12 Genius Ideas to Reignite Romance When Parenthood Takes Over

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Especially in the first years of our kids’ lives, it isn’t easy to remind ourselves that we are not only parents but also friends, employees, and, most importantly, partners. The latter is extremely important as you can only be a good parent for your kids by being a good partner to your spouse. However, keeping the spark alive can be highly challenging when young children are around. Here are 12 genius ideas to reignite romance when parenthood takes over.

Do New Things Together

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Trying new things together is a great way to bring romance back into your relationship. Your options are endless. For instance, you can learn a new skill by taking salsa classes, joining a photography course, or attending a cooking workshop. Alternatively, you can visit a museum, walk in a part of your city you’ve never seen, or spend some time in a new café just in your area.

Don’t Always Talk about the Kids

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Have your kids become your only topic of discussion? While this is normal, especially for new parents, if you are still only talking about diapers and baby formulas after a few months, you may need to acknowledge and address the issue. Push yourself to explore new topics, such as the latest book you read or a music record you particularly liked.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Little Acts 

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Bringing romance back into your relationship doesn’t have to be too difficult. Sometimes, even small acts can make the whole difference. Leave a thank you note to your partner, buy some flowers, or show up at home for dinner with his favorite pizza and a good bottle of wine.

Break Routines 

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Routines can make us feel safe, bringing predictability into our lives. This is fundamental to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, especially for parents. However, sometimes, a bit of spontaneity can rekindle the spark in your relationship. Surprise your partner with tickets for a movie you both want to watch or a romantic homemade dinner with candlelight and soft jazz playing in the background.

Reconsider Your Priorities 

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We all tend to prioritize our kids over our partners, but this is not ideal. Experts believe that your relationship with your spouse is the foundation upon which everything is built. Only by prioritizing your relationship with your partner will you create a loving and safe environment where your children can thrive.

Make Plans 

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After becoming parents, we rarely continue to make plans with our partners. However, this is undoubtedly not the end of a marriage; most of the time, it is the very beginning of it. Fantasizing about your bright future together can bring new excitement to your relationship. For instance, are you planning to buy a house for your retirement? Is it going to be near the sea? Or why not plan a big trip after your kids leave for college?

Go on a Trip

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Talking about trips, going on vacation together is a marvelous way to nourish your love relationship. Just because you now have kids doesn’t mean all your holidays should be family holidays. Plan a relaxing weekend getaway in a spa, take a long trekking journey, or fly to Paris for the most romantic vacation.

Prioritize Intimacy

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Bringing back intimacy in your relationship is a great way to rekindle romance. However, start small if you haven’t been intimate with your partner for a while. Don’t put pressure on each other to be sexual. Start by cuddling in bed and get used to each other’s bodies again without pressuring your partner to go further.

Ask Around

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If you have friends with kids, ask them for tips and tricks. You are surely not the only one going through these struggles, so why not ask people who’ve been there before for help? Your friends know you well, so they will be able to provide you with valuable suggestions specifically targeted for your marriage.

Create a Photobook Together 

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Similarly to fantasizing about the future, reminiscing can bring you plenty of joy. Creating a photobook of your best photos can be an excellent project to make you think about all the beautiful memories you’ve made together. Plus, at the end of the project, you’ll have a photo book to show your children – and, one day, grandchildren! – when they’ll grow old.

Level up Your Communication

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Sometimes, when romance is missing, so is good communication. Focusing on this can help you address the core problems in your relationships and let go of the resentment accumulated throughout the years. Consider taking a communication class or reading a book about healthy ways to communicate your feelings.

Just Put in the Effort

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Like being a good parent, being a good partner is mostly about putting in the effort. You will make mistakes; this is unavoidable. However, if you keep trying, you will undoubtedly bring romance back into your relationship. So, don’t give up and be patient. With consistency, you and your partner will soon feel butterflies in your stomachs again.

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