Here Is What Successful People Do Instead Of Saying ‘I Am Busy’

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Sometimes, life throws social plans that we don’t want to or can’t attend. But a recent Harvard study suggests better ways to decline an invitation than saying you’re busy. Here’s how you can handle an invitation politely without hurting the other party by saying that you’re not available to attend their special day.

Impact of excuses on relationships

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Researchers have found that the reasons that we give to others for skipping their important events, saying ‘we are busy,’ can strain the relationships. But, by using the excuses wisely, you can straighten your bond with them.

Excuse that doesn’t hurt

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It may seem to us that excuses don’t affect our relationship with whoever invited us, but the research concluded people align their closeness with the reason given. This is why it’s important to curate an excuse that won’t hurt them.

Take a rain check

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Take a rain check before you say no. Convey your apologies and reschedule the event if possible. If it’s something as significant as a wedding, convey your regret and try to make up for it at your earliest convenience.

Tell them why

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Don’t just say no and take off; your hosts/colleagues need to know why you say no for the peace of their minds. You can share your accomplishments if you’re busy or let them know the circumstances around your schedule.

Being honest

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Social events often aren’t to our liking, so don’t hesitate to show your true feelings. Let colleagues know if a social event doesn’t suit you. Depending on the event, adjust your bluntness so the host isn’t hurt.

Time-related excuses

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The study concluded people don’t take time-related excuses seriously. Saying you’re running late, can’t free your schedule, or being busy conveys that you might not be willing to compromise.

Financial reasons

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On the other hand, people who refuse invitations for financial reasons are better perceived than those who cite time-related reasons. People receiving financial-based excuses often feel closer to the person who presented the excuse.

Personal control

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Time-related excuses reduce likeability, while financial excuses increase it because people feel the former can be controlled while the latter can’t. Citing reasons you don’t have control over may not impact your likeability.

Staying unenergized

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If you’re refusing an invitation for non-money-related issues, stating that you don’t have the energy instead of time is the best one. People perceive the lack of energy as out of control, so they respond better to this excuse.

Bringing attention

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If you have to say no to a significant event like a wedding but don’t want to lose your friendship, don’t let it fizzle out. Approach the hosts with substitute plans, keep contacting them to convey your sincerity, and keep the attention on them.

Staying connected

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Staying connected to hosts whose events you couldn’t attend is a great way to maintain your relationship. Follow up on their plans, call them once free, and don’t hesitate to message them for updates.

Saying yes

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While it’s tempting for some to say no to a particular event, don’t refuse it just because you have nothing better to do. Say yes and attend the event. If you absolutely can’t participate in the event, then go forth with a valid excuse.

Saying ‘no’

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The most valuable lesson in life is to be able to say ‘no.’ However, we need to be mindful of how we say no to people that we love. Planning to say no and thinking of a positive approach to decline an invitation is important to preserve relationships.

Future invitation

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A thoughtful and positive decline makes it clear that you’re not saying no to the person or the relationship but to the specific request for a solid reason. This approach keeps the door open for future invitations that may be a better fit.

Relationships Need Extra Care

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Not everyone can handle your decline, especially those who are very close to you. Dealing with such people can be extremely challenging, as they might know your routine. While you cannot say ‘no’ straight away, you need to take extra care when declining invitations from your loved ones.

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