What to Wear with Polka Dot Dress

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What to wear with a polka dot dress? This is a question that many of us ladies ask ourselves when we want to style a polka dot dress or any other polka dot outfit. A polka dot dress can be difficult to style because some colors and patterns are not the best matches for a polka dot dress. 

However, if you figure out what colors go well with a polka dot dress, there are so many beautiful ways that you can enhance your polka dot dress. So, how do you rock a polka dot dress? In this post, I will explain more about how to wear a polka dot dress, how to wear a polka dot skirt, how to wear polka dot shoes and so much more!

This post is all about what to wear with polka dot dress.

I bought this polka dot dress from Italy several years ago, and I still love it wear it!! I simply LOVE polka dot dresses (especially this stunning black and white one on Kate Middelton). Ahhh! I can’t get enough of her beauty and class! I also loved this beautiful polka dot look on Meghan Markle for Pince Harry’s Polo match!

In this post, I will be sharing some of my new favorite polka dot dresses with you, and the best accessories to go with them!  

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Shoes: Black, White, Red or Natural Color Shoes Go Well with Polka Dot Dress

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When it comes to figuring out how to wear a polka dot dress, you want to pay attention to the color scheme. Patterns can become overwhelming if they aren’t balanced with natural or solid colors. The first thing that you really want to pay attention to is the color choices of every clothing item and accessory that you’re planning on wearing.

Polka dot dresses are at least two colors, so finding the perfect shoes means matching them to the dress’ color scheme. If you’re unsure about which color shoes to wear with your polka dot dress, most polka dot dresses are easily paired with black, white, red, or natural-colored shoes.

The natural colors are great if you’re wearing a more colorful polka dot dress such as light pink with beige or brown polka dots. If your dress is pink with black dots, then black heels would be a much better choice! 

Handbags: Match Your Handbag Color with Your Shoes

I honestly think one of the easiest ways to tie in the whole look is by matching your accessories together such as your shoes and handbag. As you know, the polka dot pattern looks pretty “busy”, therefore, you cannot mix and match too many colors and textures with it!

For example, if you’re wearing solid neutral-colored shoes then it might be best to stick with a neutral-colored bag to match. However, if you’re wearing a bright-colored shoe and find a bright-colored handbag to match, this will most definitely make a statement. 

Now, what if you are wearing polka dot shoes? Well, when it comes to how to wear polka dot shoes you want to make sure not to overload with prints. Make your shoes and dress match if they’re both polka dotted print, then keep your handbag plain or neutral. 

Jewelry: Coordinate Your Jewelry with Your Shoes and Handbag

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The next step is figuring out what jewelry to wear. The best thing to do when choosing jewelry pieces is that you should match them with your shoes and handbag also. Matching accessories help to bring together your outfit and overall make for a great way to spice up your look. 

Metal-colored jewelry such as gold or silver typically goes with any handbag and shoe combination. However, if your shoes or handbag happen to have some sort of metal-colored hardware on them, then it’s always best to match the metal color. For example, if you have a handbag that has a chain strap that is gold-colored, then you should try to match gold jewelry with this to avoid anything clashing. 

If you are looking to wear more colorful jewelry, then keeping it in the same color family as your handbag and shoes is the best advice I can give you. The pop of color on a necklace or earrings will look perfect paired with the same pop of color on your shoes or handbag. Not only does it look more cohesive, but it’ll actually bring more attention to the jewelry you’re wearing. 

Gold Color Jewelries Go Well with Polka Dot Outfits

If you’re unsure about which type of jewelry to choose, go with GOLD color jewelry!!! Gold jewelry goes perfect with polka dot dresses and outfits.

Whether you need to know how to wear a polka dot skirt, or how to wear a polka dot dress, it’s always a great rule of thumb to pair gold jewelry with this classic print. Remember to match the jewelry with your other accessories as well to help pull the whole outfit together and make it cohesive. 

Pearls: Wear Simple or Statement Pearl Earrings or Necklace


One of my favorite ways to accessorize, if you’re looking to keep it neutral and classy is with pearls. Pearl earrings or a necklace are very neutral so they will go with any type or color of the dress. Based on your dress style, you can choose a simple pearl earring, necklace, or you can go with a statement pearl necklace or earrings!

I seriously think, whether you have a red and white polka dot dress, black and gold polka dot dress, black and white polka dot dress, or any other color combination, pearl jewelry is a great option. Pearl jewelry and accessories are always a safe choice if you’re looking to keep it classy and also be able to easily pair your accessories together.

Don’t Hesitate to Wear a Statement Pair of Heels

Shoes are the perfect way to spice up your outfit and wearing heels with your dress is a game-changer. Heels dress up any outfit instantly and that’s exactly why I love them. They can always help take your outfit to the next level! 

If you’re looking to be really risky you can wear polka dot shoes. You might be wondering how to wear polka dot shoes? Well, the key is to keep them neutral or to keep the print small. These tips will help to not clash your shoes with any part of your outfit, even a polka dot dress. Polka dot heels are a great way to give some more detail to your outfit and overall make a statement out of your shoe choice.

