14 Ways To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is About To Propose

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When it feels like a proposal might be just around the corner, the excitement and anticipation can be notable. If you’re curious about whether your boyfriend is gearing up to ask the big question, look out for these twelve signs that could indicate he’s about to propose anytime now. Since every person is different and may or may not display any signs, these are just a few based on past experiences.

He Is Talking About Future Together

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He’s suddenly more interested in discussing long-term plans like where your career, where you might live, and even kids, often mentioning how these decisions affect both of you. These conversations about your future together are his way of figuring out how you fit into each other’s long-term goals.

He Is Including You In Family Plans

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If he’s inviting you to more family events or insisting you join holiday gatherings, it’s a sign he sees you as part of his inner family circle. This level of inclusion often suggests he’s setting the stage for a lifelong partnership.

He Is Spending More Time With You

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If he is spending more quality time with you all of a sudden, prioritizing your relationship more than ever, then it’s a clear sign that he wants to take it to the next stage. Whether it’s quiet evenings at home or planning more frequent date nights, he’s clearly focused on strengthening your bond.

He’s Extra Thoughtful And Romantic

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Has he been pulling out all the stops with romantic gestures? If he’s organizing more surprise dates, giving thoughtful gifts, or creating special moments just for you, he might be setting a romantic scene for a proposal.

He’s Discussing Wedding Ideas Subtly

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If he’s bringing up weddings more often, whether it’s chatting about someone else’s or asking your preferences on wedding venues, dresses, or food, it’s a good sign he’s thinking about one with you.

He Is Taking Your Advice In Making Big Decisions

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He’s actively seeking your advice on major life choices—where to live, career moves, and even which car to buy. This behavior shows he respects your views and sees you as a key decision-maker in his life.

He Is Using “We” Instead Of “I”

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The shift from “I” to “we” in his speech is a subtle but significant sign. When his plans consistently include you, it’s clear he views your partnership as permanent and inclusive and 5is serious about commitment. 

He Is Talking About Children And Parenting

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When he starts discussing long-term commitments like how many children you’d like to have and how you both would want to raise them, it’s a serious indicator that he’s thinking beyond just marriage. 

He Is Hinting At Ring Shopping

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If he’s making not-so-subtle inquiries about your jewelry tastes or has taken you window shopping for a ring, these are pretty clear indicators that he’s planning to choose the perfect ring for you and can pop the question anytime. 

He Is Buying Or Renovating His Living Space

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Significant changes in his living situation, like purchasing a new home or, planning a renovation as per your taste, or decorating his house again, are practical steps that suggest he’s preparing for both of you to live together.

He Updates His Relationship Status Publicly

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When he starts to make your relationship official in public forums or updates his social media to reflect his commitment, it’s a bold statement that he’s serious about your future together, and he is proud to show it off to the world.

He Has Suddenly Planned A Romantic Outing With You

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A suddenly planned, highly romantic outing can be the perfect setting for a proposal. If he’s organizing something out of the ordinary, like a fancy dinner or a surprise weekend getaway, it might just be the sign that he is going to ask you to marry him.

He’s More Attentive

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Notice if he’s suddenly more tuned into your needs and wants, paying extra attention to the little things. He might be more engaged in conversations, remembering small details, and doing sweet things to show he cares. This sudden behavior might mean he’s gearing up for a proposal.

He Has Asked For Your Ring Size

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If your boyfriend has casually asked about your ring size or even measured one of your rings, there is no better hint that he’s planning to propose. He wants to make sure the ring fits perfectly when he pops the question. This is usually a clear and exciting sign that a proposal is coming soon.

These signs are based on experience and may vary from person to person, depending on what they like.

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