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Designer Bergdorf Goodman Shoes: Head-to-Toe Styling!

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 You know that feeling when you find the perfect pair of shoes and suddenly, the whole universe aligns? (LOL). If you are a shoe lover (like me), you will find this post helpful! I’m going to share some of my favorite designer Bergdorf Goodman shoes, accessories, and top beauty picks.

I would like to share some styling tips on how to put together an elegant look with any of these dressy or casual designer shoes! Whether you’re into gorgeous stilettos, sophisticated sandals, or statement sneakers, Bergdorf’s got something for everyone.

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Bergdorf Goodman

If you have been to New York but you have never been to Bergdorf Goodman, you are in for a treat, it is a must-see (hahaha)!! I remember the first time I walked through those iconic doors, it was like stepping into another world! A fashion wonderland in the heart of the Big Apple.

From the breathtaking window displays that are works of art in of themselves to the designer shoes, clothes, and accessories. It is a shopping experience that simply cannot be replicated.

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How to Rock Bergdorf Goodman Pumps

for a Night Out


Cocktail Dress & Pumps: A Match Made in Heaven 👗👠

First things first, you should consider the vibe of the party or event that you are attending! Choose a cocktail dress that balances well with your pumps.

If you’ve got super glitzy, sequined heels, or animal prints, maybe opt for a simpler, elegant dress. However, if your dress is the main attraction, go for pumps that are more simple without any busy patterns, texture, or jewelry!

Here’s a secret: Pumps have this magical way of elongating your legs, especially if they’re a close match to your skin tone. For example, a little black dress with classic nude pumps is always timeless! Or if you want to wear a bold pair of red stilettos, you need to choose a simple black, red, or white dress.

Rocking Pumps & Skinny Jeans: The Casual Slay 👖👠

If you want to wear your beautiful pumps with your favorite pair of skinny jeans, opt for jeans that are either ankle-length or have a slight crop. You will want to show a little skin between the jean hem and the pump.

Now, let’s talk color… Dark wash jeans are super slimming and create that perfect backdrop for your beautiful pumps (whether they’re bold, patterned, or sparkly). I personally prefer darker-colored skinny jeans with pumps! However, if you like to wear light-color skinny jeans, that is fine too! Just go for darker-colored pumps to create a contrast! 

Top for skinny jeans: When it comes to choosing a top for your skinny jeans and pumps, make sure there is a nice harmony between your top, skinny jeans and pump colors!

If you are wearing darker skinny jeans, try to wear a light-colored top and pumps. If you want to wear light-color jeans, then go for darker darker-colored top and pumps! You can always create a fun mix-and-match look with accessories. 

Pumps with Shorts: Cute but Make it Fashion 👠🩳

Pumps can totally be worn with shorts!! I suggest choosing tailored shorts and a structured top for a polished look, or go bold with high-waisted, denim shorts and crop top. Since you’re showing a lot of legs, make sure those laser-cut pumps are the star of the show.

If your pumps have a pop of color or a funky design, pick shorts in a neutral shade to let those heels shine. But if you are wearing classic nude or black pumps, you can totally play up the fun with patterned or colored shorts.

Accessorizing: Beyond the Shoes

Shop Here

#1: Leather Dress

#2: Braided Heel Sandals

#3: Woven Clutch

#4: Pendant Necklace

#5: Gucci Glow Lipstick

Leather Dress: I think a cute leather dress is versatile enough to be worn on multiple occasions and adds an edge to your overall look. Just make sure the dress doesn’t overshadow your heels and clutch but rather brings harmony to your outfit. opt for simpler cuts if your accessories are already statement-makers.

Clutch: Find a clutch that not only matches the color of your heels but also complements the texture and form. A sleek, minimalist clutch can add a modern touch to your outfit. 

Fashion Jewelry:  Beyond the shoes and clutch, consider fun fashion jewelry pieces! Consider wearing elegant studs or choose minimalist necklaces or bracelets to prevent the look from becoming too busy. Always remember that accessories need to complement, not compete with each other! 

