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2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

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Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend!! Now that we’ve made it through the first couple of weeks of the new year, we are ready to start thinking about the season of love: Valentine’s Day!!! So this is my post on Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her! Our little Alina and Valentina love the extra affection and the extra PINK! If it were up to them, everything would be covered in pink for Valentine’s Day! (LOL!) 

Woman in pink dress with gift boxes, LOVE sign in background. Valentine's day Gift Ideas.
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her - woman sitting underneath large LOVE sign, in pink dress with pink gift boxes.
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays because I get to be especially close to the ones I love!! (And also eat a little extra chocolate hahaha!) I also really enjoy decorating the house with beautiful flowers and pink, red, and heart-shaped décor. Valentine’s Day is a FANTASTIC holiday to get crafty and creative, and put some heart into your decorating! (Literally!)

This special holiday is also a great time to show some extra appreciation for our loved ones and show them how much we care. We are looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day together as a family. Our girls LOVE getting creative together with me! Baking, crafting, it’s so much fun to spend such a special holiday together and just enjoy the precious little moments. As important as it is to spend time with the kids, it is JUST as important to take the time to appreciate your romantic partners, as well! Matt knows how picky I am when it comes to gifts hahaha! He NEVER knows if I’ll like what he gets me. He always says “Make a list and I will pick from what’s on it!” 

If you have a special woman in your life, whether that’s a significant other, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, whoever it may be, it’s important to show them how much you love and care about them! But getting the perfect gift for someone you love can be a challenge! I have had SO many friends talk to me about how much they love their mother or their daughter, but they just don’t know what to get them!! 

“Do I get them something they can use?” 

“Do I get them something they can wear?”

“Do I need to get them something expensive?”

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

It can be a real struggle getting just the right gift for the one you love! That’s why I decided to create the perfect list for some fun and also some practical Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her! No matter who it is you want to show your appreciation to, whether you are starting a relationship with someone new and are looking for “first Valentine’s Day together” gifts for her, or you have a daughter who is particularly picky and you need some specific recommendations, this list is for you! Without further adieu, here are some great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her!

What Are the Best Valentine Gifts for Her?

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase using these links“.

I love dressing up for any occasion, especially such a special one like Valentine’s Day. So to me, putting on a new pair of heels and a fresh shade of lipstick is the best feeling in the world!! I know plenty of women who say the same thing… Marilyn Monroe once said, “High heels make a woman 25% more dominant, 50% more self secure, and 100% more sexy.” I find this to be 110% TRUE!

These ‘Ren’ Cutout Sandal Pumps by Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman’s “The Nudistsong Flower” Heels are both SO gorgeous, and perfect luxury Valentine’s gifts for her! I love the red suede on both of these shoes! It makes these heels that much more luxurious and pretty for the occasion! They offer such a nice pop of color for any black or neutral outfit, and will make her feel extra special and extra sexy! Tie it all together with this Tom Ford Matte Lip Color in a beautiful neutral or matching shade of red. I love that this lipstick comes in multiple different colors, so you can even buy her a set of three for different occasions!

If your special lady is a fashionista, She’ll love this adorable tunic sweater from Free People. It’s SO cute and cozy for winter, and it comes in TONS of different colors. The Playful Petal Combo color is such a nice deep shade of magenta, a PERFECT shade for a romantic Valentine’s Day present. So gorgeous! Pair it with a cute pair of Koolaburra Boots by UGG. The soft ash rose color is SO nice for Valentine’s Day. The ADORABLE double bows are so cute, and the comfy fur lining is amazing for the cool February weather!

If your special someone is anything like me, then she likes to pull together a comfy-cute “trip to the store” outfit with a designer handbag to take a look from comfy-cute to comfy-chic. This Small Shoulder Gucci Bag. The porcelain rose color looks STUNNING on the matelassé leather, and I LOVE the quilted heart on the back. Such a great designer gift for a fabulous fashionista!

Some other great pieces for your fashion-forward lady are this faux fur vest. SO fuzzy and soft, like you’re wearing a blanket. I love it! Also these Venice Joggers from Athleta are a GREAT gift for romantic Valentine’s Days in, and she can even wear them again and again for activewear, lazy days, or work-from-home-days! Multi-use clothing is AMAZING to throw together with a million other pieces. 

If you live in warmer climates, and you are thinking of planning a picnic or a day out in the sun with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, get her a gorgeous sundress she can’t get enough of! This ADORABLE Pippa Mini Dress from Revolve is BEYOND cute. I adore the pink pom pom accents, the checked pattern, and the ruffle skirt. It is also great as the spring weather creeps around the corner!

Creative Quarantine Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Quarantine has made a lot of everyday things more difficult… but you can still celebrate holidays and do amazing, fun activities with your loved ones even during the pandemic! Here are some creative quarantine valentine’s day date ideas for you and your special someone:

  1. Have an indoor picnic. Break out the wine, get some meat, cheese, and fruit, and have a fun little picnic with your special someone right in your living room! Or if you have a nice back patio or backyard, even better! 
  2. Have a fun movie marathon. Pick out a couple of your favorite movies, pop some popcorn (and maybe even some candy – LOL!), and snuggle up on the couch for a romantic movie marathon!
  3. Take a virtual class together. Quarantine has brought a new wave of online presence and virtual media unlike anything we’ve seen before! There are SO many cooking classes, mixology drink classes, and all kinds of other fun things you can learn with your loved ones without even leaving the house!
  4. Have breakfast in bed. This is such a nice, comfy, and DELICIOUS way to spend some time with your loved one. You can even surprise them and make breakfast before they wake up and come in with a tray of their favorite breakfast foods. How sweet!

