Feeling Honeymoon Jitters? Avoid These 14 Common Travel Planning Mistakes

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If you are planning your honeymoon, you have likely spent the past few months planning your wedding. Given that a wedding is a significant event, it is not uncommon to put more care into the ceremony and reception than travel arrangements. However, to ensure a successful honeymoon, it is essential to dedicate time and effort to the planning process. In this regard, below are some common honeymoon planning mistakes that you might be making and how to remedy them.

Overscheduling Yourselves

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After months of planning and executing a beautiful wedding, you deserve to relax on your time away. Adding too many activities and stops to your itinerary can be exhausting, mainly if you depart right after your nuptials. Ensure a balance of relaxation and exploration by giving you and your SO time to unwind at the hotel, the beach, or a pool.

Not Setting A Budget

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If you do not have the budget to splurge after an expensive wedding, it is okay to give yourself a reasonable budget for your trip. While you may not be able to afford 5-star accommodations and tours, you can find more affordable alternatives that are just as fun. You and your partner can still have a fantastic honeymoon without bankrupting yourselves.

Booking Under The Wrong Name

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You might be excited to take your partner’s surname but do not use your new name if you plan on going on your honeymoon before a legal change. You will most likely have to show ID at the airport and hotels, and if the names do not match up, you risk being turned away. Always put the name that matches your legal documents.

Not Incorporating Activities You Both Like

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They might become bored if you only choose activities that interest you without consulting your partner. When planning, itineraries should be filled with things both people love doing. Some might be nervous to speak about their needs for the trip, but with trust and compromise, partners can create an engaging schedule for both of them.

Failing To Do Enough Research

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Destination research takes effort, and a lot of time should be spent considering where to visit, which accommodations to stay in, and the most appropriate route. In general, many travelers will first research social media and other helpful resources for the backburner. You should read reviews and blog posts and watch longer-form videos for proper research.

Ignoring Hotel Packages

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Hotels offer packages that are often overlooked; most times, there are plenty of romance packages. When you see an accommodation you are interested in, visit its website to see if it has any honeymoon-related packages. These deals can offer great perks, like complimentary champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and special dinner reservations.

Overlooking Domestic Destinations

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Most modern honeymoons are taken internationally when there are so many gems in the country. Looking for tropical relaxation? Head to Hawaii. A relaxing ski trip? Try a Dude Ranch in Montana. Prefer urban life? Explore the most famous US cities, like New York and Las Vegas. Plus, domestic travel is infinitely more accessible.

Leaving No Time Between The Wedding And Honeymoon

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For the optimal honeymoon, wait at least one week before setting off on your travels. After such a hectic life event, you both deserve to rest and recharge to prepare for the next adventure. The last thing couples should want on their honeymoon is to be fatigued and overtired before even showing up.

Not Consulting A Professional

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Some couples try to plan their honeymoons alone, but they might find it overwhelming. A good idea would be to speak to a travel advisor who knows the industry’s ins and outs. Booking through an advisor can unlock deals and perks you don’t usually have access to when booking independently.

Booking Too Late

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It is easy to get carried away during wedding planning, but remember to book your honeymoon transit, hotels, and activities on time. Accommodations may fill up fast or spike in price depending on your travel season. You can also avoid last-minute transaction fees.

Not Reading The Refund Policy

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If anything goes wrong and you cannot go on your honeymoon, you want to ensure you can get your money back. Some airline refund policies can be complex and confusing, so ensuring you are fully covered takes careful attention. Failing to choose refundable options can result in a considerable loss of money.


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Overpacking is one of the most common mistakes travelers make. You may think you need extra shoes or outfits, but you’ll wish you had not packed them when dragging around that heavy bag. Creating a packing list to avoid baggage fees and save room for souvenirs will save your wallet – and your back.

Missing Out On Special Offers

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Look for travel deals and honeymoon packages that might include special perks like room upgrades, spa sessions, or complimentary dinners. Sign up for alerts from airlines and hotels, and don’t hesitate to mention that it’s your honeymoon – sometimes, this might lead to a few extra perks.

Skipping Travel Insurance

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Skipping on travel insurance can be risky, especially for an important event like a honeymoon. Insurance can cover everything from canceled flights to medical emergencies abroad. It’s a small cost upfront that can save a lot of headaches and financial loss.

Planning your honeymoon should not be a stressful experience, even if the wedding arrangements are causing you anxiety. You deserve a honeymoon that goes as smoothly as possible. Take your time to plan and carefully consider this list to ensure that your honeymoon is everything you dreamed of.

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