The Best Midi & Maxi Dresses this Spring/Summer!

Hi everyone!! If you have read any of my other fashion blogs, then you know how much I LOVE dressing for the spring and summer seasons. Adorable swimsuits for the pool, white summer dresses, and some of my favorite summer brands, I love it all!!! In this post I’m going to tell you my favorite spring/summer midi and maxi dresses, plus some top tips on how to wear them!

Blue midi dress: Ideas for spring/summer midi and maxi dresses

Spring/Summer Midi and Maxi Dresses

Wearing a dress is one of my FAVORITE parts of spring and summer, and midi dresses are perfect for these warmer seasons. Midi dresses are SO adorable and show just enough leg for when the weather warms up. Maxi dresses are always a summer staple that looks beautiful for any occasion! Both can be dressed up or down for the occasion, and offer a pretty summer look for daytime or night. 

I bought this blue striped midi dress a couple of months before the start of pandemic (Jan-Feb of 2020). It ended up collecting dust in my closet until now (hahaha)! I’m excited to wear it more this summer! It is designed by Eliza J which is carried at Nordstrom. Here are some of my FAVORITE spring/summer midi and maxi dresses for the spring and summer seasons!!

Are Midi Dresses in Style in 2021?

First of all, I know some of you may be wondering if midi dresses are even in style right now for 2021. Midi dresses are actually PERFECT for this year with the transition from quarantine to getting everyone back out into the world. With more and more people getting vaccinated, people are starting to have more outdoor activities that just weren’t possible in 2021. If you were wearing pajamas for the past year (like me half the time… LOL), now is the time to break out the midi and maxi dresses and dress up for fun and socializing!

Blue midi dress: Ideas for spring/summer midi and maxi dresses

Maxi and Midi Dress Style Tips!

Midi dresses and maxi dresses are SO much fun to style and wear for special occasions and for casual, everyday activities. As summer starts approaching, Matt and I are already talking about some trips we’re thinking of going on during the season! Thankfully, we are both vaccinated and travel is an option this year! There are PLENTY of great stylish summer midi length dresses and maxi length dresses to take with you on a summer vacation or just to wear for a casual walk in the park.

Here are a few of my favorite boho beach dresses:

Bohemian Style

  • This beautiful beachside tide maxi dress from Free People is comfortable and airy – PERFECT for a summer day.
  • This pretty ruffled casual midi dress, also from Free People (they have the BEST boho beach dresses!). It even converts to be worn as a skirt – double the wardrobe, and PERFECT for travel. 
  • This trendy tunic dress (again, from Free People – LOL!!) is beautiful and billowy for a breezy summer beach day. 

I love the boho look for a nice beach walk or casual summer day! Add a pair of sandals or wedges and some funky jewelry and you are good for the season!

Ideas for spring/summer midi and maxi dresses

Flowy Style

I love a good flowy summer dress as the weather heats up. Here are a few nice casual flowy midi dresses and maxi dresses you can find at Anthropologie for the spring and summer seasons:

  • This sky blue Bitsy Smocked Midi Dress – the color is SO beautiful for the sunnier seasons
  • This Alston Eyelet Maxi Dress – the eyelet detail on the back and the flowy skirt are so pretty for summer and spring. 
  • This Frida Cross-Back Midi Dress from Anthropologie is a great option if you are looking for tropical summer dresses to wear while watching a nice sunset on the pier or taking a fun vacation. The colors are GORGEOUS, and I love the flowy hem – PERFECT for spring or summer. 
Wear a midi dress with wedges in spring/summer

Tropical Style

Some other nice tropical summer dresses are:

   All of these are beautiful options for a summer beach vacation!

One of my favorite stores to buy spring/summer midi and maxi dresses is Nordstrom. They have such AMAZING options! A few of my favorite Nordstrom casual summer dresses are this striped linen and cotton midi sundress and this eyelet tiered midi dress

A couple other casual dresses that I love for these warm weather seasons are this striped smock midi dress and this adorable Lana dress with beautiful embroidery and tassels. For your next family summer trip, try out one of these casual midi dresses or cute beach vacation outfit options for an adorable summer look! Midi dresses are not just for casual beach days, however. They can be a gorgeous evening staple that you can wear to a dinner party, for date night, or any other special occasion. 

Casual Style

I also LOVE the puff sleeves on this eyelet dress. A nice puff sleeve midi dress is beautiful for the spring and summer seasons. A couple other nice casual midi dresses with sleeves are this long sleeve floral dress or this French Connection dress, both from Bloomingdale’s. The light and airy spring and summer style of these two dresses are absolutely GORGEOUS. You could also wear a nice vintage long sleeve midi dress for a more put-together look. Another puff sleeve midi dress that looks beautiful for the spring and summer is this one-shoulder puff sleeve eyelet dress, also from Dillards.

