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Thanksgiving Love & Decor

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today, there are so many things that I am grateful for. Mainly my family and friends! My amazing husband who is always so caring and supportive of me and is the best Dad ever. My sweet little girl Valentina who loves to entertain us all day long and brings smile to our faces every single day.

My growing little baby in my belly who is thankfully doing great so far. My beautiful, caring sister who has been the biggest gift of my life since I was born. My brother in-law (Kevin) who has been also my business partner for the past 12 years and always brings so much joy to our family and he is the best uncle to our little daughter, Valentina!

My loving and supporting parents who have done SOOOO much for me and my sister all these years that I hope one day, I can be just like them for my own children. And lastly, my three best friends that we pretty much grew up together and I call them my sisters (Ilnaz, Azadeh, and Maryam). And off course, Matt’s family who have been so loving to me ever since I joined their family and many other great friends and family members of mine here in US or back in my country! I can’t count my blessings! I’m simply thankful today and every day!

I LOVE holidays and always get so excited about them! Matt always makes fun of me about how much I like to decorate inside and outside of our house around each holiday! My favorite holiday of all is CHRISTMAS then Thanksgiving! Since we live in Arizona, unfortunately we don’t have all the four seasons, therefore, we don’t get to watch the leaves color to change! But I always try to bring the fall colors inside our house. I start my fall decoration from October 1st and can’t wait to get together on Thanksgiving Day with my family and friends. Every year for Thanksgiving we get together at my sister’s house (Kereshmeh). She is famous in the family for being a great cook. She is so creative and always finds new recipes to cook or bake!

We all know how Thanksgiving is such a big production day as far as preparing so much food, deserts, decorations, ect… I decided this year, Kereshmeh, needs a little break from the usual Thanksgiving work so we invited all the family to our house! The funny part is, everyone in the family and my close friends who know me, are very aware that I really don’t “love” or “enjoy” cooking! LOL! For that reason, my family suggested everyone bring something to our house for the dinner! As you know, the hardest part is making the turkey! Kevin (my brother in-law) took the responsibility to cook the turkey!

Our Thanksgiving table ended up looking so perfect and colorful! Thanks to my sweet family for brining so much food, drinks and deserts and a special Thank you to Kevin who cooked the BEST turkey we ever had! The Turkey ended up being so juicy and delicious! One of my best friends (childhood friend), also flew from California and joined us for Thanksgiving and made the day even more special for us!

Hope you all had a memorable Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends this year!


Sherry XOXO

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