Fall Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins And Fresh Flowers

Fall is such a beautiful time of year! The leaves have changed, and the decorations bring so much color into our lives! As you all know, I absolutely love to decorate our home with a beautiful array of colors and textures – and fall is the most amazing opportunity to have fun with it! There are so many colors to incorporate the warm fall feeling we love into our daily life. In today’s post I want to show you how some of my favorite courtyard design ideas with pumpkins!

Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins, Wreaths and Flowers

Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins

You can even add your own touch to your designs and bring out your personality! Every room inside and outside of your home is an opportunity to celebrate this wonderful time of year! I’m so excited to share with you how I like to decorate our courtyard for a beautiful fall! Our courtyard displays a celebration of an orange and pink fall harvest and details that add beauty and style to our space!

Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins, plants and flowers.

Decorate with Outdoor Fall Wreaths and Garlands

I love to celebrate fall with the best fall and thanksgiving outdoor wreaths – and the best part is the personalization you can have with them! A wreath can be made from whatever materials you want. It can be store-bought or homemade. I like to incorporate the fall theme into our courtyard design, so I decorated it with an orange, white, black, and green color scheme.

Fall themed pumpkin wreath

Using pumpkins, black and white checkered ribbon, orange mesh, and green accent leaves, the wreath I have bought from Etsy is bright and perfect for the autumn months! I love the sweet “fall-inspired” message in the center to expand on my style and better represent the beauty of this time of year! Next to my wreath, I put a beautiful garland of orange leaves and faux flowers.

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Here are some of my favorite fall wreaths from Etsy

Here are some of my favorite fall garlands from Etsy

Fall wreaths and pumpkin courtyard display

I also added three faux flower wreaths to our courtyard gates (one on each gate). This creates such a great fall look to the outside of our house!

Beautiful fall wreath with dried flowers hanging on a gate

I bought some dark pink (fuchsia) and yellow fresh fall harvest flowers to add to the side of our doorframe. Small additions like these can really wrap your whole design together and add more inspiration than they would without them! Etsy has so many great sellers that they design the best fall wreaths and garlands which add style to your holiday décor! This is why I love shopping from Etsy!

Pumpkin courtyard display for fall

Decorate your Pumpkins with Flameless Battery-Operated Candles

To get even more into the fall spirit, your courtyard is the perfect place to add colorful real (or faux) pumpkins! I like to use real pumpkins for our outdoor décor! Since pumpkins come in so many different colors and sizes, there are so many opportunities to add your own personal touch to your design! I like to use a variety of white and orange pumpkins, starting with larger ones in the back and the cutest tiny ones in the front.

Pumpkin and candle outdoor courtyard display for fall

The best part of using pumpkins is how much they incorporate a fall theme, and a beautiful color scheme – all in one design! When you do have your pumpkins set up, use some flameless battery-operated candles! These help you light your porch up and really get into the spooky spirit while keeping them safe for your kids! I never have to worry about Valentina and Alina getting hurt on any open flames and that is so important to me!

Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins and Flowers

Another great option for a candle-lit porch is to use stylish outdoor candle lanterns with a flameless battery-operated candle inside of it! I like to wrap and black and white checkered ribbon around the top of them to tie them to the rest of the design. Outdoor candle lanterns are a perfect tribute to the fall and will make a cute and chic addition to your courtyard!

Here are some stylish outdoor candle lanterns to consider:

Pair Your Pumpkins with Fresh Flowers and Plants

Now that you’ve started decorating for the fall months, it doesn’t mean you need to take your favorite flowers and plants out from the design! I love pink and yellow, so I made sure to include my own personal touch to our courtyard design. I used potted plants (from Home Depot) to incorporate a brighter color scheme. You can add flowers and plants anywhere you want to add to your courtyard design ideas with pumpkins!

Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins and Fresh Flowers

Use Harvest Entrance Doormats

There is nothing quite as festive and welcoming as a doormat that celebrates the wonderful season! Pairing your orange and pink fall harvest theme with an autumn themed welcome mat will add a homey feeling to your courtyard design as well as tie the color scheme together! There are so many options of doormats available that let you incorporate your own unique style! I like to go for a classic tan look that goes well with my color scheme – but there are countless other colors and patterns you could use for yours.

Here are some cute doormat to consider:

Patio and Courtyard Design Ideas With Pumpkins and Garden Flowers

Create a Charming Hay Bale Seating Area

This is something that I am planning to create next year! Honestly, with all the candles, flowers, and pumpkins, I did not have enough room to create a charming hay bale seating area! I need to come up with a different design next year (haha) and create a charming hay bale seating area!  

They are a defining aspect of the autumn season, and they are a perfect addition to your fall courtyard design! Adding a couple of hay bales to your porch will both look amazing and make for a charming seating area. Bringing everything you love about fall and turning it into a beautiful courtyard is the best part of the design, and it’s why I love it!

Courtyard Design Ideas: Pumpkins, foliage and yellow flowers

Fill a Pumpkin with Funky Foliage

Another great way to decorate your courtyard is by using a pumpkin as a fun and festive pot for your favorite foliage! If you have an orange and pink fall harvest theme, you can incorporate the same color scheme by adding a bouquet of the flowers you use in your wreath or garland inside of a hollowed pumpkin! You could even go for a more earthy look and add some pinecones and leafy foliage! Whatever you decide, having it falling out of a pumpkin will look amazing and is an inspired way to uniquely design the perfect fall courtyard!

Once you have added all these design elements to your courtyard, the fall theme you have been looking for will have arrived! I love the way these decorations complement each other and I hope you do, too! Remember, your style is a reflection of you! Incorporating your personality into your fall courtyard design is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. And if you need some inspiration for to wear to go along with your home decor, check out my post on Cute Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas!

The most important part of creating your courtyard design is that you find joy in the outcome, so do not hesitate to go for whatever style you want! When I walk into our courtyard, I love to see something that I made for myself and my family. I want you to love your courtyard the same way!

I hope these courtyard design ideas with pumpkin have inspired you and you have an amazing and happy fall season!



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This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission (at NO cost to you)if you make a purchase using these links.

Sherry, xoxo


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