10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Her & for Him

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Hi everyone! Can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner! Are you rushing to look for last minute holiday gift ideas too!!?

Of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas! Some people celebrate Christmas, some Hanukkah and some people don’t celebrate any of these holidays and just enjoy this beautiful season of exchanging gifts, family gatherings, love and joy.

10 Last minute Holiday Gift Ideas For Her

1-  Shoes/Boots: I can’t think of a woman who doesn’t like shoes or boots! I think most woman cannot have enough shoes! LOL! If your woman fits in that category, find out her shoe size and surprise her with a gorgeous pair of shoes on Christmas day!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - shoes!

2- Handbags: Most women love handbags too! Some women love exotic skins and some don’t really like it and they would prefer a beautiful leather bag! So find out what kind of handbag she loves!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - bags!

3- Ugg Women’s Robe: Ugg boots/shoes are known for being cozy and comfy! Ugg women’s robes are so soft and comfy! I also love their holiday blankets! They are just as comfy as their robes!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - loungewear!

4-  Spa Packages: Women love to get pampered! You can add a full day of spa, a good deep tissue or Swedish massage and a great manicure/ pedicure to her Christmas gifts!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - spa day!

5- Home Décor & Serveware: When it comes down to home décor, serving dishes and platters are my first choice. The designer I like most is Michael Aram! I LOVE his designs! From vases to cheese trays to serving dishes and platters, to candle holders… his designs are all so elegant and unique! I love them! But besides his lovely home décor, there are thousands of great home décor products out there that she will admire and enjoy!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - home decor!

6- Perfume and body lotion set: Well… this can be a tricky gift! Perfumes are a very personal choice and if you are not sure what her favorite perfume is, you better make sure you include the gift receipt so she can exchange it to her favorite one!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - gift sets!

7- Couple Class: Depending on the city you live in, and what you like to do as “couple” get her either a fun cooking class, mixology classes, dance lessons, etc.… This experience goes beyond opening up a box! Although you can ask still print the “class” you purchased and put in the nice envelope or a nice box!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - couple's experience or class!

8- Apple Products: 90% of people these days have or love to have some sort of apple product. iPhone, iPad, apple watch, headphones, cases, accessories… You can never go wrong with one of these items as a gift for her!

Apple Watch: gift ideas

9- Sophisticated Champagne and Truffles Gift Basket: No matter if you just started dating or have been together forever, a sophisticated gourmet food gift basket or champagne and truffle gift basket can always impress your woman!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - luxury hamper!

10- Jewelry: Most women appreciate and admire a nice piece of jewelry! If your woman is a diamond lover, it will be a bit of an expensive Christmas, but it’s worth putting a smile on her face! If she doesn’t care about diamonds and loves fashion jewelry more, there are so many options out there!

Close up of beautiful pairs of earrings

10 Last minute Gift Ideas For Him

1- Shoes/Boots: I know! My first suggestion for women’s gift ideas was also shoes/boots! Just because I believe most people like shoes! When it comes to shoes for men, they may prefer Nike, Adidas or any other running or comfy shoes, rather than a classic lace-ups or loafers! Find out what are his favorite kinds of shoes!

Men's shoes

2- Belts: If he is into fashion and cares if his belt matches his shoes, then buy him a nice designer or non-designer belt, based on your budget!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - belts!

3- Sport Jacket: Sport jackets are easy to wear with jeans and still look well-dressed!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - sports jacket!

4- Massage Membership: You can never go wrong with massage memberships!

Massage for men - gift ideas

5- Luggage & Travel Bags: If he travels a lot for work or pleasure, a nice designer travel bag or a cool luggage is a great idea!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - travel luggage!

6- Movie Tickets/ Passes: My sister and my brother in-law once bought this gift for my husband, Matt! He LOVED it! It was a brilliant idea for someone like my husband who loves movies so much! If he is a movie addict, he will definitely enjoy this gift!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - movie passes!

7- Tabletop Bar Set: If he is a cocktail lover, he will definitely enjoy a nice tabletop bar set to entertain his guests!

Beautiful home bar set!

8- Wireless Speaker: If your man is like my husband and he can never have enough speakers, then buy him “the latest and the greatest”! My husband has so many speakers that he literally hides some of them in his closet so I won’t see them! LOL!

Bose wireless speakers

9- Personalized Bath Robe & Slippers: Personalized Bath robes and slippers can definitely be a good surprise and a memorable gift for him!

Last minute holiday gift ideas - personalised robe!

10- Bootcamp Packages: Especially right after all of the eating and drinking around the holiday season, a good Bootcamp package can be very motivating to get back in shape!

And that’s it! That’s my round of last minute holiday gift ideas – there’s something that everyone will love! Happy holidays!

Still looking for more though?! Check out my 2019 ultimate holiday gift guide!

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