an element of sophistication and completeness to your setup that every celebration table needs! Beyond their decorative function, napkin rings also serve a practical purpose by keeping napkins neatly folded and in place.

If I had more room in our house, I would buy every single napkin ring in the world! Hahaha! I just LOVE them so much!

You can either choose white cloth napkins with white napkin rings, or you can create a beautiful contrast by choosing an opposite color of napkin rings. If your napkins are white, choose blue napkin rings, if your napkins are blue, choose a white napkin ring! 

Place cards: Give a “personal touch” that your guests will appreciate and make them feel considered and special. Simply, knowing that a specific seat has been thoughtfully allocated just for them. I think small little details are so important when setting up your table! 

Blue and White Table Decor

7- Design Floral Arrangements that Harmonize

with Your Color Scheme

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You can design different fresh floral arrangements or go with faux flower design for your table! If you choose fresh floral arrangement, I suggest white roses and white hydrangeas.

They blend in seamlessly with a blue-and-white table setting and add a soft charm without stealing the show from other table decoration elements.

If you want to decorate with faux flowers, there are many different options to choose from. It all depends on your taste and the overall look of your table!

Also remember, if you are using sold white vases (instead of the blue and white Chinoiserie ones), make sure to add a few natural elements or some greenery. 

Although I used the blue and white Chinoiserie vases, I still mixed in some lush leaves in the center of the table for more texture and depth.

The green enhances both the blue and the white, making everything pop! Make sure you consider mixing and matching natural greenery with your flowers! 

Blue and White Table Decor

8- Consider Using Faux Leaf Garland for Zero Mess

If you don’t want to deal with messy real leaves, consider placing a faux green leaf garland on your dining room table. Also, sometimes finding the right color of greenery during this season can be hard. Most faux greeneries look so realistic these days and you can get them in any shade that you like!

As soon as you place the tablecloth on the table, you should add a faux green leaf garland on the center of your table. Once you add the garland, you can place your ginger jar vases, pumpkins, dinnerware, and candles around it. 

Blue and White Table Decor

9- Candles Will Elevate Your Beautiful Table

In my opinion, candles create that warm and glowy ambiance that makes everyone feel instantly at home. I feel like candles give people permission to pause and just enjoy the moment.

That warm, inviting ambiance really does wonders for conversations, making everything flow a bit more naturally. For this table, you can choose light blue, navy blue, or simply white candles for a minimalist feel. It’s like adding an extra layer of personality to your table.

Blue and White Table Decor


What Decorations Do You Put Up for Thanksgiving Around the House?

I think some of the easiest ways to start decorating your home for Thanksgiving are: 

  • Adding Fall colors to your countertops with bold autumnal branches in a ceramic or rustic vase. I love to make big Fall leaf arrangements in white ginger vases and place them on our kitchen counter from early September until late November (Thanksgiving Day). 
  • You can place pumpkins around the vase and light up Fall-scented candles! 
  • You can change the kitchen and bathroom hand towels to Fall pumpkin harvest prints as well as add scented soaps for your bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Adding beautiful leaf garlands, autumnal flowers, and a cornucopia filled with fruits and vegetables on your fireplace mantel, front door entrance, kitchen, and bathrooms are all great ideas to decorate around your house for Fall and Thanksgiving.

When Do You Start Putting Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations Up?

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all so close together, you can choose fall decorations that last for a few months. From fall-inspired wreaths to cute and colorful pumpkins, you can create a theme that is perfect for each holiday.

Some people prefer to bypass the Halloween decorations altogether! On the other hand, some people love to go crazy with the Halloween décor (both inside and outside).

So, it all depends on YOU and what category you belong to! I personally do not go that crazy on Halloween decorations. We usually put up our Fall decorations in mid-September and bring our Halloween decorations (mostly Halloween wreaths), about 3 weeks before Halloween. 

Halloween has its own home décor (if you like to decorate), as does Christmas, but Thanksgiving is more of a “grey zone”. Because of this, some people decide to put up the holiday décor once the Halloween decorations come down.

I personally like to mix and match Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations! As soon as Halloween is over, I like to put our Christmas trees up in our living room.

But I keep our Fall decorations on our fireplace mantel as well as our kitchen and bathrooms! Once Thanksgiving is over, then I take all the Fall decorations down and ONLY work on completing our Christmas decorations. 

What Colors Are for Thanksgiving?

The colors mostly associated with Thanksgiving are red, brown, burgundy, yellow, and orange. However, you can always think outside of the box and be creative and “mix and match” colors on your Thanksgiving table. I usually like to stick with only “two or three solid colors” for our table.

I also recommend adding either “green topiaries”, “green leaves”, or any other “greenery plants” around your Thanksgiving table for an “extra lush look” (regardless of if you are table is set up indoors or outdoors).  As you can see, I added these gorgeous topiaries by Balsam Hill, and it made a HUGE difference in the overall look of our table! 

Bottom Line!

I think the elegance of blue and white table decor offers a refreshing twist to traditional Thanksgiving settings. This palette not only brings a sense of serenity but also adds a touch of sophistication, taking the holiday experience to a different level! 

No matter what color theme or design you end up choosing for your Thanksgiving table, what matters the most is why we celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is not just a long weekend holiday where we eat a lot of turkey, stuffing, and delicious pumpkin pies (LOL)!!

 It is important to remember this is a holiday where we celebrate gratitude, something that unfortunately we do not do enough of these days. 

One of the things I love about my husband’s family is they make the entire month of November a “gratitude celebration”.

It is so important to remember how lucky and fortunate we are for the life and family that we have! Not only on Thanksgiving Day but EVERY DAY, we should not forget about helping less fortunate families (especially children). 

I hope you got some fun ideas to decorate your Thanksgiving table from this post! And I also wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones! 

Happy Thanksgiving!



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