Happy 4th Birthday, Valentina!

Happy 4th Birthday, Valentina!

April 25th will always be so special to us since our little love was born that day! Happy 4th birthday to my sweet love, Valentina! I’m feeling a mix emotions as I wish I could freeze time and keep her my little girly FOREVER!!! I love watching her grow and experience new things in her little world, but I also wish I could keep this stage of her life longer! I truly enjoy every second of my life with her (except if she decides to throw a little tantrum here & there…hahaha!!!!). I just love everything about her! Her little sense of humor, her cute voice, her incredible world of imagination and her love to be a famous ballerina and Cinderella. She always dreams about being Cinderella and marrying Prince Charming!!!! LOL!

She loves to be Cinderella so much that she wanted her birthday to be all about Cinderella and Prince Charming. She also wanted her birthday cake to be a Cinderella Castle! At first I wasn’t so happy about having a Cinderella theme for her birthday (I don’t know why… I just don’t like Cinderella birthday parties. Hahaha!!!). But we decided if that’s what she wants, let her have it! After contacting several bakeries in town that make birthday/wedding cakes, we got referred to a lady who could make her dream cake! Her bakery was very far from our house, but it was definitely worth it! It is called Maryam’s Cakery. She is this sweet and talented Lebanese lady who is so detail oriented! She made the most gorgeous Cinderella cake for Valentina! Not only did her cake looked flawless and beautiful, but it tasted amazing too!!!

Since she LOVES bounce houses so much, we ended up having her Cinderella birthday party at a private bouncy indoor playground. She was beyond happy and thrilled to be surrounded by all her little friends! We think it was a fun day for her and her friends. It was also so much fun for us watching her getting so excited over her birthday cake and her friends singing her the birthday song! We love you so much our little angel! Happy Birthday!


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