15 Reasons Why Offline Dating Is Still The Best Way To Build A Relationship

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In this day and age, it’s impossible to believe that more and more people are going off the grid to date. However, online dating can be disappointing, especially for older generations who prefer talking in person for all the right reasons. Here are the 15 reasons why offline dating is still the way to go for building a relationship:

Authentic connections

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In the old days, we used to connect with our partners after spending time with them, but you can no longer feel that spark when texting each other. This is why more people prefer going the old route.

Safety concerns

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A study found that about 57% of female users received unwarranted explicit messages, while 60% were consistently pestered even after saying no. This has prompted many users to go offline to keep themselves safe.


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You can’t really verify any information you see online; some people even create fake profiles and catfish their dates. This is why many people take the traditional route; they don’t want to be duped.

No misunderstandings

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You must admit that texting doesn’t convey your intended emotions and meaning. Texting can create emotional and other misunderstandings, so naturally, more people seek an offline experience to avoid offending each other.

Screen break

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Although we’re well into technological advancement, spending too much time on phones has terrible effects on mental and physical health. Excessive screen time can also prevent you from bonding with someone, so no wonder some are going off the grid.

Improved social skills

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Staying cooped up in our homes and relying on our phones to do the talking is severely impacting our general social skills. Getting back into a social circle like this is tricky, so most hope to switch gears before it’s too late.

Quality over quantity

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You can spend hours with someone over the phone, but it might not improve your bond. Alternating hours and seeing each other occasionally add a thrill and excitement that most online relationships lack.

Physical connection

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The longer you spend time with someone physically, the easier it is to connect. This is why people are ditching their phones to hang out with their partners and enhance physical connection and growth.


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Many people are more confident on-screen, so they often shut down in real life. You can’t predict how compatible you are with someone unless you’re confident and comfortable enough to be yourself with them.

Open and raw experience

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Online dating has a few perks, but its ability to mask specific experiences is a significant downside. Offline dating allows you to experience, express everything, and celebrate important milestones.


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A significant drawback to online dating is that you can’t conceal everything about yourself. Adding a bit of mystery to relationships can improve your chances of connecting, but an online profile will always reveal things before you’re ready to.

Spotting intentions

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It’s incredibly easy to fool someone online, so you won’t be able to tell if your partner is genuinely interested in you or just stringing you along. Offline relationships put you into an open space, making spotting intentions easier.

Interpret Body Language

Interpreting body language during offline dating allows you to pick up on subtle cues like smiles, eye contact, and posture, giving you insight into the other person’s feelings and interests as compared to online dating.

Lasting Impression

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People may leave a lasting impression when they see each other in person. It sets the base of an authentic and true relationship, where connections are built on face-to-face interactions and shared experiences, creating a strong foundation for a relationship.

Real-Time Problem Solving

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You can address misunderstandings and conflicts immediately, preventing issues from escalating. This allows for open, honest communication and helps develop trustworthiness. Plus, resolving issues face-to-face can strengthen your bond and understanding of each other.

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