15 Stunning Celebrity Bathroom Trends You Will Love

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Ever wondered how to infuse a touch of celebrity glamour into your bathroom? We’ve gathered the top bathroom trends inspired by the luxurious tastes of A-list stars. From chic marble accents to cutting-edge smart features, these trends will elevate your space to Hollywood levels of sophistication. Whether planning a complete remodel or just seeking a few stylish upgrades, these ideas will help you transform your bathroom into a star-worthy sanctuary.

Note: These are conceptual representations, not photographs of celebrities’ bathrooms.

Ultra-Minimalistic | Who Is Obsessed? Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Inside Kim Kardashian’s ultra-minimalistic bathroom, the space exudes a serene, almost Zen-like atmosphere with its clean lines and uncluttered design. A freestanding bathtub serves as the centerpiece, its organic shape subtly contrasting the geometric precision of the surrounding elements. The overall aesthetic is one of calm and sophistication, emphasizing functionality while maintaining a luxurious feel.

Spa-Like Ambiance | Who Is Obsessed? Jennifer Aniston

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Jennifer Aniston’s bathroom is covered in natural light, which enhances the brightness and openness of the room, giving it a spa-like ambiance. Aniston incorporates subtle accents, such as soft beige towels and natural wood elements, to add warmth and texture without disrupting the minimalist aesthetic. This combination of white and natural elements creates a serene environment, reflecting her preference for spaces that promote relaxation and calmness.

Marble Surfaces | Who Is Obsessed? Gwyneth Paltrow

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Gwyneth Paltrow loves marble surfaces in her bathroom for their timeless elegance and luxurious feel. Marble’s natural veining and unique patterns add a sophisticated touch that other materials can’t replicate. The excellent, smooth surface of marble is aesthetically pleasing and practical, as it is durable and easy to clean. Paltrow appreciates how marble can elevate the overall ambiance of the bathroom, making it a serene and stylish retreat.

 All-Blue Space | Who Is Obsessed? Jessica Alba

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

We think Jessica Alba designed her bathroom to be all blue because she finds the color soothing and serene. Blue tones bring clarity and peace, making the bathroom a perfect retreat from her busy life. The versatility of blue likely allows you to experiment with different textures and materials, achieving a cohesive and stylish design.

Maximalist Design | Who Is Obsessed? Kourtney Kardashian

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Like Kourtney Kardashian’s, a maximalist bathroom creates a striking and luxurious ambiance with bold colors, rich textures, and unique decor elements. Vibrant hues and intricate patterns add energy and personality to the space, making it lively and inviting. Statement fixtures, such as ornate mirrors and elegant lighting, enhance the overall aesthetic, giving the bathroom a sophisticated edge.

Rosy Pink Oasis | Who Is Obbssesed? Chrissy Teigen

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Chrissy Teigen likely loves a dusty rose bathroom for its blend of warmth and sophistication. The soft, muted tones create a calming and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a relaxing retreat. This color pairs beautifully with various materials, from marble to wood, enhancing the bathroom’s elegance. Its timeless appeal and versatility allow for a chic and cozy space, reflecting Chrissy’s refined taste.

Bright White Marble | Who Is Obsessed? Rihanna

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Rihanna likely loves a white marble bathroom for its timeless elegance and luxurious appeal. The pristine, sleek surface of white marble creates a sophisticated and clean look, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. Its natural veining adds a touch of uniqueness and artistry, making every piece distinct.

Golden Bathtub | Who Is Obsessed? Kendall Jenner

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

We think Kendall Jenner likes the gold bathtub because it epitomizes luxury and makes a bold statement in her bathroom. A gold bathtub adds an opulent touch, transforming the space into a glamorous retreat. Its shimmering surface catches the light beautifully, creating a stunning focal point. If you want to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic, a gold bathtub can bring a sense of sophistication and extravagance. 

Black, Gold, and Pink | Who Is Obsessed? Cameron Diaz

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Cameron Diaz is known for her chic and bold style; her bathroom is no exception. The combination of black, gold, and pink creates a glamorous and sophisticated space that exudes Hollywood luxury. Black provides a sleek and modern foundation, while gold accents add a touch of luxury and elegance. Pink softens the overall look, adding a playful and feminine touch that balances the black’s boldness and the gold’s richness.

Maxi-Marble Tiles | Who Is Obsessed? Khloe Kardashian

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Khloe Kardashian is all about making a bold statement with her home decor, and maxi-marble tiles are her go-to for a luxurious bathroom design. The oversized tiles create a seamless and expansive look, making any bathroom feel like a spa retreat. The intricate veining and natural marble patterns add a touch of elegance and sophistication. With maxi-marble tiles, Khloe achieves a timeless and opulent aesthetic that reflects her glamorous lifestyle. This trend is perfect for those who want to transform their bathroom into a stunning, high-end sanctuary.

Luxurious Gold Space | Who Is Obsessed? Christina Aguilera

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Christina Aguilera’s gold bathroom in her former house was a beautiful display of her exquisite taste and penchant for luxury. The shimmering gold fixtures and accents created a warm, inviting ambiance that exuded elegance and sophistication. This luxurious space was visually striking and reflected Christina’s bold and unique personality. The combination of gold with high-end materials and finishes transformed a simple bathroom into a lavish retreat.

Eco-Friendly Bath | Who Is Obsessed? Leonardo DiCaprio 

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Leonardo DiCaprio’s beautiful bathroom design seamlessly incorporates eco-friendly elements. His environmentally conscious New York apartment includes vitamin C-infused showers and posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring. DiCaprio exemplifies how luxury and environmental responsibility coexist by creating a stylish and sustainable bathroom.

Black Tub Elegance | Who Is Obsessed? Drake

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Drake’s luxurious bathroom is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Featuring luxurious marble finishes, it exudes a sense of timeless elegance. The spacious walk-in shower, adorned with high-end fixtures, offers a spa-like experience right at home. Intricate lighting adds a dramatic touch, highlighting the exquisite details of the space. The design perfectly balances modern aesthetics with lavish comfort, creating a serene and indulgent retreat.

White Marble Tiling Bathtub | Who Is Obsessed? James Corden

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

James Corden’s bathroom is a true masterpiece of luxury and design. The space is dominated by pristine white marble tiling, giving it a clean and elegant aesthetic. The large bathtub invites relaxation, while the separate glass-enclosed shower cubicle provides a modern touch. This combination of abundant materials and thoughtful design creates a serene and lavish retreat within his home.

Center View Bathroom | Who Is Obsessed? Giorgio Armani

Photo Credit: Canva Pro

Armani is known for its unstructured tailoring that drapes beautifully on the body, bringing that same effortless elegance and relaxed simplicity into home design. Even the bathroom feels luxurious yet easy-going. He suggests being mindful of the view from your shower—you wouldn’t want any unexpected swimmers catching a glimpse. This is why the view from his bathroom is from the center.

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