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Christmas Home Decor

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Hello everyone! I’m so excited for Christmas to arrive in just a week! I’m finally done with all the house decorations, tree decorations and gift wrapping for this year! Christmas season is a very stressful time of year for me! I truly LOVE and ENJOY decorating our house for Christmas, but since I own a retail business (shoe store), unfortunately, I have to work SUPER long hours in November and December. Therefore, I always feel like I’m running behind from doing fun Christmas decors with my family at home! But somehow every year, I get to manage preparing the house for Christmas day!

Every year, we pick a different color to decorate and try to stay consistent throughout the house with that color. Last year, we decided to go with “Silver” and “White” combo, the year before, we did “Red” and “Gold”. This year we chose to go with “White” and “Gold”! The only thing I wish we would have done this year is changing our tree to a big white tree! Unfortunately, working so many hours at the store, didn’t allow me to go look for a fun big white tree! I’ll definitely add that to my “wish list” for next year! Here is a quick look into our home all decorated for Christmas!

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