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Best DIY Mermaid Party Decorations Your Guests Will LOVE!

Happy Wednesday everyone! In this post, I’m sharing some fun DIY mermaid party decorations. If you are planning a mermaid party for your little one, this is the blog post for you! These pictures are from my best friend’s daughter, Liana’s 5th birthday party. My bestie and I came up with the theme, designed and decorated her mermaid party together.

I decided to write a post about it and share some easy tips and tricks on how to throw a mermaid birthday party in a few easy steps!

This post is all about best DIY mermaid party decorations that your kids and your guests will love!!!

We had fun putting together and styling Liana’s mermaid party all by ourselves! We got so lucky with the weather! The sun was out, the ocean was calm, and the ocean breeze kept us cool during the party setup, at the birthday party, and even after the party!

Mermaid Birthday Party

I honestly think birthdays are more than just a day when you are a kid, they are pure magic. When my bestie, Ilnaz told me that she wanted to have a mermaid party for Liana, I knew it would be easy to design a fun Mermaid themed birthday party.

We decided to order lots of fun DIY mermaid party decorations, from Amazon and Party City and we put them together ourselves! I thought that would be so perfect for the kids and just a fun theme that everyone would enjoy.

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Pulling a party together, not to mention entertaining kids requires a lot more work and supplies than you think. Planning can sometimes get overwhelming, and I always feel like I am forgetting something. That is why I always come up with a mood board and create a list to help me stay focused and organized. Here is your comprehensive guide full of mermaid birthday party ideas to help you throw a great DIY mermaid birthday bash.

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Besides your special birthday girl (or boy), the decorations for your mermaid party are what add the magic to the event. Taking inspiration from The Little Mermaid, the staple movie for all ‘wanna-be” mermaids, we used blush purples, mermaid party decor turquoise blues, blush pinks, and gold accents for our colors and theme. Your color choices can really bring your mermaid party to life and make it unforgettable. Plus, deciding on your colors will make your party cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

The Mermaid Party Supplies Essentials

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Mermaid Tableware

When planning a party, decorating the table is my favorite part because there is so much room to play with DIY mermaid party decor. The table we used truly set the scene and added to the magic of our mermaid theme. It is easy to find lively tableware that will bring color to your party. When searching for mermaid party ideas on Amazon, you will find lots of cute mermaid party plates.

I personally liked to style our table with solid color plates and add mermaid decorations as the accent piece throughout the table. I ordered these elegant blush pink plates with gold accents and gold cutlery, to make our little guests feel like princesses (Haha).

I used these exact plates for Valentina’s outdoor movie birthday this year and I fell in love with them! Although they are disposable plates, they look like REAL ceramic and are high quality! It comes in different colors… I highly recommend them! They also come with cups, forks, spoons, and knives to make your life easier!

 Tablecloth & Napkins

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We ordered these light pink cloth napkins to add some texture to these disposable plates. If you are looking for a perfect tablecloth to match these napkins, you will like this light pink waterproof tablecloth. If you prefer to choose a mermaid tablecloth, you can choose this or thisMany people like to choose mermaid tablecloths or mermaid napkins when looking for mermaid party ideas.

Napkin Rings

We also wrapped the napkins around these lovely pearl napkin rings. It helped create a color contrast with the pink napkins and added elegance to the table. Our every little mermaid guest experienced a setting fit for royalty (haha), but it was so easy to pull together myself! These pearl

Mermaid Party Cups

When searching for mermaid party ideas, party cups are essential! You have to keep in mind that they also have to be kid proofed. These cutest plastic cups with a gold rim came with the disposable plates that we ordered on Amazon! It made it so much easier for us as we did not need to worry about matching any cups with our plates! These cups are kid proof, but they look like a real glass I would use at a dinner party. Once again, I LOVE these disposable plates and cup sets and I highly recommend them for ANY party!

Mermaid Party Decor


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To create the full effect for a mermaid birthday party, you need to add some fun decor. I scattered white and blue starfish all across our table to make it feel as if we were dining under the sea. By each party cup, I put the cutest little miniature mermaid figurines (mini mermaid toys) for each kid to take with them. Adding the mini mermaid toy to your table (or dessert table) is another great mermaid party idea to consider!

Mermaid Straws

Our DIY mermaid party decorations also featured jeweled bowls filled with colors treats and beads. One bowl had fun straws for each guest, which all had mermaid and starfish characters attached. You actually need to attach the mermaids and the starfishes to the straws yourself. A fun DIY project for your party. These are paper straws, and the glue comes inside the package!

They are SUPER easy to put together! We did this project with our little girls at home before the party! It made them so excited to be involved with the DIY mermaid birthday party theme. Each mermaid decoration was a unique element to the overall mermaid party theme. Most importantly, we could tell how excited the kids were to see all the beautiful colors!!!

Mermaid Balloons

Balloons will never go out of style. Whether in a fun balloon arch, scattered across the floor, or floating through the air, no kid can resist a balloon. Balloons can add so much color and excitement to any party!

If you are looking for mermaid party ideas, I highly recommend adding balloons to your decoration! Choose the colors of your mermaid party theme and order your balloons! The pink and purple balloons we used tied the entire party together. Tied to each chair, the balloons soared over the girls’ heads as they enjoyed their cake and mermaid party.

Mermaid party Favor Bags

You can never forget about the party favors! They help make the party even more memorable, and they leave the kids with something fun to take home themselves.