Best Quarantine Gifts for Her

Show the woman in your life how much you care by getting her something she’ll LOVE. Quarantine has made a lot of things tough, but it’s also been a great opportunity to slow down and spend some time at home! Take advantage of your time together, and get her some super comfy pieces – these are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for her this year! Like these adorable UGG Pom Pom Fleece-Lined Socks. I love the sweet seashell pink and the rich port wine colors for V-Day! And the chunky yarn texture with the plush fleece lining makes them extra cozy!

Wear them with these Lounge PJ Pants from Bloomingdale’s and you’re in for the coziest quarantine ever! Both the ivory and the slate colors come with an adorable kiss or heart print pattern – PERFECT for a Valentine’s Day quarantine gift! But even in your PJs you can feel a little fancy. She will adore this gorgeous Kate Spade love necklace for her Valentine’s Day. The gorgeous cursive “love” lettering and the pretty gold color will make her feel fabulous even in her PJs!

You can even pair the Lounge PJ Pants from Bloomingdale’s with its matching PJ top! My family and I LOVE wearing matching pajama sets. They’re so cute for Christmas cards and photos! Sometimes we even just wear them around the house… LOL! Bloomingdale’s has this cute Honeydew Star Seeker Pajama Set that also comes in adorable heart-print patterns, great for a quarantine Valentine’s Day present! I think this layered pendant necklace is also a very cute gift idea!

Here are some other great Valentine’s Day gifts for her….Kate Spade is a great brand for colorful pieces. Here is a super cute Heart Design Crossbody Bag from Kate Spade’s brand. It even comes with a matching cardholder! I LOVE the cute heart design. It’s so perfect for Valentine’s Day! For a trendy or sporty girl, these cute Converse Platform Sneakers are a great piece to add to her closet! The “Made with Love” on the side is so precious! I wish Alina and Valentina were big enough so we could all get matching pairs!! 

Affordable Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still show your appreciation for your special woman, and get her something she will treasure! This Watercolor Heart Stoneware Mug from Pottery Barn is SO cute! I love the faded pink heart and the cursive “love” in the center. The best part? It’s only $10!!! So cute and affordable, she will LOVE IT! Pottery Barn even has a matching snack bowl with the same cute heart and “love” design for only $9.50!! BONUS: Buy her favorite snack and warm beverage (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever she likes!) and wrap it up with this beautiful stoneware serving platter. What a perfect Valentine’s Day gift without breaking the bank!!

Gifts for Your Kitchen Queen

If your special lady is someone who likes to cook or bake, there are some FANTASTIC kitchen supplies that she can use every day! The best part? They all come in PINK! Here are some SUPER cute pink kitchen appliances for your kitchen queen!

A great pink kitchen appliance must-have is this Kate Spade x LENOX Designer Toaster from the luxury Saks Fifth Avenue. Yes, even toasters can be designer! If you want to splurge a little on your favorite cook, get her this fantastic toaster to add to your kitchen. 

For beverages, pick up this Portable Pink Smoothie Blender from Amazon! I love the minimalist retro design, and the travel cup that comes with it! PERFECT for on the go! Or, for warmer drinks, this sleek Stag Electric Pour Over Kettle from Nordstrom is beautiful and precise. SUCH a great addition to a pink kitchen collection!

For Your Lady Who Loves to Decorate 

Okay, you all know I LOVE to decorate, and the Mackenzie-Childs décor is FANTASTIC for almost ALL your decorating needs! So if your special lady is anything like me, Mackenzie-Childs is a great place to get your favorite decorator a few staple pieces she can add into her home décor. 

This Mackenzie-Childs Check Vase is BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could put this in every room of my house! The simple black and white pattern is great for any time of the year, and the red bow is so precious and PERFECT for a gift! There is even a matching compote serving dish is great for holding snacks for guests. 

This stunning Daffodil Candle Holder is a MAGNIFICENT piece for any part of your house! The ivory and gold combination is SO beautiful… BONUS: Give this to her as a present first, then use it later for a romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner!

Perfect Gifts for Ladies Who Like to Stay Active!

First of all, you can NEVER have too many shoes, especially when you’re someone who likes being very active. If your special someone likes staying fit and active, these adorable pink React Infinity Run Flyknit Shoes or React Phantom Run Flyknit Shoes from Nike are both SO cute, supportive, and of course, PINK! If she’s more into yoga, Pilates, or stretching, get her this high-quality Ajna Organic Yoga Mat from Amazon. This is a great non-slip workout mat for all her favorite mat workouts!

How Can I Surprise My Girlfriend, Wife, or Partner in Quarantine? 

There are so many awesome ways you can surprise your significant other in quarantine. MY personal favorite is preserved roses in a box. This is SUCH an amazing gift, and you can get these roses delivered ANYWHERE! Luxury roses in a box are especially great for long-distance relationships and they come in any color you can think of! Such an amazing surprise gift for your loved ones! And who doesn’t like roses?

What Do You Give Your First Valentine’s Day? 

Spending your first Valentine’s Day with someone and trying to figure out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her can be hard. To quote Marilyn Monroe again, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!” hahaha! Not that you HAVE to get diamonds, but jewelry is a great start! The beautiful Valentine’s day necklaces I mentioned previously are great options! 

Some other ideas for first Valentine’s Day together gifts for her are getting her something that encourages her hobbies and things that she’s interested in. Does she like to read? Get her a book in her favorite genre! Does she like to play tennis? Get her a new racket! Or, you can surprise her and take her on a nice romantic outing. Picnics are always nice! A walk in the park is great, too. Romantic gestures like these are NEVER too cheesy!

No matter what you are getting for your special someone, just remember that’s it FOR HER, from your heart to hers! I’d LOVE to hear what you’re getting for your loved ones! I hope you love these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!



This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase using these links“.

Sherry, xoxo

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