My Favorite Swimsuit Trends 2020

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swimsuit trends 2020

Good morning and happy Wednesday guys! Today I am going to round up some of my favorite swimsuit trends for this season! Our summer in Arizona starts in April and ends in mid October and in between those months it is blistering HOT! So, technically we have 5 to 6 months of hot summer temperature here!

Regardless of where you live and if your summer is long or short, we as women, like to add a couple of new swimsuit pieces to our swimsuit collection every summer! Hahaha!

Swimsuit Trends

So here are some of my favorite looks for this season:

High-Neck Tops

#1: This cute halter bikini is reversible and comes in two different colors! I honesty love both colors (green-white) and (pink-black). They both look incredibly cute and stylish! I LOVE halter design swimsuits, tope, dresses…. Anything halter, I am all in!!! LOL

#2: My favorite parts of this one-piece swimsuit is its cool texture, the halter neck and open back design! It looks so elegant!

#3: Tropical design swimsuits always put me in the right mood for a fun summer beach vacation! Even if I end up wearing it at our own pool, I love to own one! Hahaha!

One-Piece Belted Swimsuit

#1: I LOVE belted design one-piece swimsuits! I am also a huge fan of black and white checkered fabrics! That is why I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous swimsuit! It is simply elegant!

#2: This vintage-inspired look with gold chain belt is a perfect swimsuit for a fun beach trip or laying by the pool sipping on a gorgeous summer cocktail!

#3: I am not surprised that I love this blue one-piece swimsuit! Simply because it is from the Camila Coelho collection! Hahaha! Camila is one of my favorite fashion bloggers and I absolutely adore her style! Love all the cutouts and the belt on this swimsuit!


#1: This bright red ruffle design swimsuit is soooo cute! I love the way the ruffles are sitting on your chest! My favorite part about buying a red swimsuit is that it makes your tan “pop” much more!

#2: If you are familiar with Zimmermann designs and quality, you know how great their products are! If you find a cute Zimmermann design on sale and you like it, buy it! Their products are so cute and are great quality! I love this cute ruffle bikini so much!

#3: This is a very cute cherry design ruffle swimsuit! Summer Salt has very adorable swimsuits and this design has been one of my favorites this season!


#1: There is combination of several things that I love about this bikini! The off-the-shoulder design is soooo pretty! I LOVE the palm print on it and love the high-cut bottom design! It looks so tropical and yet very elegant!

#2: Kate Spade products are known for their colorful designs! They are pretty, bright, and full of amazing colors! I love this simple and classically designed off shoulder one-piece swimsuit!

#3: This white ruffled neckline and off-shoulder bikini is the cutest little piece that you can add to your swimsuit collection this summer!

Palm Leaves & Tropical Fruits

#1: I am obsessed with this palm leaves print high-cut bikini!!! My sister buys EVERYTHING “Palm leaves”!!! hahaha! We tease her for it so much, but honesty, I do not blame her! Palm leaves are gorgeous and so is this bikini!  

#2: If you are looking for a different color than a “green-white” palm leaves swimsuit, I think this pink color one-piece looks super cute!

#3: Tropical fruits are nothing new, but they have been one of my favorite designs for years! I love this cute off shoulder top, the high-cut bottom and the cutest grapefruit prints on this bikini!

Which style is your favorite?? Let me know what swimsuit trends you’re loving this summer!

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See some other pieces I’m loving below:

Sherry, xoxo

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