These Are The Top 12 Silent Killers Of Your Marriage

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Marriage can be a beautiful journey, but it’s not without its hidden dangers. Some issues quietly creep in, slowly eroding the bond between partners without obvious signs, making them grow apart. These silent killers can be anything from poor communication to unspoken resentments. Let’s talk about the top 12 silent killers of your marriage:


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When you are married to someone, things will never be just about “you”. Marriage is about give and take, and if one of you is just there to take and prioritize your needs above the other, then this imbalance in the relationship is sure to cause havoc. Selfishness will lead to resentment and a lack of mutual respect that’ll eventually weaken the bond between you and your partner.

Lack Of Communication

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Communication is the backbone of marriage. If you don’t communicate your thoughts, feelings, desires, or fears, then sadly, you’re slowly building up the distance between you and your partner. Constant lack of communication slowly kills the relationship. 

Unrealistic Expectations

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Perhaps the worst thing you could do to your spouse is hold unrealistic expectations. When one partner expects the other to be perfect or meet all their emotional needs, they set an impossible standard. This can make both partners feel frustrated and gradually drift away from each other. 

Not Giving Space To Each Other

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You cannot just expect your partner to put their life on hold and be around you 24/7. You need to understand that they need their own space and can not always be there to accommodate your needs. Excessive clinginess can set both you and your partner up for ruin.


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Your marriage is in a sinking boat if your partner is addicted to alcohol or any other sort of substance abuse. An addicted partner may become dishonest and unreliable while their financial resources are diverted to support their addiction. Such partners neglect family responsibilities and spend time with negative influences that further drain the marriage to a point where it might potentially collapse.  

Lack Of Intimacy 

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Intimacy in marriage keeps the spark alive and prevents you and your partner from drifting apart. In addition to expressing love physically, being emotionally invested in your partner can strengthen your marriage. Partners that do not feel emotionally safe slowly grow apart.

Keeping Secrets

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Keeping secrets, whether big or small, affects the openness between you and your partner. No matter how long you’ve been together when you hide things from your spouse, they may feel betrayed. This breaks down communication, which gradually erodes trust, and you may not even realize when this vicious cycle slowly starts destroying your bond.

Not Apologizing

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You were angry, and you said things to your spouse that you shouldn’t have, but now the over is done. Not apologizing for your behavior can hurt your spouse even more, build resentment, and leave lasting scars. Couples who don’t take responsibility for their actions make their other half feel disrespected and unloved, and they may grow distant.

Taking Each Other For Granted

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When you let love take a backseat and prioritize other things in life, knowing that your spouse is there well and good, love eventually diminishes. Your spouse is there because they love you and want love and appreciation in return. If you don’t appreciate and acknowledge their efforts, then soon enough, your marriage will lose its charm.

Financial Stress

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One of the most common reasons that put your marriage at stake is financial stress. It’s vital that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to discussing financial goals, budgeting, and addressing any concerns. A partner who engages in financial infidelity can severely strain the marriage.

Excessive Screen Time

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Excessive screen time is a major silent killer in marriages in the digital age. It is hurtful when your spouse longs for your attention after a long day at work to be able to share some intimate moments, and all you do is scroll on the phone. This behavior is hurtful and pushes the two of you apart, reducing intimacy and connection.

Constant Criticism

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It’s never a good idea to treat your spouse by constantly complaining about their shortcomings. It creates a tense atmosphere as your partner feels inadequate and constantly judged. Constant criticism damages your partner’s self-esteem, increases their self-doubt, and, over time, makes them resentful and bitter.

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