14 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Moving In Together With Someone

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Moving in together is a significant step in any relationship, and it’s crucial to think it through from all angles before packing your boxes. Asking yourself some honest questions can help you decide whether you’re ready for the change and what it might mean for your relationship. Here are the 14 questions to ask yourself to ensure you make the right decision for the right reasons. Of course, the list of questions can increase and often changes depending on preferences, but here are some things you might think about.

Why Are You Moving In Together?

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Is it because it feels like the right next move, or are other pressures, like saving money, pushing the decision? Make sure you’re doing this because you really want to grow closer as a couple and take your relationship to the next level. 

Are You Financially Prepared For This?

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Can you handle the costs of living together, like rent, utilities, and food? Being financially stable helps keep stress off the relationship. Take a look at your finances before deciding to move in together with your partner. 

Where Do You See This Relationship In The Longer Run?

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Does living together fit into where you see this relationship going? Whether you’re aiming for marriage or just a long-term commitment, make sure this move lines up with your personal goals, and you don’t end up regretting the decision.

Do You Want To Put Both Names On The Lease Agreement?

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Who is going to put a name on the lease agreement? Do you want to mention both names or just one? This is a huge step for your legal rights as tenants. Think about what makes sense legally and what feels right for you. 

How Will You Split The Cost Of Rent And Other Expenses?

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How do we see yourselves handling bills and other expenses? Whether splitting everything 50/50 or another way based on your income, it’s crucial to be clear and agree on your financial plans to keep things smooth.

Do You Share Similar Values?

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Do you both share the same values or beliefs, or is there anything you disagree with? Respecting each other’s values and habits is key to living together successfully, as disagreements can lead to conflicts, making it hard to survive under the same roof.

How Will You Manage Household Chores?

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Are you okay with splitting the household chores? Setting up a fair chore schedule from the start can help avoid any conflict later. You should consider all the possible chores and whether you’ll be willing to do them with your partner. 

What If Things Don’t Work Out?

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What’s the plan if things go south? It’s not the most fun question, but it’s practical and necessary to consider what will happen if you part ways. How will you handle a breakup when sharing a space? Think about such scenarios before making a decision.

Are You Ready To Be Yourself In Front Of Your Partner?

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Are you comfortable being totally you in front of your partner, even on bad days? Living together means little privacy, so you need to be ready for what will come your way and if it’s okay with you to share your good and bad sides. 

How Much Personal Space Will You Need?

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How much personal space do you need, and can you still have that in your shared home? Keeping personal time and space is important in every relationship, even when living together, no matter how close you are to each other.

How Do You Handle Conflict?

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How have you managed conflicts before with your partner, and can you handle them living under one roof? Good communication and problem-solving are crucial.  It’s also important to give each other space and time to cool down when needed.

How Will You Handle Visits From Friends And Family?

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How do you feel about having friends and family over, and what boundaries do you want for hosting? It’s important to be on the same page to keep your home comfy for you and your partner, especially if you or both work from home. 

How Will Your Daily Routine Look Like?

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Think about how your schedule will line up with your partner’s. How will you handle mornings, work hours, and evenings together? It’s important to make sure your routines fit well and give you both time together and apart.

Do You Really Want This?

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Really ask yourself if moving in together is what you want right now. Why do you want to do it, and does it fit with your future plans? Make sure this is something you’re excited about, not something you’re just going along with.

You might have more questions in your mind to answer, but these are the most important factors to consider before making the big move.

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