14 Popular Countries Not Worth Visiting

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We all have a travel bucket list, but you don’t really know what to expect until you finally start traveling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. Here are some of the countries around the world where we must think twice before traveling. However, not everyone has the same experience, and it can vary from person to person.


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Most people are attracted to visit Egypt’s archeological sites, but the country has the worst reputation with frequent fliers. Heavily armed men stroll the streets, the weather is blistering hot, and Egypt has consistently ranked as incredibly unsafe for women.


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Popular tourist destinations in Greece, like Athens, are hotspots for pickpockets, who love targeting unsuspecting tourists. Certain destinations in Greece are lined with trash and graffiti and have been damaged to an undesirable extent by rowdy locals and tourists.


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Street harassment is incredibly common in the country, especially toward solo female travelers. Crime aside, the country is ravaged by corrupt businesses that rip customers off, and street beggars make traveling a living nightmare.


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Ethiopia’s isolated environment can be tricky to navigate; solo travelers have to deal with checkpoint hassles, most bus services rip off tourists with extra baggage fees, and northern areas occasionally turn off the internet and network due to conflicts.


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Jamaica has an incredibly high crime rate, so tourists are often placed in unexpected situations to fend for themselves. Crime aside, Jamaica is renowned for lousy tour operators, who frequently scam tourists.


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The Philippines is a small island, but it’s majorly overruled by cars. Its awful traffic has consistently rated the worst. Additionally, tourists are at risk of getting mugged, especially in Manila and its surrounding areas.


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Although Italy is an extremely popular travel destination, most major cities are crammed with tourists, which only encourages scammers and pickpockets. In cities like Milan and Rome, tourists can also experience racism based on their skin color.


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Germany typically flies under the radar, but that’s one of the few reasons tourists are severely mistreated. Airport and hotel employees can be rude and demeaning, while citizens are often unwilling to help foreigners who cannot speak the German language.


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Haiti has long been considered unsafe; the country is politically and socially unstable, which contributes to a high crime rate. Besides the civil unrest, the country is incredibly dangerous for members of the LGBT community, with two anti-LGBT bills passed, one denying them character certificates and the other banning same-sex marriage.


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Most tourists are surprised to find Japan on this list, but the country can be pretty unpleasant for people of color. Locals can be demeaning and insulting and frequently contribute to racism, which can even put foreigners at risk.


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Cambodia has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Tourists are an easy target for petty crimes, but tourists in some parts of the country also experience armed robberies. Additionally, ATM fraud is also common in the country.


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China consistently ranks as one of the worst polluted areas in the world, leading to health problems and breathing issues for locals and tourists. It has poor traffic control and a horrible pedestrian experience. On top of that, tourists feel like they’re constantly being surveilled.


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While India has many attractions, safety concerns, particularly for women, can detract from the overall tourist experience. Reports of harassment and incidents of violence against women have raised serious concerns and may push back tourists from visiting.


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Like any destination, Peru has its drawbacks, including issues with petty crimes and scams, particularly in tourist-heavy areas. Travelers should remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through this captivating South American gem.

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