14 Benefits Of Positive Parenting On Your Kids

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Positive parenting is a parenting style that has recently become increasingly popular. With its focus on showing love, care, and kindness, parents opting for this upbringing method choose to influence their children’s actions by encouraging and teaching good behavior rather than a focus on punishment. But how can positive parenting benefit your kid?

Stronger Connection

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First of all, positive parenting creates a strong connection between kids and their parents. Just think about it. Have you ever worked with a boss who only pointed out negative feedback? If yes, you probably remember how stressed you were constantly. Surely, this is not the best bonding strategy.

Good Communication

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Positive parenting also focuses on effective communication. Emotions are shared respectfully and are never invalidated. Parents explain why they ask their children to do or communicate certain things instead of giving random orders that kids may have difficulties understanding.


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Think back to our previous scenario: working with an overly critical boss. Now, think of the opposite. What about a boss providing positive feedback and praising you whenever you do something good for the business? Surely, this will help you feel empowered and valued. The same goes for your kids.

Role Model

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Mothers and fathers who practice positive parenting always make sure to be good role models for their kids in all aspects of their lives. For instance, if your first reaction whenever your kid does something wrong is to yell at them, they will also do this in school to their peers. Positive parenting instead focuses on building cooperative relationships.

Better Engagement 

Positive parenting often leads to better engagement in whatever a kid is doing. Let’s say you are cooking your daughter. Instead of constantly criticizing how she’s pouring flour into the bowl or measuring the ingredients, tell her what she is doing right. This will surely help her enjoy her task more, increasing engagement levels.

Better Self-Esteem

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Of course, this parenting style is also linked to better self-esteem among kids. If your parents keep praising you for what you do right, you will surely grow up with good confidence. However, ensure you do not overdo it, or your children may have too much self-confidence, leading to entitlement.

No ‘Bad Children’

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Positive parenting is also based on the notion that there are no ‘bad kids’ but only bad behaviors. While this may seem natural to most adults, most children may take your critique as a personal attack. This is why it is always fundamental to stress this point with children.

Fewer Conflicts

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Growing up in a household where open and honest communication is the norm and parents constantly encourage and support their kids is linked to fewer conflicts. While disagreements will always arise, they will be way fewer if you often remind your kids of your unconditional love for them.

Increased Social Skills 

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Positive parenting is also linked to increased social skills. This is because your kids will learn all sorts of communication skills from you, such as navigating disagreements respectfully. This will help them engage in discussions with their peers without letting anger take over.

Less Risky Behaviors

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Kids and young teenagers may also be less likely to engage in risky or damaging behaviors. For instance, trying illicit substances or engaging in illegal activities. Even though this is not always the case, young teens busy with these behaviors often lack a support system at home and may engage in these sorts of behaviors as a form of escapism.

Better Academic Performance 

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Just as getting a good grade boosts our willingness to do better, praising your kids when they are studying rather than punishing them when they are not will have positive consequences. This can be a good way to teach them the beauty of learning rather than having them connect the act of study with a boring, mandatory task.

Better Resilience

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Kids who grow up with parents who practice this parenting style often have better resilience. This is because they can openly tell their parents about their failures, knowing they will not be judged and punished but rather receive support and understanding. This is a great way to teach your children how to face and learn from failure.

Less Negativity

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Encouraging good behaviors instead of punishing bad ones will also reduce negativity in your household, benefiting family unity. You will experience fewer tantrums and be able to create more positive memories with your kids. Of course, a fight may still happen occasionally, but hopefully, it will be less likely.

Less Resentment

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Choosing positive parenting may also lead to less resentment from your kids later in life. So many people still have unresolved issues with their parents simply because they were never shown love. While we all know that our parents care for us, saying it out loud and often will ensure your kid grows up without doubting it.

More for You

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While positive parenting is a great way to support your kids in all aspects of their lives, avoid overprotecting them and becoming what experts call a ‘helicopter parent.’ This parenting style has plenty of negative effects on your kids’ development, so avoid it at all costs.

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