Mantel Decorating Ideas for Spring

Hello everyone!! Spring is such a great time to decorate your home with beautiful bright and pastel pops of color to freshen up your décor. You can add pretty pieces and spring living room décor anywhere around the room, but I especially LOVE decorating our fireplace mantel. There are a million and one great mantel decorating ideas for spring. It is the PERFECT blank canvas that you can hang or place anything on to make it look amazing for the season!

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Although we won’t be using the fireplace anytime soon (LOL – way too hot this time of year in Arizona!), I still love decorating it in spring colors and fresh pieces to bring spring straight into our home. There are SO many ways you can shift out of winter and add springtime décor to your living room mantel. Here are some simple & easy spring mantel décor ideas for 2021!

Spring themed decorated mantle

How Do You Decorate a Spring Mantel?

There are SO many great ways to decorate your mantel for spring. Just adding a few pretty pieces can really make it stand out, and open up the rest of the living room. Using spring mantel garlands is a gorgeous way to brighten up your home. Spring mantels featuring a garland or banner look fantastic for the season! Try adding garlands with beautiful bright colors and flowers to really liven up the area.

Spring themed decorated mantle

A few other great fireplace mantel decorating ideas for spring are:

1- Cherry blossoms and a disco ball spring mantel: I know, it sounds like a totally strange combination! But trust me on this, the result is BEAUTIFUL! The classy cherry blossoms with the funky disco ball combination looks AMAZING on your mantel for spring. BONUS: Add a mirror nearby the disco ball for a reflective sparkle that brings even more light to your living room. (I did not have any extra room for mirror here-haha)! But you should try it out and see what I mean! These gleaming primrose mirrors from Anthropologie come in different sizes, so you can add one to your mantel, and get matching ones to put around the house. It adds space and depth to your beautiful spring décor!

I couldn’t find a disco ball for this year, so I used round artificial boxwood instead! I think it’s SO pretty with the floral and green elements. It gives the mantelpiece a nice springtime aesthetic!

Spring themed decorated mantle

2- Easter fireplace mantel decorations: Along with spring comes, of course, Easter. Valentina and Alina LOVE Easter. It’s one of their favorite holidays! There are so many different ways to decorate for Easter.

Spring themed decorated mantle

Adding ceramic bunnies, baskets of pastel Easter eggs, or a nice Easter-themed garland are great ways to decorate your mantel for the Easter holiday!

Spring decor - flowers and decorated eggs

3- Spring mantel decorations on amazon: When I need something that I can not find at stores, and I want to be delivered FAST, I always turn to Amazon to save the day! Amazon carries all kinds of great products to brighten up your living room mantel for spring. A few must-have pieces are:

This beautiful artificial cherry blossom garland is SO cute! Although this garland is listed for wedding party décor, but I still think it is a cute piece for spring mantel decoration. This long mixed eucalyptus artificial greenery is another great garland option for the fireplace mantel. I also love these SUPER CUTE artificial lavender plants in box pots!

Mantle decorated for spring with flowers and candles

Best Spring Color Scheme When Decorating Mantel 

Spring colors are my FAVORITE part about decorating for the season! It’s so beautiful when all of the Easter eggs, garlands, flowers, and everything are coordinated together in gorgeous spring colors. There are so many different color schemes you can choose from for spring! My personal favorite is the playful variety of yellow, purple, blue, pink, and green. This color scheme reminds me of fresh spring flowers! I love adding these beautiful colors to the mantel and around the house this time of year!

White mantel decorated for spring with candles and flowers

Some other great spring color schemes are:

  • Monochromatic – Choose one spring color and use different shades around the mantel and your home to bring everything together!
  • Pastels for Easter – Pale yellow, baby blue, and soft rose pink are beautiful for the season.
  • Spring break – Bright, rich colors like hot pink and turquoise add a fun flare to your mantel.
  • Cool spring tones – Pairing playful daffodil yellow with cool blues, greens, and greys gives a nice outdoor-bloom feel to your mantel and your living room space for spring.

Coordinating your spring colors helps bring everything on your mantel and your living room together. Try using one of these gorgeous color schemes for a nice, bright spring aesthetic for your home.

mantel decorating ideas for spring: hydrangea display and candles

Spring Living Room Décor Ideas

You can take your spring décor from the mantel all the way out through the rest of the living room. I love keeping everything cohesive and complimentary! I think it looks so much nicer that way! 

