15 Chic Outfit Ideas For A Stylish Spring Picnic Date

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Spring is now fully here! As the days get longer and warmer, we suddenly feel the need to be outside soaking up the sun. So, why not organize a romantic picnic with your spouse? If you think this idea is great but are still deciding what to wear, here are 15 stylish outfits to surprise your partner! 

Maxi White Dress

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Maxi white dresses are great for picnics! They’re super comfy and easy to move around, whether sitting on a blanket or walking around. The white color is great for staying cool when it’s sunny out. They look effortlessly stylish, so you can chill and look good without trying. Perfect for a laid-back day, eating and enjoying the outdoors!

Striped Mid-Dress

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Mid-dresses were made for picnics! Choose a fun striped dress, a bright, bold color, and a cut that suits you. Pair it with a nice belt to accentuate your waist, and enjoy your date with your partner. Mid-dresses are incredibly comfortable and perfect for recreating that retro look we all love.

Printed Short

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Printed shorts are an easy way to look effortlessly chic. Choose a cute pattern you love and pair it with a neutral linen shirt or a simple black top. The right accessories can add some personal touch, but keep it simple. The focus should all be on your printed shorts.

Straw Bag

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Let’s talk about accessories for a second. When it comes to picnics, you should opt for a straw bag. These are big enough to pack everything you need while adding that countryside chick look to your outfit. Add some freshly picked flowers for the perfect Insta pics. 

Wide-Leg Jeans

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If your area is still chilly, you can opt for a pair of wide-leg jeans and an original printed shirt. This will help you keep warm while still looking stylish. Make sure to invest in a good pair of jeans for this outfit, as they should be the main focus. Avoid accessories unless necessary, such as sunglasses and a bag. 

Flower Dress

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You can never go wrong with a flower dress, especially if you’re going to a picnic in a park at the beginning of spring. You can opt for a casual outfit by pairing your dress with summery sandals and a straw bag, or go for something more fashionable. In this case, add a colorful bag matching the flowers on your dress and add a pair of low heels. 

Neutral Color Dress

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White, beige, black… these colors are never out of fashion. Whenever you are unsure what to wear, opt for a dress in these colors, add your favorite accessories, and you’ll be ready for your picnic in a few minutes! Considering the season, you can also opt for all pastel colors. 

Linen Dress

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Maxi linen dresses are the ideal choice for that perfect boho-cottage look. If you opt for this outfit, however, keep it simple. Linen is a sustainable material known for its rustic look, so golden rings and massive earrings won’t match it. Again, a straw bag would be the perfect match.


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Let’s get back to accessories. A hat will add that perfect spring touch to your outfit while protecting your face from the intense sun typical of these months. Your options are endless. Whether you want a straw hat for the ideal summery vibe or a felt-brimmed hat for a more stylish look, wear it with pride. 


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Nothing is more comfortable than a jumpsuit for a picnic date. Play with patterns, materials, and lengths. Again, linen is an excellent choice for that rustic vibe, but you can also opt for satin if you prefer a luxurious look. Decide whether to choose a bold print or a neutral color to elevate your look with fancy accessories. 


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Every good picnic outfit should also include a colorful, high-quality foulard. You can wear these in so many ways! You can cover your hair with it, tie it around your neck, or wrap it around your ponytail. This is the ideal way to add a luxurious touch to your outfit or color to an otherwise neutral look.

White Mini-Dress

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It’s finally spring; it’s time to get those mini-dresses out! If the weather allows, wear a white mini-dress with nice heels. Then, go crazy with the accessories, for instance, by opting for bold sunglasses and a large white hat to complete the look.


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Along with a straw bag and a foulard, you may opt for a bold pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the intense sun and elevate your outfit without effort. Choose a colorful frame if your outfit is in a neutral color or a classic black pair if your outfit is already extravagant. 

Off-Shoulder Top And Jeans

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Go for an off-shoulder top and jeans with block heels. Pick a bright off-shoulder top to add some color. You can also add a statement necklace or earrings to top it off. Finish the whole look with a bold lip and also carry a crossbody that is both stylish and practical.

Striped Dress

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A striped dress is an excellent choice to layer with a jean jacket and sandals. It goes well with many looks and occasions. Add a scarf to your dress and wear nice sunglasses for extra glamour. No matter how you style it, the striped dress is perfect for any occasion.

More for You

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Here you are! You are now ready for your spring picnic with your spouse. Hopefully, you have enough tips to create the perfect outfit for the occasion. However, if you still need extra inspiration, here are some ideas about what to wear for perfect spring pictures.

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