12 Relationship Red Flags Couples Therapists Want You To Watch Out For

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Navigating relationships can be tricky, and sometimes, it’s hard to see the warning signs that something might be wrong. However, therapists are experienced in identifying red flags and want you to recognize them early on. Here are 12 red flags every couple should know about and try to work on while they can.

Controlling Behaviors

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Controlling behaviors is a huge red flag in any relationship. If your partner is always monitoring your actions, telling you who you can see, or trying to control your decisions, it’s a serious issue. It can make you feel trapped and restrain your independence. It’s important to address these behaviors early and consider getting professional help if things don’t improve.

Lack Of Support

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A lack of support from your partner can really damage your relationship. If they are not there for you during your challenging times or don’t celebrate your achievements, it can lead to feelings of loneliness. Everyone needs a partner who stands by them no matter how things go. Without their support, the relationship can feel unfulfilling.

Zero Flexibility

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A partner who is never ready to comply with your requests and has zero flexibility is giving out a major warning sign in that relationship. A relationship always works both ways and if one of you is reluctant to adapt or consider the other’s needs, then this will only stifle growth and ultimately lead to the end.

Not Respecting Boundaries

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Be careful if your partner always disregards and overlooks the boundaries you’ve set in your relationship, whether emotional, financial, or social. Healthy relationships thrive on mutual respect and understanding each other’s limits. When one partner crosses the boundaries repeatedly, it can lead to feelings of frustration and a lack of trust.

Not Willing To Compromise

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Not being willing to compromise is a huge red flag in a relationship. If your partner always needs to have things their way and never takes your needs or opinions into account, it can create feelings of resentment. Healthy relationships are all about give-and-take, with both people being flexible and meeting in the middle. 

Too Much Dependency

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If your partner is excessively dependent on you for everything, from emotional support to making decisions, it can be overwhelming and may strain the relationship. Healthy relationships need a balance where both people support each other and maintain their growth and space.  

Inconsistent Behavior

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When someone’s behavior is all over the place, it can make everything feel unstable and shaky. If your partner’s mood swings leave you guessing what comes next, it’s hard to feel safe. You end up walking on eggshells, never sure what to expect of them. Over time, these behaviors become habits and make it hard to stay in the relationship. 

Constant Criticism

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If they constantly criticize you for who you are rather than what you can do, it can be really hurtful. It deeply affects your self-esteem and leaves you feeling unappreciated. Over time, it creates a toxic environment where you feel judged no matter what you do, making you question this relationship.

Humiliating Your Partner

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Humiliating your partner in any way is a serious red flag to watch out for. If your partner constantly puts you down, makes you feel small, or mocks you in front of others, it’s extremely harmful. No one should ever make you feel worthless or embarrassed. This behavior can destroy the trust and, eventually, the relationship. 

Trying To Change Each Other

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A beautiful relationship is one in which the other person accepts you in their life for who you are rather than who or what they want you to be. Your partner should never try to change anything about you except if it’s for the betterment of your health or well-being. If they don’t respect your individuality and autonomy, they are not worth making an effort for. 


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Gaslighting is a serious red flag that can damage the relationship and disrupt your mental health and well-being. If your partner constantly makes you question your own feelings or sanity by denying things they said or did, it’s a form of emotional abuse. This kind of behavior can destroy your confidence and put a serious toll on your mental health.

Rolling Eyes When Other Partner Is Talking

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Rolling your eyes when your partner is talking is a clear sign of disrespect, which you should never ignore. It shows that they do not respect your opinions and concerns but rather view them as useless behavior. This attitude can make you feel ignored and unimportant, resulting in further conflicts.

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