My Favorite Stores to Buy Kids Clothing

Handmade floral bonnet from my favorite Etsy seller Ribbon Goods

Hi Mommies!!!!

Today, I’m writing about some of my favorite kids clothing stores to shop from!

I don’t know about you, but before having my own kids, I never even once looked into any kids clothing stores or toy stores (except if I was buying birthday or Christmas gifts for my little cousins).

Once I became pregnant with my older daughter, Valentina (she is a 4.5 year old now), I started to LOVE kids clothing stores! I loved it to where I’m now always searching for new clothing companies online, or on Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy… EVERYWHERE!!!! Below are some of my favorite clothing companies that I would like to share with you:

Floral headband from Etsy seller Ribbon Goods

Where To Buy Kids Clothing

  • Ribbon Goods I found this shop on Instagram. Instagram is where I usually find my favorite, unique shops. Hahaha! It was only few months ago when I saw a cute picture of a baby with the coolest flower headband, on my Instagram explore page. I clicked on it because I loved her headband so much! Then I realized it was an Etsy seller’s page (@Ribbon Goods) with so many beautiful handmade headbands, floral bonnets, newborn clothes, etc. I fell in-love with her work so much that I ordered several cute pieces right away! She was so quick responding and making some changes that I wanted on my order/designs! You can see some of her work here!
  • Posh Peanut: I found this company on Instagram based on some other bloggers suggestion. They mostly offer baby clothes, swaddles, headbands, baby beanie hat and some fun matching signature robes for moms. Their clothing fabrics are so soft and comfy! I really love their products, the fabric and the colors!
Soft baby swaddle
  • Lola and Wren: If your toddler is a tutu lover like mine, then you can find some fun tutus from Lola and Wren! They have so many beautiful tutus to choose from! Short, long, mid length, black, blue, red, yellow, silver, gold, rainbow and so much more! They have such a fun collection. Sometimes I wish I could wear them too! LOL! They are so so cute!
Pink Tutu from Lola and Wren
Pink Tutu from Lola and Wren
  • Gap Babies/Gap Kids: This little cotton white dress is from Gap babies! Gap baby’s cloths are pretty comfy! I like Gap babies and kids clothing for everyday use. Going to the park, running around, play dates with friends… They are comfortable, easy to wear, easy to wash and easy to play! One of the nice things about them is since they are a big company, they have a bigger selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories in so many different colors and sizes.
White cotton dress from Baby Gap
  • Janie and Jack: One of my favorite kids clothing stores is Janie and Jack. In my opinion, they have the cutest and the most European looking clothes (both for girls and boys). They have the most colorful summer dresses, shorts, pants, with matching hat, shoes and sunglasses! Their winter outfits are just as stylish! I always tell Matt that I wish they would make matching outfits for moms! As an adult I would love to have their clothes!
Baby girl’s dress from Janie and Jack
Cute and stylish toddler dress from Janie and Jack
Janie and Jack summer dresses are the cutest!
One of Valentina’s favorite dresses from Janie and Jack
Christmas faux fur collar dress by Janie and Jack
Pink Tutu from Lola and Wren
  • Nordstrom Kids: It’s always easy to shop at Nordstrom! They offer a variety of sizes, colors and styles of kids clothing. I like how they have basic everyday use, run and play outfits, “dress up” looks, as well as comfy and cozy Pajamas and nightwear. I always find lots of pretty dresses from Nordstrom for both my girls!
Christmas dress from Nordstrom Kids
Christmas dress from Nordstrom Kids
  • Mama Luma: They are based in Santa Barbara. They have the cutest little girl’s dresses! I love wearing dresses myself! Since Valentina copies everything I do (LOL), she loves to wear dresses more than anything else! Mama Luma has very girly dresses full with colors and incredible designs! My favorite ones are their butterfly dresses! They are soooo cute! If your daughter is like mine and loves to dress up, definitely check them out!
  • Stitch Fix: If you don’t like to drag your kids to the mall/ any stores to try different cloths, you can simply sing up with them (they don’t require any subscription) and handpick unique and stylish kids clothes! They have online stylists that they suggest how to mix and match your kid’s clothes (for example, if you choose a cute dress for your daughter, they suggest which sandal is the best match for it, as well as a cute pair of sunglasses or hair bow, etc.…). Same for boys! They suggest how to mix and match a cute pair of short, t-shirt, shoes and socks! They send it all in one box. You keep the ones you like, and send back the ones you didn’t like!
Tutu dress from Disney store
  • Etsy Shops: There are several talented sellers on Etsy that they design “one of a kind” clothing that you can’t find at any other stores or department stores! I always find the cutest dresses, headbands, tutus, Halloween outfits, etc.… all from Etsy! Below are some dresses and rompers from Etsy sellers!
Valentine’s Day dress from Etsy
Valentina’s birthday romper from Etsy
My favorite romper from Etsy!
Easter dress for my girlies from Etsy!
  • Lilly Pulitzer: My favorite thing about this company is their SUPER colorful outfits that they offer! My favorite thing about Lilly Pulitzer’s collection is the matching family outfits that they offer! They don’t only offer “mommy and me” outfits, they offer lots of cute matching looks with Dads and siblings. If I plan any beach trips, I love to shop from them! You’ll have the most beautiful pictures with their cloths! So colorful, so fun and a great quality!
  • Miloves: They are based in UK. I was referred to them through a friend on Instagram. Their Instagram page is (@mi_love_). They have the cutest kids clothing that are more “upscale”. They offer high quality and very stylish babies and kids clothing! Love their designs!

There are so many more beautiful kids clothes companies out there that I would love to shop from since Valentina and my younger daughter Alina were born.

Finding new kids clothing stores is so fun and exciting! If you know of any good children clothing brands, please share in the comment section here!

I would love to explore and try new brands/companies!

And don’t forget to check out my summer style guide for 2019 – this one’s for just you mommies!


Sherry XOXO


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