Family Sundays – our favorite activity!

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Family Sundays at the golf course
Family Sundays with my little
Family Sundays - with coffee of course!
Grayhawk Golf Club, Morning Joint
Grabbing coffee at the Morning Joint
Family Sundays at the Morning Joint, Grayhawk Golf Club

Family Sundays!

I really appreciate the weekends that I’m off! And I’ll tell you why…

Owning a retail business simply means you have no weekends! I still can’t believe we opened our shoe store 11 years ago. The first year, I thought, we’ll work some weekends, and after that, we’ll train our employees to let them manage the store on weekends. Very shortly, we realized we were completely wrong! We quickly found out that many of our big customers came to the store on weekends and they only wanted to work with me or Kevin (my business partner/brother in-law).  Therefore, our employees do help us out on weekends however, we (Kevin and I) have been alternating weekends for the past 11 years so one of us is always at the store.

Therefore, when I have my “off weekends” I try to maximize it with my family! From the minute I wake up, I try to figure out what to do and where to go with Matt and Valentina. I’m not a homebody, and I always want to get out of the house. Furthermore, Valentina is totally like me! She is very outgoing…every morning right after her breakfast she runs to her closet brings out one of her favorite dresses and asks me to dress her up and wants to leave the house! Lol!

There are many great restaurants and coffee shops in the Phoenix area but we are a bit lazy on weekends and don’t like to drive that far from our house just to go get a coffee or have lunch… so we end up staying in the Scottsdale area close to home.

One of our favorite coffee shops that is close to our house is located at the Grayhawk Golf Club named the “Morning Joint”. It’s so close to our house that we can usually walk there in fall/winter.  However, during the intensely hot summer, you need to drive!

This coffee shop is part of the Grayhawk Golf Club so people usually get their morning coffee before they head out to play a round of golf. Their cappuccino is served in a colorful mug and is my favorite! They have a beautiful patio that views a backdrop of a lovely lake, stunning green golf course, and gorgeous flowers! They serve breakfast, lunch (my personal fave is the quinoa and chicken salad) and dinner. It’s a very relaxing place to eat lunch, have a glass of my favorite red wine and enjoy the view of the ducks on the lake – great for Family Sundays!

Happy Sunday to you all!

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