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How to Style an Elegant Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I am so excited to share some fun ideas with you guys on how to style an elegant Valentine’s Day dessert table! I absolutely love to style dinner or dessert tables for different holidays and occasions. Valentine’s Day is certainly a holiday that I like to style romantic tables.

This post is about easy tips for styling an elegant Valentine’s Day dessert table!

Since baking is not my strength (LOL), I simply order my desserts from different bakeries for each holiday!

One of the best parts about ordering my desserts from bakeries is I do not have to stress out about if my desserts will turn out alright or not! Hahaha!

I ONLY focus on how to decorate my dessert table! However, if you are passionate about baking, I strongly recommend taking your time and baking some delicious homemade treats or your favorite desserts.

I believe setting up an elegant Valentine’s Day dessert table is a beautiful way to show your loved ones how much you care. With just a few simple steps, you can create the most romantic setting possible.

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Pink, red and white Valentine’s Day cakes on a dessert Table

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #1- Decide on the Color and Your Table Theme

Choose red or pink (or both) as your primary colors! I know most people love to decorate their Valentine’s Day dessert table in red!

While I love red for the Valentine’s Day celebration, I usually prefer to decorate our table with “light pink”.

Additionally, I like to add one or two “accent colors” to the table so the entire table will not be all in pink! Hahaha!

I love the combination of light pink and rose gold colors! Therefore, I decided to decorate a fun pink and gold dessert table for this Valentine’s Day! There are plenty of pink dessert table ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

For example, I love this and this table! They look so beautiful and romantic for Valentine’s Day. I like to decorate my table by adding a “touch” of red to our dessert table and keeping most of the desserts pink (light pink).

Add a Touch of Red

A touch of red can be accomplished by adding red linin, red flowers, or a red tablecloth. One of the challenges of the “pink desserts” is some people do not like “pink” flavors!

For example, our little girls LOVE chocolate flavor but do not like “pink” desserts.

If you would like to have an elegant light pink dessert table that will satisfy just about everyone, you can always ask your baker to make any flavor that you would like for the inside.

For example, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, or anything else…, and ask them to make the outside of your desserts all in pink (or the color of your choice).

Pink roses, pink champagne and bowls of sweets on a Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #2- Choose your Dessert Types and Flavors

After you decide what colors, you want to choose for your Valentine’s Day dessert table, you need to choose the type of dessert and flavors! This is the best part when it comes to styling your dessert table!

You can think of a few simple treats, a fun dessert board, chocolate hearts, vanilla cupcakes, pink chocolate drizzle (or red), and so much more!

I always like to have some sort of cake on our dessert table! If you simply google “Valentine’s Day cake flavors”, you can see one of the most popular Valentine’s Day cake flavors is “red velvet cake”. This is a great recipe for red velvet cake if you would like to bake one!

Besides having cake on your table, you can also Google “Valentine’s Day dessert recipes” to get more dessert ideas (especially if you are planning to bake your desserts at home).

Don’t Forget the Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Another MUST-HAVE dessert for Valentine’s Day is chocolate-covered strawberries! I cannot remember celebrating any Valentine’s Day without chocolate-covered strawberries! Matt and I both LOVE them!

I love light pink chocolate-covered strawberries as well as dark chocolate-covered strawberries. Both are fantastic! I am going to list some beautiful and delicious dessert ideas for Valentine’s Day for you here:

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Gold Valentine's Day Cake stand with pink desserts

Delicious Dessert Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • Chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Pink or red cake pops
  • Pink or red donuts
  • Pink or red Macaroons
  • Heart-shaped red velvet cakes
  • Red velvet cupcakes
  • Chocolate covered strawberries brownies.
  • Raspberry cheesecake brownies 
  • Heart-shaped sugar cookies
  • Chocolate fondue
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Pink champagne truffles
  • Tiramisu
  • Hot chocolate float
  • Molten chocolate lava cakes
  • Strawberry cake
  • Chocolate strawberry cheesecake
  • Strawberry chocolate mousse cake
  • Nutella cheesecake
  • Red wine brownies
  • Red velvet waffles

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table: heart shaped candy popsicles

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #3- Serve your Desserts in Beautiful Serving Dishes

If you want your dessert table to look chic and elegant, serve your desserts in pretty serving dishes. It doesn’t mean that they need to be designer or expensive. You can find beautiful serving dishes anywhere! From Amazon to Target or any department store.

My serving pieces are from Julia Knight which was gifted to me. You can choose any of the pieces from this collection or choose any other beautiful serving dishes.

Choose Heart Shaped Bowels or Serving Dishes

  • You can always choose a pink or red color scheme for your Valentine’s serving dishes. This will help set the tone of romance and make your desserts look extra special.

  • Pair different types of dessert recipes together on one dish (like chocolate cake with strawberries). You’ll be sure to hit all of their sweet tooths!

  • Decorate each dish with edible flowers (rosemary would be perfect here!). Not only will they look great when served, but they also add another layer of flavor and texture to the mix.

