14 Unpopular Tips And Opinions Shared By Travelers

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We typically stick to popular travel opinions because we think they’re more accurate, but most experienced travelers say otherwise. These are the 14 unpopular travel opinions we swear by:

Stick to the routes

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Most travel bloggers recommend going off the beaten path for a more exciting adventure, but most routes are created for comfort and convenience. Going off the beaten path may be challenging, messy, or dangerous.

Don’t dress to impress

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Most tourists try to blend in and dress up like the locals. But trying not to look like a tourist makes you stand out more. Locals can always tell apart tourists, so embracing your style and being comfortable is better.

Ditch backpacks

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The travel world has picked up on the backpack trend, but these bags have limitations. You’ll get tired of carrying them, they’re easier to lose, you always have to be alert, etc. It’s best to go with roller duffel bags; they’re easier and more comfortable.

Tourist traps aren’t always a bad thing

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Although most tourist traps are inconvenient, they may allow you to explore or experience something mainstream attractions won’t. You can try new cuisine, enjoy new experiences, and laugh about it later.

Don’t ask the locals

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Asking locals for good eateries to try isn’t a great idea because they may not have tried recent chains. They may stick to smaller eateries, which may or may not be satisfying. It’s best to check out foreign traveler reviews.

Hostels are not always great

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Many bloggers recommend getting a hostel to lower the cost of traveling, but it’s tough to find a hostel worth staying in. Most hotels are overrated, crowded, and have awful locations. Many of them often have bad customer reviews.

Travel doesn’t have to be life-changing

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We think traveling somewhere new must be mind-blowing and life-altering, but you can always enjoy simpler things and your destination for what it is. You’ll find the new destination much more enjoyable if you take it casually.

Skip the nightlife

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You don’t have to plan the entire vacation around rowdy nightclubs and bars. Do this for one or two nights and spend the rest of the vacation exploring popular destinations and touring the city.

Tacky souvenirs are fun

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People avoid buying gaudy souvenirs because they want to take home something esthetic, but you won’t always find what you like. It’s much better to buy what’s available and take a memorable piece.

You don’t need an itinerary

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Itineraries make travel easier, but they don’t always include fun activities. It’s better to get an itinerary that’s flexible enough to change a few destinations or swap activities; sticking with a strict itinerary will not be fun.

Don’t wait for kids to grow old to travel

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You shouldn’t put a hold on your traveling so that your kids can grow mature enough to fly with you! In fact, kids learn a lot from the different experiences they have while traveling to new places.

Global Entry is overrated

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Although Global Entry promises a fast pass to many destinations in the United States, getting it is a hassle. The waiting times are brutal, and immigration may not deliver on its promise. It’s also only suitable for frequent international fliers.

Overpacking is good

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You don’t have to follow the minimal trend if you don’t need to. For some, overpacking allows for more comfort and preparedness for unexpected situations, and filling a suitcase with what you want to keep is completely ok.

Spend more days in one destination

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Instead of trying to cover multiple destinations in one trip, staying in one place for extended periods can allow you to see every little detail you may miss otherwise in a short trip.

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