14 Things I LOVE for Valentine’s Day

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LOVE is in the air and is only one day left to Valentine’s Day! I wanted to share 14 random things that I personally LOVE the most in this post!

things I love for Valentine's Day - roses and shoes!
things I love for Valentine's Day - roses!!
things I love for Valentine's Day - shoes!!
Roses - some things that I love for Valentine's Day!
Stepping out - white faux fur coat, sunglasses, white heels
White faux fur coat, white shoes, red lipstick. Dressing up for Valentine's Day!

14 Things I LOVE

  1. SHOES!!!
  2. Roses!!!!
  3. Red Wine (I’m such a wine lover- LOL)
  4. Traveling to new countries/ new cities!
  5. Beaches and Oceans!
  6. New York City, Milan, Barcelona, Paris & London
  7. Design and Home Décor
  8. Comfy workout outfits! I used to be a weekly Lululemon shopper! Haha!!!!
  9. Watching Valentina (our 4.5 year old daughter), trying to “teach” Alina (her 10 months old baby sister) how to walk, talk and eat! LOL 
  10. My husband- Matt!!! He is one the best things that happened in my life! I will always cherish the Starbucks that we met at 12 years ago!!!!
  11. My kids! My life has changed so much ever since I became a mom! And YES… they are SOOO much work, but they are so so worth it!
  12. My sister- Kereshmeh! She is my EVERYTHING!!!!! And one of the BIG reasons I was praying for another girl so hopefully one day, Valentina and Alina will be best friends like us! And off course, Kevin (her husband and my brother in-law). He has the kindest heart and is the BEST uncle to my children!
  13. My Parents! They did SO much for me and my sister! They provided us the best possible life they could! They guided us through our lives but let us “choose” what we wanted to be and allowed us to learn from our own mistakes!
  14. My best childhood friends that I grew up with (Ilnaz and Azadeh)! We each live in different parts of the world now, but no matter how far or close we are to each other, we can’t get enough of each other!

So now you know me and what I love for Valentine’s Day lol!! Please list some of the things YOU love the most in comment section here!

And don’t forget to check out my post on my favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day outfits while you’re here!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Sherry, xoxo

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