I Wish I Hadn’t Visited These 15 Popular Tourist Destinations

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Every aspiring traveler wants to visit popular tourist destinations to get a taste of them. While most experiences can be pleasant, they can also be disappointing, especially when you’ve set the bar high. These are the 15 popular tourist destinations that really do not live up to the expectations of many tourists.

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Venice, Italy

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This floating city has long been portrayed as a majestic destination in movies and by travelers, but it’s pretty disappointing. Don´t get me wrong, the landscape is beautiful; however, it is so crowded that you can hardly move around the most popular tourist spots.

Goa, India

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One of the most popular Indian destinations, Goa, is far from impressive. The state has been battling some of the worst air pollution, making breathing a nightmare. Most tourist destinations in Goa are just subpar.

Bali, Indonesia

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One of the main reasons Bali doesn’t deliver is that we’ve all set an expectation of it being a dreamy wonderland. While Bali is beautiful, it has been overcrowded for many years now and getting so overpriced that it doesn’t really live up to its reviews.

Antalya, Turkey

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Antalya is a popular tourist spot, but sticking to other Turkish destinations is best. Antalya has some of the worst tourist traps; you’ll be hounded by eateries that taste subpar and won’t realize you’ve been duped until you’re back in your hotel.


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Morocco can be incredibly unsafe, especially if you’re a lone traveler. Most locals will be eyeing you, making the entire trip uncomfortable. Morocco is also extremely crowded, so claustrophobic folks will struggle to enjoy it.

Tokyo, Japan

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We all think Tokyo is a stellar destination offering high-end tourist spots, but the city is overcrowded, so tourists often lose their way or have trouble navigating. The citizens of Tokyo are oddly aggressive and frighten unsuspecting tourists. Having said that, Japan is one of a kind and should be on your travel list.

Geneva, Switzerland

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Switzerland is pretty expensive, but nothing beats Geneva. The city is costly, so even the most efficient budgeters struggle to survive. A single hamburger can cost up to $27 (24 francs), while destinations and resorts are costly.

Miami Beach, U.S.

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Miami Beach has been a hub for high school graduates and wild teenagers for decades, so the place is often crowded and has unbelievably high costs. It’s also weirdly loud; you won’t be able to survive here if you love the occasional quiet.


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Although China’s cuisine nearly makes up for it, its poor air quality makes it a challenging place for tourists. If battling smog wasn’t bad enough, the country is also facing a high crime rate, including tourists being mugged.

Athens, Greece

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Athens has slowly been losing popularity, but you won’t understand until you experience poor hotel service and an uncomfortable ambiance. The city doesn’t treat tourists well, so most feel highly disappointed.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s luscious terrains can be challenging to navigate; losing your way is incredibly easy because most routes aren’t adequately developed. Costa Ricans, though helpful, can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, especially for lone travelers.


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Egypt’s sultry dunes attract thousands of tourists yearly, but most travelers complain of being harassed by locals for money. Also, since Egypt is highly arid, you can’t expect rain, so the heat makes it unbearable.

Havana, Cuba

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Havana has much to offer tourists, but one cannot move past the city’s extreme poverty. Buildings are in poor condition, trash is everywhere, and you can literally see flies swarming over garbage.

Times Square, New York

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Times Square is just too chaotic and commercialized. The constant noise and crowds are overwhelming rather than exciting. Tourists who visit it for the first time can notice how the experience differs from the one you see on social media.

Phuket, Thailand

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While Phuket has a lot to offer in terms of activities, the experience is not as great as it seems. The city is unclean, and tourists often complain of scams literally everywhere, from taxi drivers to shop owners grabbing your arms for money. Unhygienic food is also another reason tourists stay away from this place.

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