12 Useless Decor Trends You Should Ditch Right Now

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In the fast-changing world of interior design, trends shift quickly. What was once incredible may now seem old-fashioned. It’s important to recognize when decor trends are no longer in style. From furniture that could be more practical to overused designs, some trends can make a room look outdated. This article will look at 12 decor trends that are no longer popular and should be left behind. By saying goodbye to these old trends, we can create space for new ideas and rooms that make us happy and inspired.

Excessive Farmhouse Decor

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Farmhouse decor can feel contrived and staged when taken to extremes, lacking the authenticity and charm it once represented. The trend loses appeal when every room is filled with clichéd farmhouse motifs, making it feel more like a themed space than a genuine reflection of personal style. To update the farmhouse-inspired decor, pare back on the rustic accents and incorporate modern elements for a more balanced and sophisticated look that feels timeless rather than trend-driven.

Nautical Decor

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The trend of nautical decor featuring anchors, ropes, and seashells is outdated because it has become overly cliché and lacks originality. When overdone, these maritime motifs can make a space feel stuck in a bygone era of beach house stereotypes. Instead of evoking a sense of seaside charm, an excess of nautical elements can give a space a dated and uninspired look. To modernize coastal-inspired decor, opt for subtler nods to maritime themes or incorporate contemporary elements for a more sophisticated interpretation of coastal living.

Barn Doors


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Barn doors have become outdated as a design trend due to their impracticality and overuse in interior spaces. While they were once celebrated for their rustic charm and space-saving benefits, barn doors have become a cliché feature in many homes, losing their novelty and functionality. Their popularity has led to their ubiquity, making them feel more like a tired design trope than a stylish statement. To move beyond the barn door trend, consider alternative styles that offer practicality and aesthetic appeal without succumbing to overused design clichés.

Overdone Bohemian Decor

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While boho style is about embracing individuality and nonconformity, excessive layers of eclectic decor elements can make a room feel cluttered and chaotic. The trend loses its charm when every corner of a space is crammed with mismatched furniture, vibrant textiles, and global-inspired accessories. To keep bohemian decor fresh and relevant, aim for a more curated approach, focusing on select pieces that capture the essence of boho style without overwhelming the space.

Overly Matchy-Matchy Furniture Sets

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Gone are the days of purchasing furniture sets that perfectly match the sofa and the coffee table. This trend can make your space feel overly staged and lacking in personality. Instead of sticking to one uniform style, experiment mixing and matching various pieces to craft a curated and eclectic aesthetic that embodies your unique style.

Too Many Throw Pillows

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While throw pillows can add comfort and style to a sofa or bed, too many can overwhelm the space and make it feel cluttered. Instead of going overboard with numerous pillows, choose a few in complementary colors and patterns to bring visual intrigue to the space without overpowering it.

Animal Prints

Animal prints have come back in recent years, adorning everything from textiles to furniture upholstery. However, when overused, they can overwhelm a space and detract from its overall aesthetic. Instead of incorporating animal prints in large quantities, consider using them as accents or statement pieces to add visual interest and personality to your decor without overwhelming the senses.

Rose Gold and Gold Hardware

Rose gold and gold hardware have been trendy options for bringing luxury and sophistication to indoor settings. However, their overuse has led to a sense of saturation and predictability in recent years. Consider experimenting with alternative finishes like matte black, brushed nickel, or antique brass to freshen up your decor. These will add unexpected contrast and sophistication to your home.

Floating Shelves Everywhere

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Floating shelves have become a go-to solution for maximizing storage and displaying decor in small spaces. However, they can create a cluttered and chaotic look when used excessively. Instead of covering every available wall surface with floating shelves, opt for strategically placed shelving units or built-in storage solutions that balance function with aesthetics. It will allow your decor to shine without overwhelming the space.

White and Gray Color Palettes

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White and gray color palettes have dominated interior design trends for their versatility and timelessness. However, relying solely on these neutral hues can create a lackluster and uninspired atmosphere. To inject life and personality into your space, consider introducing pops of color through accessories, artwork, or accent walls. It will infuse your decor with energy and vibrancy while still maintaining a sense of balance and harmony.

Edison Bulbs

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Edison bulbs have become synonymous with industrial-chic decor, prized for their vintage-inspired look and warm ambient glow. However, their popularity has led to an oversaturation in the market, making them feel more like a cliche than a unique design choice. Instead of defaulting to Edison bulbs, explore alternative lighting options such as modern LED fixtures or statement pendant lights that add personality and character to your space.

Quotes and Words as Decor

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Inspirational quotes and words have become famous for adding a personal touch to interior spaces, often appearing on wall art, throw pillows and other decor items. However, they can come across as trite and insincere when used indiscriminately. Instead of relying on generic phrases, choose meaningful quotes or words that resonate with you, creating a genuine and authentic expression of your values and beliefs in your home decor.

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