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Dress to Impress: Formal Event Styling with Bergdorf Goodman

Shop Here

#1: Animal-Print Stiletto Pumps

#2: Strapless Cocktail Dress

#3: Dior Lipstick

#4: Ferragamo Mini Bag

#5: Chain Bracelet

Dress: If you have a formal event coming up, the first step is choosing your dress. 

Heels: Whether you’re into classic pumps, bold animal prints, or slingbacks with jewels, the right shoes make or break a fabulous outfit! 

Jewelry:  When it comes down to choosing your jewelry, it all depends on your event type and time of day. If the special event is a charity luncheon, you need to tone it down. If it is an evening and dinner gala, you need to go for a totally different look! Maybe go for a little more glitzy jewelry and watch.  If you’re wearing a simpler outfit, a statement necklace could be your star player. Just remember, balance is key. 

Makeup: Perfect makeup with red or nude lips and an elegant clutch is all you need to finish up your look to attend your formal event!  If the event is in the evening, go for a bold red lipstick (check out this post for inspiration). 

ClutchAlways go for either a sparkly, or simple, chic, and sophisticated clutch. 

Travel in Style: Best Bergdorf Goodman Shoes for Travelers

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#1: Half-Zip Sweatshirt

#2: Alo Leggings

#3: Sorel Sneaker

#4: Stella McCartney Crossbody Bag

#5: LOEWE Cat-Eye Sunglasses

#6: Dior Foundation

#7: Gucci Lipstick

Whether I’m traveling with or without my kids, I always make sure to wear comfortable shoes, leggings, and tops! Since traveling involves long periods of walking, standing, or sitting, in my opinion, there is nothing more important than choosing a comfy outfit for the airport and airplane. Otherwise, an uncomfortable outfit can cause irritability and take away from the joy of the journey. 

If you haven’t tried these Sorel sneakers yet, you are seriously missing out (they are like giving your feet a hug) LOL!!!! They are perfec for traveling or walking long distances! 

I also love using crossbody bags while traveling!!! You’ve got both hands free, and you don’t need to deal with juggling a falling shoulder bag while trying to navigate the airport.

Plus, it sits snugly across your chest or back, making it a tough target for pickpockets. It’s also easy to access… so you don’t have to take it off to grab your phone or wallet. Everything is within arm’s reach for easier access. I love this beautiful Stella McCartney crossbody bag (which comes in different colors). It is a perfect choice! 

To complete your stylish and comfy traveling outfit, all you need is cute leggings, a comfy top, and a great makeup to last all day! I LOVE this Dior foundation for traveling! It gives your skin great coverage that you may need for a long period of time!  

Seasonal Styling: Bergdorf Goodman Shoes for Every Season

Shop Here

#1: Adidas By Stella McCartney

#2: Long Sleeve Top

#3: Tote Bag

#4: Skinny Jeans

#5: Versace Cat-Eye Sunglasses

#6: Lancome Lip Gloss

#7: Wool Scarf

These Adidas shoes by Stella McCartney are so versatile and are designed to carry you through every season with comfort, and style. In spring and summer, the breathable material keeps your feet cool, while the sleek design complements anything from shorts to cute sun dresses!

In Fall and winter, you can pair them with jeans or your favorite pair of leggings, a fun scarf, and an oversized sweater or coat for a different and new look that is both comfortable and stylish.

Adidas by Stella McCartney offers a blend of function, fashion, and sustainability that’s hard to beat. With their timeless design and adaptable features, these shoes are a multi-seasonal wardrobe staple that can effortlessly be styled to suit any occasion, weather, or mood.

This chic purple and white tote bagalong with this white Versace sunglasses make a complete look with these fun Adidas sneakers! You can literally style them for spring/summer or fall/winter!

Bottom Line!

As the world of fashion continues to evolve, Bergdorf Goodman remains a constant, grounding us in the ideals of quality and luxury that have stood the test of time.

Their extensive collection accommodates all tastes, occasions, and styles.  Whether you are stepping into a business meeting, walking down the red carpet, or exploring the city streets, these designer shoes offer a blend of comfort, craftsmanship, and charisma that few can match.

When you invest in a good pair of designer shoes, handbags, or clothing, you are not just making a purchase, you’re making a lifetime investment in style and self-expression. 

Sherry, xoxo

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