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Fall Transition Outfits: How Bloomingdale’s Masters It

The season of crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice lattes is one of my FAVORITE seasons! When it comes to Fall transition outfits, there are so many great choices!

However, I LOVE Bloomingdale’s beautiful collections! I love how their collection effortlessly blends summer’s breezy vibes with the cozy embrace of fall. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bloomingdale’s.

In this blog post, I want to share some of my favorite fall transition outfits from Bloomingdale’s. One thing I love about this great department store is that you can find beautiful pieces at different prices!

From Summer Outfit to Fall Fashion

Transitioning from summer to fall season is like blending the cool vibes of beach days with that snuggly, pumpkin-spice feel (hahaha)! Your favorite summer maxi, now paired with a cute denim jacket. Or those breezy tees getting a cozy upgrade with chunky scarves and your sandals with over-for-ankle boots!

It’s all about mixing, matching and maximizing what you’ve got. I love to mix and match my summer tops, pants, or flats (or closed-toe- shoes) with my fall jackets, scarves, and other accessories

The Art of Balancing Summer Pieces with Heavier Fabrics

As I mentioned above, the art of mixing and matching is everything when you are transitioning the season! Think of a cute sundress under a leather jacket or a light camisole paired with a wool blazer. I also love pairing my denim skirts with tights and ankle boots!

Not only does this give your favorite summer pieces an extended life into the cooler months, but it also creates an interesting textural contrast. It’s all about the balance!!!

Bloomingdale’s Fall Transition Essentials

Fall Dresses: From Natural and Muted to Vibrant Highlights and Checkered

Natural and Muted Tones: Fall is mostly about the “earthy colors” of the leaves, such as browns, burnt oranges, deep reds, and mustard yellows. Wearing dresses in these shades is perfect for the season and brings out a sense of warmth.

I also love the Navy-blue color for this season. It is such a classic and timeless color for fall and winter. This beautiful Navy dress I ordered from Bloomingdale’s is chic, elegant, and affordable! I also love this, this and this style!

Since we live in Arizona with mild fall/winter temperatures, we usually cannot wear tall boots yet. This is why I like to wear a classic pair of pumps or flat shoes with my fall dresses.

I wear my flats for a “causal look” and high heels or pumps for a “dressy look.” I start bringing out my boots during the winter months! What shoes you would like to wear with your fall dress is completely up to you! 

This beautiful Tweed Pleated Mini Dress looks and feels so lovely in person!! It has a zipper closure at the back and stylish button trim at the braid-edged front placket, making the dress look chic, elegant, and affordable. This dress is part of 100% Bloomingdale’s collection, featuring exclusive pieces you won’t find anywhere else! 

Vibrant Highlights: Wearing vibrant colors during the fall season challenges the “traditional muted palette”. They add a beautiful contrast to the season’s earthy tones. These bright pops of color uplift the mood and make a bold fashion statement! 

Checkered Style: I LOVE checkered patterns for autumn. This is exactly why I fell in love with this beautiful Plaid Scoop neck dress & cardigan sweater! The dress and cardigan sweater are sold separately. However, you can match this set with other dresses, skirts, or pants in your closet! I love how this dress & cardigan sweater fit; the fabric feels so soft! 

Whether it’s a fitted checkered dress, a flowy plaid midi, a cute sweater, or pants, these patterns add a playful edge to your outfit. Pair them with solid-colored accessories to balance the look or go bold with contrasting patterns. Fall is all about experimentation!

The Denim Jacket: Your Best Friend for Transitional Weather

I think these versatile pieces are perfect when you navigate between summer’s warmth and autumn’s chill. Their medium-weight fabric gives you just the right amount of “coziness” without making you too hot. Also, style-wise, they effortlessly blend with nearly EVERYTHING!!! You can wear them with a breezy sundress, a turtleneck, or even over your favorite sweater. They are SO versatile! 

Pair them with a white tee and ankle boots if you want that “laid-back” weekend vibe. You can also wear them for a fun little night out. You can throw on a statement necklace and some heels. In a nutshell, these jackets aren’t just garments; they’re fall essentials. 

Knee-High Boots vs. Ballet Flats: Striking the Perfect Balance for Your Feet

Knee-high Boots: I love the knee-high boots! Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, but they also keep your legs warm during those autumn days. Pair them with your favorite skinny jeans for an instantly polished look or a cute dress or leather skirt with an elegant top! 

Ballet Flats: Ideal for those transitional days, ballet flats exude elegance without trying too hard. They’re versatile, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. Think of a pleated skirt for work or distressed jeans for weekend brunch. Both options offer a blend of Style and comfort to ensure your feet feel great and look even better.

