12 Genious Tips to Raising Confident Kids: Expert Tips and Strategies

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If you have ever struggled with confidence, you know how vital self-esteem is, particularly as you grow up. All teenagers struggle with this to a certain extent; however, their parents can adopt specific behaviors to limit these negative feelings. Here are 12 genius tips for raising confident kids.

Normalize Failing

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Most people avoid trying new things for fear of failing. Normalizing this within your family can help liberate your kids from this mental boundary. When playing games together, make sure your kids don’t always win. Plus, give them negative constructive feedback when needed.

Teach Them to Stay Positive

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Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial to self-esteem. As a parent, you can help your kids adopt an optimistic mindset by always maintaining a positive outlook toward life and pushing them to see the glass as half full, even in their most challenging periods. For instance, if they get a bad grade in some subject, instead of getting angry or worried, tell them that if they put in the effort, they will surely be able to remedy it.

Focus on Effort, Not Outcome

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Despite our best efforts, we sometimes fail. As we mentioned above, normalizing failure is necessary to raise confident kids. An excellent way to do so is to focus on efforts rather than outcomes. Constantly remind your kids you are proud of their efforts in their studies and hobbies instead of merely pushing them to focus on the final results.

Get Rid of Perfectionism

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Another character trait that prevents us from achieving the right level of self-esteem is perfectionism. While some of it can help us push ourselves to improve, perfectionism rooted in harsh self-judgment and critique is a sign of poor confidence. Teach your kids that perfection does not exist, and give them realistic standards.

Teach Them a Healthy Relation with Mistakes 

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Mistakes and errors are an unavoidable part of life. Make sure to remind your children of this whenever they make one. Mistakes should not be seen as a failure but rather an opportunity for growth. Whenever your kids make an error, push them to reflect on what they learned from it and how to avoid it in the future.

Be Confident 

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Children often learn best from observation. This is why if you want your kids to be confident, you must first be confident yourself. You can boost your self-esteem by identifying and focusing on what you are good at, stopping hanging out with people who bring you down, and learning to say no.

Give Them Responsibilities

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Giving your kids responsibilities helps them develop self-reliance. Just think about it. How can your children feel confident and have good self-esteem if you never trust them with anything? Show them you firmly believe in them by giving them simple chores like small house chores.

Value Independence 

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Your kids should learn how to operate properly without their parents around 24/7. So, please don’t feel bad for spending an evening outside on a romantic date with their father. Leaving them at home with a babysitter is fundamental to developing their independence. This will help them improve their problem-solving skills instead of relying on you whenever an issue arises.

Let them decide

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Allowing your children to make decisions can sometimes be scary. We all know they look ridiculous in the colorful, mismatched outfits they choose from their wardrobe. However, this is a crucial step to building their confidence. Allowing your children to make small decisions shows them you trust them while helping them deal with the consequences of their choices, whether positive or negative.

Push Them to Try New Things 

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Being comfortable with trying new things is a sign of good self-esteem. This is why pushing your children to try new activities every month is essential. For instance, you can take them hiking, swimming, or horse riding. Teach them that it is okay to feel scared when trying something new but that our fears are often unfounded.

Teach Them to Ask For Help 

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Asking for help is a great sign of strength. Nobody can make it alone in this world, regardless of the hundreds of rap songs trying to claim otherwise. Acknowledging the presence of a problem and the need for aid is a sign of deep self-esteem and awareness. You can teach this to your children by being a good role model. For instance, if you get lost while heading to a new restaurant by car, ask around for help instead of letting your ego take over.

Show Unconditional Love

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Lastly, showing unconditional love is critical for your children’s self-esteem. So many kids out there wrongly believe their parents will stop loving them if they get a bad grade or choose an unusual career path. Make sure your kids know that you will always love them regardless of what will happen in their lives.

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