We found the cutest mermaid favors here to stuff our favor bags for our little guests to take home. You can also find other amazing mermaid theme favors here and hereWe also ordered these adorable mermaid favor bags to place the goodies.

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Adding a little fun to the party

Now that we have the essentials down, let’s add on to bring your DIY mermaid party full circle and make it unforgettable for every kid that attends.

Mermaid Party activities

A few fun activities for your kids to do, that also fit in the theme, are perfect to fill time and make your party unforgettable.

Hire A Mermaid

If you are looking for a fun party activity, hire a MERMAID!!! We hired a mermaid for Lian’s mermaid party! We knew bringing a “real mermaid” to the party would be the most fun part of the party! Liana’s party venue was at a park by a beautiful beach! If your party venue is at the beach or by the pool, bringing on a mermaid to the party is an AMAZING idea! The little girls at the party were going crazy when “Ariel” walked in! hahaha!

Mermaid Crowns and Face Painting

Another great activity is to let your kids be creative. Customizing their own mermaid crown, which they get to wear after making, is a fun way to let their imagination run wild. All you need is some paint or markers and some glue and fun glitter (or even go all out and get some tiny seashells) to decorate each crown.

You can also hire face painter artists to come to your party and paint the kids face! They can come up with lots of fun ideas for mermaid face painting, glitter tattoos, mermaid body art and so much more!

Mermaid Tail Hop

A Mermaid Tail Hop is a great way to have your kids let some energy out at the party. Use any pillowcases or sacks and have the kids race to the finish line in them. It will truly show your kids what it is like to walk like a mermaid!

Seashell Scavenger Hunt

What kid doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Hide seashells all over the party area and see who can find the most! It adds a little competition and movement to the party.

Mermaid Party Food and Drink Ideas

Let’s face it, the best part about a party is the food. Finding food and drinks to fit a theme can be hard, but themed food always adds some extra sparkle to your DIY mermaid-themed party. If you are looking for mermaid party food ideas, I suggest checking Pinterest for great party food ideas or dessert tables for your mermaid birthday party. Here are some amazing mermaid party food and drink ideas:

Seaweed on a Stick

Made of green Shock Tongue candies, skewered and ribboned to look like seaweed, these treats will have your kids in awe. It is the perfect mermaid party food and is so fun to do.

Starfish Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies are always a hit in our house!! I thought the starfish rice Krispies is a great idea for any mermaid parties! I love to add food coloring to my rice Krispies. Also, to match the theme, cut out starfish shapes to round out our mermaid theme.


Crabwiches always are a hit, and so easy to do. Take a croissant and make the sandwich of your choice. Add some toothpicks with googly eyes glued on top and add two to each to make your sandwiches come to life and look like crab.

Mermaid Lemonade

Every party isn’t complete without a fun, themed drink. For a tasty, refreshing mermaid lemonade, all you need is lemonade, food coloring, sanding sugar that fit your color palette, and cherries! Color your lemonade to fit your theme or go to the classic blue route to match the sea.

Mermaid Tail Cupcakes and Cake ideas

What your kids really want at the end of their mermaid party is dessert! With your mermaid theme, it is easy to make some beautiful, bright-colored desserts every kid will love!

These mermaid tail cupcakes are so fun and topped with unicorn sprinkles and a fondant mermaid tail. Not only are they easy to make, but the edible tail really takes the cake! You can also always find fun mermaid tail cupcake toppers, like these if you want to choose a simpler route!

Mermaid Cakes

Whether making your cake or ordering it, a beautiful mermaid cake is always the star of the show. You can go crazy with your fun-themed colors and even load up your cake with mermaid tail cake toppers. Get playful with a multi-layer cake that has a different color for each layer. Oh, and don’t skimp on the sprinkles! There are so many amazing mermaid desserts that you can serve at your party! But I strongly recommend ordering (or baking) a beautiful mermaid cake for your amazing party!

My favorite mermaid-themed cake idea I have seen is a sandcastle cake I found on Pinterest! It is the cutest thing, and hard to believe it isn’t truly made of sand. I also LOVED Lian’s adorable cake! It looked so beautiful in person!

Mermaid Party Favors

Party favors leave your guest with a little thank you for making your party a splash! Plus, there are so many fun options to give for DIY Mermaid Party Favors. I honestly think seashells, mermaid tail keychain, mermaid pens, mermaid paper sunglasses, or even adding a fun little mermaid cookie or candies are all great mermaid party favors to consider!


I found the cutest inspiration on Pinterest for our party favors. One of my favorite DIY mermaid-themed party favors is bubbles. I mean, what kid doesn’t love bubbles? Tie around a tag with a name for each kid, and the favor feels personalized. It is also so easy to find bubbles that match your color scheme!

Coral Candy

Playing on the under-the-sea theme, rock candy on a skewer truly looks like a piece of coral and is a great party favor. You can wrap your coral in a translucent bag and tie it with a ribbon to add the final touches.

Throwing a mermaid party is such a fun idea!!! And Amazon makes every party planning so much easier! I honestly don’t know what I would do without my favorite AMAZON store! You can easily order 95% of your mermaid party supplies from Amazon within a few clicks!

I hope this post was helpful if you are planning an epic DIY Mermaid Party with cute party decorations that your kids will love!

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

Sherry, xoxo

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