Candles and wreath - mantel decorating ideas for spring

Some great spring living room décor ideas are:

  • Adding pretty spring floral arrangements around the room
  • Hanging floral wreaths above the mantel, or in another central area of the living room
  • Adding welcoming, “homey” signs in simple or spring-themed frames, like these gold rope frames from Pottery Barn. The trim is so pretty and makes any picture pop!
  • Placing candles in glass or taper candle holders – like this two-piece porcelain candle holder set. Bonus if the candle has a nice fresh spring scent! Like garden, fruity, or floral
  • Adding more Easter décor to the room, such as shiny, wrapped chocolate eggs, ceramic Easter bunnies, or other egg decorations

You can also try adding a few gorgeous floral and greenery options to your spring home décor, like this artificial pink peony flower arrangement. They look so beautiful paired with the gray vase. Or, this blush bouquet box set – SUCH a pretty array of lovely pink colors. For more greenery, you can add these mini potted artificial shrubs – SO cute to add to your mantelpiece, or anywhere else in your house! 

All of these are affordable and beautiful options for spring that you can get right from Amazon!

Easter bunny spring decor ideas

Spring Home Décor Trends 2021 

Some spring 2021 trends that you can incorporate into your home décor for the season include:

  • Vintage pieces: Chic vintage pieces are making a comeback! Using pretty, romantic vintage colors, like jade and rose, can bring a nice comforting feel to a room.
  • Books: Adding a few stacks of trendy books to your mantelpiece or coffee table can add a nice, put-together look that guests can also enjoy! Add these luxury stacked books for a classy feel, or this decorative book bundle – BONUS! It comes in different colors so you can mix and match and buy the bundle that works best with your spring décor!
  • Minimalism: This trend focuses more on simplifying the clutter with minimalist shapes and natural materials. Any stoneware or ceramic pieces that are in neutral colors and organic shapes are great for this trend, and bring a simplistic elegance to any room.
  • Natural earth tones: Adding items to your home in calming, earthy shades brings a “nature” feel to the room, like sage green, inky blue, and pale pink. Try adding pieces in these colors for a relaxing springtime environment. 
  • Live plants: More and more people are adding plants into the rooms in their homes for 2021. Beautiful live plants in large baskets or vases can help purify the air and freshen up the room while also bringing a more natural feel, like this blue and white lotus ginger jar. Or, set a few fresh flowers in these mason jars with LED fairy lights. These look GORGEOUS for outside décor, as well!
  • Round shapes: “Round” is a super popular trend right now for spring 2021! Rounded pillows, mirrors, rugs, frames, and other types of décor can make everything feel modern and wholesome, with softness and depth. 
  • Fluffy and fuzzy: Adding cozy cushions is great for any time of the year, really! But especially now since people are spending so much time at home, these comfort items have grown in popularity for spring 2021!
spring flowers, fruit bowl with apples and green and pink candles on kitchen counter.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Outdoors 

When decorating your home for spring, don’t forget about the outdoor areas! If you have a porch, one really great way to decorate for spring is to add floral pillows to your outdoor chairs and porch swings for a nice spring theme. Adding a spring wreath to the front door with flowers, natural materials, and even Easter eggs is a great way to add some spring flare to your home!

A few other fantastic ways to add a touch of spring for outdoors are:

  • Adding potted plants with fresh spring blooms around your house
  • Placing floral centerpieces on your outdoor tables for a pretty addition to a tablescape
  • Adding decorative bird houses around the outdoor area
  • Draping floral decorations over railings and entryways
  • Adding hanging decorative pieces, like small cone bouquets, on the doors leading outside
decorative flowers and wildlife on a mantel

Happy Spring Decorating!

There are so many terrific ways to add spring to your whole home, indoors and out. Whether you want to spruce up your mantel with flowery décor, or you want pops of color all throughout the house, how you decorate your home for spring is totally up to you! 

I hope this post inspired you and helped give you some mantel decorating ideas for spring and inspiration on how to bring spring into your home!



This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

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Sherry, xoxo


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