How to Choose the Best Color for Your Custom Invitation

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by “Basic Invite ”. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own!  

Good morning and happy Thursday my friends! Those of you who have been following me on my blog and Instagram for a while, probably know by now that besides my love for fashion and travel, I also enjoy hosting parties at our house. I love inviting our family and close friends for intimate gatherings. I love designing Thanksgiving tables, setting up Christmas dinner tablescapes, Easter brunches, and most importantly decorating Valentina and Alina’s birthday parties.  

When it comes down to planning our little girl’s birthday parties, I love to design my own custom invitations online! Recently, I was introduced to Basic Invite”, and I can’t wait to order Valentina and Alina’s birthday cards for their next birthdays! I’m going to talk about how to choose the best color for your custom invitations shortly. However, first I want to share a few fun facts about why I love using the “Basic Invite” website to place my invitations. 

One thing that I really love about their company is that they offer almost unlimited color options (over 180 colors) with instant previews online. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the card. This is what sets them apart from almost any other online stationery company. The other great thing that I love about their company is they allow their customers to order a printed sample of their actual invitation before they place their final order. Therefore, there will be no confusion or disappointment when you receive the final order.

I love their beautiful birthday invitations and the cute designs! You can check some of them here: 

Online Birthday Invitations

First Birthday Invitation

60th Birthday Invites

They also offer lots of other beautiful designs for Weddings, Graduation, Baby Announcement, Baby Shower and so much more! 

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Custom Invitation

Ahhhh! Choosing a color theme for my parties is one of my FAVORITE parts of the planning process! Once I decide on my party color, then I know what colors I want to apply to my invitations. Custom invitations are a trendy way of adding personality and style to any event. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, wedding shower, or baby shower – there’s no limit on what type of design elements can be included in this special piece that will be creating lasting wonderful memories. 

Choosing the best color for your invitation can be a bit confusing, but it’s important to get this detail right. When choosing a color think about how well that tone matches with other colors in regards to themes or accessories that may go along with your parties such as balloons or welcome signs. There are some great online tools where you can pick from different palettes based on various popular styles like modern, vintage, chic, etc.

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when choosing your invitation colors:

  • Choose a color that matches the theme of your event.
  • Consider how colors will interact with each other on printed materials.
  • Consider using colors that are symbolic or meaningful to you or your event’s attendees
  • Avoid choosing too many colors, which can be overwhelming for guests and may not match well with other elements of your invitation. 
  • Think about what you want people to remember about the look and feel of your event – is it formal or informal, bright or dark, traditional or modern?
  • Research other invitations that have been created before, such as bridal showers or baby showers, to get an idea about what works well for this type of occasion.
  • Create a mood board so you can see how different colors might look together and which ones will complement each other best.
  • Choose one color from your mood board and use it as a base for all your card choices. 

The color you choose for your custom invitation can have a big impact on the design, so it’s important to pick one that complements all your other elements. 

Hope this post helps you to pick the right color for your upcoming birthday party, baby or wedding shower, graduation, or any other fun parties that you may have in mind! When you are on the Basic Invite website, you can play around with different colors and see which color is the best match with the design you like! It makes it much easier to visualize your final design and color! 

Have fun planning your party and designing your invitations! 



Sherry, xoxo

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