2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

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Hello everyone!! With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, we are so excited to take that time to spend the day together and appreciate each other as a family! We LOVE Valentine’s Day because it gives us an excuse to shower each other with love, affection, and gifts (and sweets – LOL!!), and just spend time and be together. In my last post, I talked about some AMAZING Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her. But let’s not forget about the guys!! Whether you are on a budget and looking for affordable Valentine’s gifts for him or want to splurge and get some designer gifts for him, here is some inspiration for some amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him!!

What Are The Best Valentine Gifts for Men?

There are so many different gifts you can get your man, from luxury grooming supplies, to money clips, to new clothes, or even tech gifts for men who have everything!! So how do you decide on the right one? Think about what he likes! Is he a sporty guy? Does he like taking great care of himself? Is he into wine? Asking these helpful questions will guide you in choosing just the right gift for your man! Some great gift ideas are: 

2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Money Clips & Wallets

I once heard that the best gift you can get for a guy is a money clip or a new wallet. it’s true! Ask any man, he will tell you, his wallet is in his front pocket at all times. And having a safe, secure, and stylish way to carry around his most precious cards and cash is very important to a lot of guys! So what are the best money clips for men?

I like this Travando Men’s Wallet with Money Clip. It’s slim, sleek, functional, and perfect for your man. It even comes with a gift box when you order it on Amazon! Another great option is this elegant Montblanc Leather Card Case. This is such a nice, compact pocket accessory for men. Highly recommend!! This Leather Money Clip Card Case by Tumi is also a good option for your man! It’s slim, secure, and easy to carry!

For the Stylish Man in Your Life

These are some great sweaters you can give your man for Valentine’s Day that are soft and comfy, so snuggling up will be THAT much more cozy!!

I also love these Lululemon joggers. Matt is a BIG fan of Lululemon men’s wear! These pants are perfect for your man to wear when he is working out, working from home, or just lounging around the house. They have such a nice, clean fit, but are still comfy enough for lounge wear! Or, get him a pair of nice new sneakers, like these high tops from Bloomingdale’s. Such a fresh, sleek look! While still staying casual. I also LOVE this lounge shirt for men and these great Adidas sneakers for taking romantic Valentine’s Day walks together!

Grooming Kits

If your guy is someone who likes to take care of himself and keep himself groomed, there are SO many amazing Men’s products to help your man look and feel his best! This amazing beard grooming kit is by far the best men’s grooming kit on Amazon that I’ve seen. It has EVERYTHING: beard conditioner, beard brush, beard scissors, beard shampoo, even an EBook! For any guy who likes to keep their facial hair clean and tidy, THIS is the best men’s grooming kit!! Some great products to pair with a grooming kit for men are: 

A few other awesome items you can get as great luxury Valentine’s gifts for him to help your man look his best for a V-Day date night are:

Unique Gifts for Those Out of Town

If your man is out of town or going out of town soon, these are a few great gifts to let them know you appreciate them even when they’re away:

Best Quarantine Gifts for Him

If you’re stuck inside because of quarantine, there are still GREAT products you can buy your man that he’ll use, pandemic or not!!

Best Tech Gifts for Men 2021

If your man is a real techy guy, there are some AMAZING products out there for techy guys who think they already have it all!

Great Gifts for Guys Who Love Wine

Wine is almost always a great gift, ESPECIALLY for Valentine’s Day! It’s romantic, it pairs well with so many dishes, and it just sets the mood.  This French wine bottle rack from Pottery Barn is not only a gorgeous addition to a room, but it holds and displays wine so nicely!! I also love this champagne ice bucket from Crate & Barrel. They always have the best stuff!! If your man is more of a mixed drink guy, this shaker set is a great gift for your mixologist that he can use over and over again!

What Do You Give Your First Valentine’s Day?

First Valentine’s Days with your significant other can be intimidating! And you may be wondering what the best Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend, husband, or partner might be. To make it a little easier, here is a short, but helpful list of first Valentine’s day together gifts for him: 

  • Personalized candles (there are so many websites that do this! You can have anything you want written on the label, and get a customized scent to go with it! A great, personalized candle is such a nice first Valentine’s Day gift!)
  • A nice accessory (maybe a pair of sunglasses from his favorite brand, a new watch, or a new belt!)
  • Just plan a whole day together (plan all of his favorite movies, snacks, and whatever else he likes and spend the day together!)

How Can I Surprise My Boyfriend, Husband, or Partner in Quarantine?

Even though you’re stuck in quarantine, that doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise your significant other with a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Some ideas to surprise your man for Valentine’s Day during quarantine are: 

  1. Set up the living room like a movie theater, pop some popcorn, grab some candy, and have an at-home movie night!
  2. Cook a romantic dinner! (he’ll love it!)
  3. Schedule a virtual cooking class, pick up all the ingredients, and surprise him! Cooking together is so much fun (and delicious)!

Finally… What Are Cute Ideas for Valentine’s Day?

While women are usually said to like “gushy” and “romantic” stuff, MEN can be sappy, too!! If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that are cure, here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can do for your guy: 

  1. Plan a picnic in the park
  2. Create a photo album or scrapbook of your favorite memories together
  3. Break out your favorite games and have a fun game night, just the two of you!

No matter what your guy is into, there’s something out there for every man so you can show how much you love and appreciate him! Let me know if you found this Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him post helpful this year!! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your man, and that you get him just the right gift!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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Sherry, xoxo

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