16 Best Ways To Deal With Your Jealous Girlfriend

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It’s natural to feel jealous in a relationship. However, it’s important to handle jealousy and navigate these emotions before they impact your relationship. Here are a few tips to deal with a jealous girlfriend and prevent your relationship from falling apart. With trust and honest communication, you can strengthen your bond without letting doubts interfere.

Understand insecurities

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Most people in a relationship feel jealous because of pre-existing insecurities. Communicate with your girlfriend and try to understand where she’s coming from. Knowing what encourages jealousy will help you steer unexpected emotions.

Set boundaries

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Sit with your girlfriend to discuss healthy boundaries and list behaviors both of you believe to be deal-breakers. This will help you determine triggering behaviors and avoid situations that could lead to intense emotional reactions. 

Be consistent

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People start questioning their partner’s intentions when they aren’t being consistent. Don’t be loving one day and distant the next; try to stay consistent with your feelings and actions to avoid worrying your girlfriend.

Be open

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You may be encouraging jealousy by knowingly hiding aspects of your routine or life. You don’t need to overshare, but let your partner know what’s on your mind or how your day went to stay connected.

Share concerns

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Couples who hesitate to discuss their concerns about each other’s behaviors have a more challenging time navigating a healthy relationship. Don’t hesitate to discuss problems and other worrying circumstances with your girlfriend.


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Jealousy may stem from an underlying issue. It might also be impacting your girlfriend’s health. It is best to consider individual and couples therapy to traverse rocky patches and understand each other’s perspectives.

Equal effort

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Your girlfriend might feel jealous because she’s putting in more work in the relationship than you. She may be feeling concerned about your position and interest in the relationship, so it’s best to please her as much as she pleases you.

Embrace adulthood

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Your work and personal life won’t always get along, which is a normal part of adulthood, but your girlfriend may feel left out. Discuss any predictable/unpredictable situations that may demand your time and effort to alleviate concerns.


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Your girlfriend might feel jealous of your friends or acquaintances if you frequently exclude her from hangouts. Try to invite her to events or meetups where possible, and ensure you’re making up for missed dates.

Find a middle ground

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Ignoring problems will only worsen the situation, so discuss common factors and try to come up with a solution that fits you both. You can work toward issues that may encourage anxious emotions by compromising and meeting in the middle.

Decide the limits

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Although jealousy is a natural part of being in a committed relationship, this doesn’t mean your partner should feel jealous all the time. Discuss healthy limits and deal-breakers and what would happen if either of you crosses boundaries.

Don’t over-assure

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Constantly over-assuring your girlfriend that things are okay might have the opposite effect and lead her to think something is wrong. Convey your love and presence, but don’t overcomplicate things that might lead to misunderstanding and jealousy.

Respect her feelings

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Don’t dismiss your girlfriend’s feelings. Acknowledge and validate her concerns. Understanding her doesn’t mean you agree with what she says, but it shows you care about how she feels and is ready to work on it together.

Work on your relationship every day

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A relationship is a constant work in progress. Regularly communicate with each other, see what your partner is feeling, and how you can better improve your relationship and strengthen your bond.

Show Affection In Public

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Let your girlfriend know how much you love and value her by appreciating her in front of others. She may feel insecure for whatever reason, but receiving compliments from you in public can alleviate her insecurities and rebuild trust.

Encourage Positive Thinking

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Highlight the happy and loving moments you share to help your girlfriend see the bright side of your relationship. Focusing on the positives can prevent jealous thoughts and bring more happiness to both of you.

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