Sleeves Style

Puff Sleeves Style

Floral Style

A nice floral print midi dress or maxi dress is another great option for the spring when the flowers are in bloom! A few beautiful floral midi dresses that I LOVE for this seasons are:

Amazon Style

Here are some of the best travel dresses on Amazon:

All of these options from Amazon are great spring and summer dresses for travel!

Lace Style

Wearing a lace formal midi dress is a gorgeous option for a beautiful evening look. Some of my favorite summer lace dresses are:

For something a little less showy, a nice vintage midi dress is also a great option! Or, for something a little sexier to wear with heels for a nice date night, midi dress bodycon styles are a great look! 

Cocktail Style

Here are a few of my favorite cocktail dresses for a night out:

Halter Style

I also LOVE halterneck midi dresses for a summer evening out! Here are a few that can be accessorized for a date night, or for a nice daytime brunch!! I love finding midi dresses that I can wear to multiple different occasions!

  • This beautiful bright yellow Michael Kors dress is a nice, bright look for summer evenings!
  • This pretty fringe dress from Nordstrom has a swingy, lightweight look to it, but is nice enough for dinners and special occasions. 
  • This halter shift dress is a magnificent magenta color that has a ruffled, sweet look which can be dressed up for the evening or dressed down for the daytime. 

Any of these beautiful options are great for summer nights. Pair any of these dresses with some  sparkly earrings and a nice shade of lipstick, and you are set for an evening out on the town!

What Shoes Do You Wear with a Midi Dress in the Summer?

There are SO many beautiful midi dresses and maxi dresses that you can wear in the summer. But how do you style them? What shoes can you wear with a midi dress for the summer? 

Some great shoe options that pair perfectly with a nice midi dress for the summer season are:






The great thing about spring/summer midi and maxi dresses is that they can actually be pretty versatile for the spring and summer seasons! Wedges and heels are both great options for elongating the legs, perfectly complementing the length of the midi hemline. Also, wedges (like the ones I am holding/wearing in my photos!!) are a wonderful way to spruce up a casual summer dress to transition from daytime wear to nighttime. A pair of nice sandals goes beautifully with a sundress for the spring or summer season. You can also wear flats with some of the nicer dresses, if heels are not your thing. 

For those who live in climates where the spring and summer evenings are still a bit on the cooler side, a cute pair of boots looks nice with a floral midi dress for more of an edgy and trendy look! While these shoes are all great options to wear with midi and maxi dresses during the summer, there are some guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to what types of wedges, heels, sandals, flats, and boots go best with midi dresses, and other important tips to note when styling this summer staple. 

Dos and Don’ts of wearing a Midi Dress or a Maxi Dress

Here are some top tips to remember for spring/summer midi and maxi dresses. The hemline of midi dresses falls at such a specific point, it’s important to keep in mind what does and does not look good with this style of dress. If you wear the wrong type of shoes or outerwear, it may give off a frumpy or awkward appearance. Knowing what to wear with your midi or maxi dress can make or break your spring or summer look:

  • For midi dresses, when it comes to shoes, no matter if they’re heels or flats, it’s best to wear shoes without ankle straps. Ankle straps can sometimes give the appearance of shorter legs and are not as flattering as slip-on heels or sandals. Also, if you are not into heels and would prefer to wear a pair of flats, look for a pair that has pointed or almond-shaped toes rather than round. This can give the appearance of elongated legs, which is nice with a midi dress. 
  • A nice belt around the waist can give you an hourglass silhouette that breaks up a midi or maxi dress for a beautiful shape. 
  • Avoid wearing slouchy sweaters over your dress. This can give you a frumpy look. It is much more flattering to wear something like a short, cropped jacket. This look is fantastic with a midi or maxi dress, and can still keep you warm on cooler spring evenings. 
  • Not every midi or maxi dress is the same. It’s important to choose your length carefully and to try on the dress first. You can always get it tailored to fit you properly and fall at the right length. Ideally, midi dresses should be just longer than the knees, and maxi dresses should hit right at your ankle bone. 

The bottom line is that it’s all about proportion. You don’t want a dress or a pair of shoes to give the appearance of cutting you off – you want the hem, shoes, and other accessories to compliment each other, giving you a graceful and beautiful look! No matter if you prefer midi dresses or maxi dresses, both are gorgeous options for the spring and summer months!

I hope this post helped you find the most beautiful midi and maxi dresses for the season! 



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