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table with donuts and flowers

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #4- Pick the Right Flowers

Flowers are a MUST when it comes to Valentine’s Day dessert table decorations. They instantly make your table look more elegant and romantic!

You can choose different shades of red or pink roses. Flowers are a classic way to add some extra elegance and romance to any table setting. They instantly make the room look more elegant, and they can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Whether you’re planning on serving something sweet like desserts or candles, flowers always make the table look nicer.

Tips on Choosing the Right Flowers

1- Choose roses in shades of red or pink. These colors will both appeal to everyone, no matter what their Valentine’s Day preferences may be.

2- Avoid big bouquets that will take up too much space on your table. Instead, choose smaller arrangements that perfectly capture your mood and personality.

3- Think about what kind of “Look” you want to create for your table. Do you prefer a minimalist tablescape, or you want a big elaborate setup?

If you want an elaborate setup, then go for a ton of “Bold Red Roses and Amaryllis” arrangement. If you prefer a minimalist setup, then choose only a couple of roses or peonies or potted orchids.

Chocolate covered strawberries and peonies on a Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #5- Add Height and Texture

Add Height: Remember to create a focal point!!!Place your cake on the table in a position that acts as a focal point. You might consider elevating it on the table with an elegant cake stand. From there, arrange your other serving dishes, trays, flowers, and candles!

You can add different heights to your table by simply adding cardboard boxes, wooden blocks, racks, centerpieces, and even vases. You can then “cover” them with a beautiful tablecloth!

Add Texture: Place a beautiful soft pink, red or white tablecloth before setting up your desserts on your table! A tablecloth and napkins add texture to your table! They give your table a more “finished” look!

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #6- Set up a Chocolate Fountain

I LOVE chocolate fountain! I think this is such a great addition to your table! A chocolate fountain is fun, elegant, and definitely something special.

A chocolate fountain gives your guests the chance to enjoy some sweet treats while socializing with their friends and family members at the party.

Another thing to remember; chocolate is a symbol of happiness and love!!! I think nothing brings people together quite like good old-fashioned chocolates do (hahaha)!!!

Putting together a beautiful dessert table and adding a chocolate fountain to your table is always a good idea!

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Valentine’s Day Dessert Table with chocolate covered strawberries, pink cake pops, and flower arrangement.

Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Tip #7- Set the Mood with Romantic Music and Candles

99.9% of the time, I add candles to my tablescapes!!! This should tell you how much I LOVE candles (LOL)!!! Valentine’s Day tables are no exception!

No matter if you are styling a table for a romantic dinner for two, or setting up an elegant Valentine’s Day dessert table, adding candles is a MUST!!! You can add a few beautiful red, pink, or white candles to your Valentine’s Day dessert table along with your flowers!

Also, don’t forget to play a soft love song in the background while your guests enjoy the lovely desserts.

Whether you’re looking for something classic and sentimental or something a little more fun, there are plenty of romantic songs available to fit any mood.

Easy Romantic Desserts for Two

Most Valentine’s Day dessert ideas that I named above can be used for “two” only in smaller portions! I am going to share some of my favorite “desserts for two” here:

  • Chocolate fondue
  • Chocolate strawberry cake
  • Chocolate Crème Brulee
  • Chocolate covered strawberries (My FAVORITE)
  • Vodka chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Nutella stuffed strawberries
  • Strawberries and champagne cheesecake
  • Warm chocolate melting cups
  • Sweet and salty truffle pie
  • Chocolate lover’s mousse torte
  • Chocolate raspberry cheesecake
  • White chocolate mousse
  • Hot cocoa souffle
  • Chocolate truffles
  • White chocolate mousse with pomegranate sauce

Champagnes & Sparkling Roses Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

This list is based on my research! My selections were based on expert and champagne enthusiast reviews. Also, I wanted to provide different price points and different regions for you to make a great choice!

I have to admit… I have not tried every single one of these suggestions…. So, please do your homework before ordering and of the following!

Pink cake pops and pink champagne glasses with Moet bottle on a Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

  • Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial
  • Veuve Clicquot Rich Rose
  • Tsarine Cuvee Adriana
  • Stella Rosa Imperiale Pearl Lux Rose
  • Lanson Burt Rose, Champagne
  • Louis Roederer, Burt Premier, Champagne
  • Bollinger, Special Cuvee, Burt Champagne
  • Palmer & Co. Rose Reserve
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose Living Ties Limited Edition

All these beautiful serving pieces, the cake stand, and the two-tiered dessert stand are all from the Julia knight collections. You can also buy these beautiful pieces from Neiman Marcus and Wayfair. I am sharing the links to these serving dishes for you:

These are also some other beautiful cake and dessert stands that you can order online (or in-store) and create the same beautiful dessert table look for this Valentine’s Day!

Have Fun & Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day Dessert Table!

Now it’s time to enjoy this beautiful day with your loved ones! No matter if you are celebrating this day with your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your friends, or your children, or having a big celebration party with all your friends and family enjoy all these delicious desserts with your loved ones!

Pink donuts on a Valentine’s Day Dessert Table

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!



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Sherry, xoxo

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