Hats: Try Wearing an Elegant Hat for a Daytime Event

How to wear polka dot dress

If you’re looking to find out how to wear a polka dot dress in the daytime, then consider a solid color hat! Hats are absolutely perfect for a daytime summer outfit look. They add the perfect accessory while also being completely useful in blocking the sun on these summer days. 

If you’re wearing a polka dot dress, then you can add in the daytime hat of a neutral color to keep the outfit simpler and more casual. However, if you’re looking to add just a little bit more then you can add a hat with a pop of color to give more of a summertime look and also add in a statement accessory.

Wear a Belt

How do you rock a polka dot dress

This might seem so simple, but I feel like people forget about belts with dresses. If you have more of a flowy dress and want a bit more structure, then a cute thin belt is perfect for that. If you’re looking to add in a pop of color or an accessory that isn’t too neutral, then adding in a belt with color is best. For example, if you’re wearing a red and white polka dot dress then adding a red belt will pull it all together. 

Wear Black Leather Jacket

Jackets over your polka dot dress are perfect for the nighttime in the summer or if you’re wearing it in colder weather. Real or faux leather jackets add a lot of spice to an outfit, while also adding warmth. Leather jackets will look great over a black and white polka dot dress or even a black and gold polka dot dress.

Keeping the jacket, a neutral color with a fun material such as leather will help to elevate the outfit without adding any color to it, which keeps it simple and elegant. 

Black and gold polka dot dress

Don’t Mix Polka Dots with Other Prints

One of my biggest tips when it comes to polka dots is to NOT mix prints. Mixing prints never turn out great because they can look messy and chaotic even if the colors seem to match. If you’re wearing polka dot shoes, or a polka dot dress, or a polka dot skirt then it’s important to keep all the other aspects plain.

This will make it easier to match everything, but also, it’ll keep the attention on the polka dot print. Balancing your outfits is key to finding out how to wear polka dot print. Polka dot print is simple, but it can still look very busy especially paired with other print styles. 


What To Wear with Black and White Polka Dot Dress?

Black and white polka dot dresses are simple and go great paired with a lot of different accessories. If you’re trying to keep things simple then you can go with a neutral heel, gold jewelry, and even a daytime hat. If you’re looking for a pop of color then you can add a red heel, a red handbag, or even a red belt. 

What Earrings to Wear with Polka Dot Dress?

Pearl earrings are great for a more elegant look, gold hoops or dangle earrings are perfect for a colorful polka dot dress, and pops of color in a more artistic earring is a great statement piece. Using colors that are in your dress and other accessories can help to bring everything together. 

What Shoes to Wear with White Polka Dot Dress?

Heels are my favorite shoe options for wearing a white polka dot dress. If you’re looking for a pop of color, then you can add in a red heel or a blue heel. If you’re looking for something neutral, then wearing a natural-colored heel is perfect. You can also wear flats or sandals if you’re looking for a more casual look. 

What Shoes to Wear with Red and White Polka Dot Dress?

I love tying in the colors of the dress, so with a red and white polka dot dress, I’d rather wear black heels or red heels. Red will give a pop of color and the black tones it down if you’re looking for a more neutral vibe.

How To Accessorize a Navy Polka Dot Dress?

Gold jewelry is perfect to pair with a navy polka dot dress. You can also add in a handbag that compliments your dress, as well as a belt. Staying neutral with whites, golds, and blacks is best. 

What Accessories to Wear with Polka Dot Dress?

There are many accessory choices to wear with a polka dot dress such as jewelry, belts, handbags, and hats. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the many shoe options. 

Do Stripes Go with Polka Dots?

It’s best to never mix prints, so this would mean that stripes don’t go with polka dots. If you’re wearing a polka dot item, then you should stick to more solid-colored accessories. 

How Do You Wear a Polka Dot Shirt?

If you’re wearing a polka dot shirt, then you should pair it with solid-colored bottoms. It’s best not to mix prints and to keep things simple if you have a patterned piece of clothing. 

Is It OK To Wear Polka Dots to a Wedding?

It’s typically okay to wear prints to a wedding, but solid colors might be a bit more neutral. Typically, the bride and groom are supposed to be the most eye-catching, so wearing neutral patterns or solid colors might be best. 

Can You Wear Polka Dots in Winter?

Wearing polka dots in the winter is completely acceptable! Polka dots can be worn whenever, and they also look so cute poking out of a jacket or cardigan in the wintertime. 

What To Wear with Polka Dot Dress?

So, let’s really answer the question of what to wear with a polka dot dress. It’s best to keep the accessories solid colored and not mix patterns. If you’re looking for a more statement type of outfit, then wearing bold colors and bright accessories can kick it up a notch. If you’re looking to let your dress do all the talking or if you just want a more neutral look then wearing natural colors like black, white, and nude will be best.

Heels are the perfect option for a polka dot dress and remember that matching accessories can tie the look together perfectly. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this summer and try out some of these tips with your polka dot dress!

I hope this post was helpful for you if we were not sure how to style a polka dot dress!

Happy Shopping!


Sherry XOXO

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

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