12 Genius Hacks for Balancing Parenthood and Date Nights

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All couples deserve fun date nights to release the stress accumulated throughout the week— especially those with young children constantly draining their energies! Balancing date nights and parenthood is not always easy. This is why we created this blog with 12 tips to help you.

Invest in help

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Paying for a babysitter may initially seem like a waste of money, but trust us, this is not the case. Knowing that someone reliable takes care of your children while you are out with your partner will help you enjoy your date night more, as you won’t have to worry about whether your kids are okay.


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We all love spontaneity. Who doesn’t appreciate a last-minute getaway to Paris or a surprise dinner out from your partner? But let’s be honest. Couples with young kids have too many responsibilities to be able to fly to Paris overnight. Planning is a must if you want your date night to be successful. Share a calendar with your partner and schedule everything you can.

Ask for Help

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If a babysitter is not an option, remember that you can always ask for help. Your parents will probably be happy to spend some good time with their grandchildren, so don’t feel guilty when asking. If your family lives far away, you can ask your friends or even some colleagues with kids of similar age, promising you will do the same for them soon.

You Deserve It

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New parents often feel guilty when taking time for themselves. Even though this is natural, it’s important to remember that only by prioritizing self-care and nourishing your relationship with your partner will you be a good parent to your children. Date nights are essential to keeping the spark alive.

Involve Your Kids

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Planning nights out away from kids can be a bit challenging. However, you can always plan date nights at home involving your kids. For instance, why not play a board game together? Why not put on some excellent music, dance, and sing to the rhythm of your favorite songs? Be creative and have fun together.

Location Matter

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Choosing the right location is fundamental for a successful date night. First, prioritize a place without kids. Second, ensure the venue is not too far away so that you can be home relatively soon in case of an emergency. Lastly, find a place you both enjoy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It Doesn’t Have To Be At Night

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Date nights are essential, but so is rest! If you feel too exhausted to go out in the evening, remember that you can always plan afternoon or morning dates. For instance, why not have a romantic brunch at the park on a lazy Sunday morning? Alternatively, you can opt for an afternoon tea.


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You cannot have a successful date night with your partner if you constantly feel tired. New parents are often sleep-deprived, as adjusting to parenthood can be extremely exhausting. A good way to get more rest is to nap whenever your kids are sleeping and implement a good bedtime routine in your schedule.

Ask Around

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Do you have any friends with kids? Age doesn’t matter; they were once your kids’ age. So, why not ask for tips and tricks on how to balance parenthood and date nights? They probably went through the same struggles you are facing now and will have plenty of valuable suggestions.

It’s Just A Phase

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Sometimes, when we feel overwhelmed, our brains try to convince us that things will never change. Remember, this is just a phase. Your kids will grow up, and you will suddenly have plenty of time again. So stop believing everything your brain tells you. 

Have A Strict Bedtime Schedule

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Implementing a strict bedtime schedule for you and your kids is fundamental to avoiding exhaustion all day. Make sure your children are used to going to bed early. This will help you and your partner plan a fun date night in the house while your kids are asleep.

Keep It Simple

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We would all love to go to the fanciest restaurant three hours’ drive from our house. Even though planning a more complicated date is vital from time to time, you will have to keep it simple most of the time, and that’s okay. Having many date nights in your neighborhood to keep your spark alive and have fun together is much better than having one date night per year in the fanciest place.

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