Add a Leather Jacket or Long Cardigan 

Another versatile and stylish piece is the leather jacket or the long cardigan. A well-fitted leather jacket can add an edge to any outfit, instantly elevating a simple jeans and t-shirt combo. Pair it with ankle boots or classic white sneakers, and you’re set for a chic day out. 

On the other hand, a long cardigan offers a cozy layer that effortlessly blends comfort with Style. Its length adds a touch of elegance, making it suitable for wearing dresses, leggings, or tailored pants.

You can consider neutral tones like camel, gray, or beige to maintain a soft autumnal palette. Whether you choose the edgy vibe of the leather jacket or the cozy embrace of the long cardigan, either choice offers an ideal layering option to seamlessly transition into the cooler season. 

Great Layering Piece: Lightweight Sweaters

I LOVE lightweight sweaters! They are SO easy to mix and match with different pants, leggings, or skirts! Whether pairing it with a cute skirt from summer or layering it under a cozy winter coat, lightweight sweaters fit seamlessly.

It’s the piece that creates a good balance – not too hot or cold, just right for those unpredictable fall days. A lightweight sweater gives you a polished look while keeping things casual and comfy. It’s the fashion-forward functionality we all need during the transitional months. 

Outfit Ideas that Scream ‘Fall’!!!

Pairing White Jeans with a Long-Sleeved Shirt for That Ultimate “Fall Look.”

The beauty of white jeans is their crisp, clean look, which contrasts perfectly with fall’s warm, earthy tones. You can easily pair beautiful white jeans and topping them off with a rich burgundy, forest green, or even a mustard long-sleeved shirt.

I also believe that “texture” is key during the cooler months. Think about pairing your jeans with a soft, ribbed knit or a flannel shirt. Layering a lightweight cardigan or a tailored jacket on top can help elevate your look! 

Incorporating Fall Colors Like Forest Green with a Midi Skirt, Skinny Jeans, or long Pants

Forest green instantly elevates elegance! You can wear a cute forest green top or sweater with a denim skirt. Or you can pair a beautiful satin or pleated forest green midi skirt with a neutral, perhaps creamy, knit sweater. I also love midi skirts in burnt orange, brown or deep burgundy for fall! Add a cute pair of ankle boots to this outfit to complete the look! 

I am also a HUGE fan of skinny jeans for fall! If you are not a big fan, opt for elegant long pants! They are the perfect pivot from office to evening drinks. Pair with a soft beige turtleneck, classic pumps, chic leopard, or camel-toned coat and a statement belt.

The magic of animal prints 

I am obsessed with animal prints! LOL! These patterns have a timeless charm and effortlessly elevate your wardrobes with a touch of the wild and sophistication. Whether it’s the classic leopard spots, chic snake scales, or the understated zebra stripes, these prints can be bold and neutral, depending on how you style them.

For fall transition outfits, pair a leopard print blouse (or lightweight sweater) with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots for a casual day out. Or you can layer a cute snake print dress with a chunky knit cardigan (easy layers) for those cooler evenings. I love pairing a leopard print scarf with a classic trench coat or slipping into snake-print booties to spice up your look! 

Easy Tips and Tricks for Seamless Fall Outfit Transition

  1. Pair a tank top with long sleeves for a transitional look.
  2. Layer summer dresses with light jackets for added warmth during cooler weather.
  3. Swap denim shorts for a pair of jeans, but keep the cute summer top.
  4. Add a pop of fall color, like rust or olive, to your summer-to-fall transition outfits.
  5. Utility jackets or oversized blazers over mini dresses: perfect for date night.
  6. Mix breathable fabrics from your summer wardrobe with fall pieces for a seamless style.
  7. Chambray shirt with white pants: an easy way to keep the summer vibe while transitioning.
  8. Capsule wardrobes are the best part; mix summer staples with new season fall outfits.
  9. Cowboy boots with summer dresses are a great option for that early fall feel.
  10. Layer flannel or long-sleeved shirts under summer tanks to elevate your transitional Style.

Bottom Line!

I hope this post was helpful to you if you are looking to get some easy and stylish Fall transition outfit ideas, the latest fall fashion trends, colors, and textures! Bloomingdale has consistently shown the perfect example of how to master this transition seamlessly.

One of the best things about their fall wardrobe selections is the ease with which you can transform a simple summer dress into one of those cute fall outfits. Mixing just the right amount of summer colors with that cozy autumn feel, they offer beautiful, comfy, and super stylish looks. Whether you love classic fall shades or want something fresh and modern for your upcoming event, Bloomingdale’s has it all! 


Sherry XOXO

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