12 Outdated Fashion Trends You Need To Retire In 2024

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We all have one of those embarrassing pictures in which we wear incredibly low-waist jeans, a foundation three shades darker than our skin color, and a crazy amount of hair spray. Let’s be honest: We all made mistakes in the 2010s. But while we were unaware of the crime committed back then, we have no excuses for our terrible fashion choices today. Here are 12 outdated fashion trends to avoid at all costs in 2024. 

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Cloche Hats

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Cloche hats were a popular fashion accessory in the 1920s and 1930s. However, their popularity declined in the following decades as fashion trends evolved. Nowadays, people opt for more versatile and practical headwear, such as baseball caps or beanies. Cloche hats can be challenging to style with modern outfits, making them less appealing to the fashion-conscious.

Capri Pants

capri pants
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Capri pants are often considered out of style because their length can be unflattering on many body types. They can also be challenging to style, as they look best with specific types of shoes and tops. Many people associate capri pants with an outdated, early 2000s fashion sense. While some individuals may still choose to wear capri pants, they are no longer a popular trend in the fashion world.

Super Low-Waist Jeans

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 We mentioned them in our intro, and we are going to mention them again. Low-waist jeans belong to the 2010s and should remain there. There is no problem showing some skin, but trousers challenge common decency. If you still have a pair, don’t donate them. Throw them away. 

Thin Scarves

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Popular between 2003 and 2007, this fashion completely defeated the purpose of wearing a scarf. Despite being so thin that they could not provide any warmth whatsoever, these scarves were worn by all sorts of celebrities, from Hilary Duff to Kate Moss. Choose a maxi size rather than a mini if you want a scarf. At least it will serve its purpose. 

Gigantic Heels

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Vogue is not wrong to claim that the 2010s killed high heels. No wonder girls worldwide started wearing sneakers with fancy dresses in the following decade. Let’s be clear: heels will never get out of fashion, but there must be a limit. Heels above 5 inches are simply too much and will likely destroy your feet. 

Belly Chains 

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What to pair with super low-rise jeans? Of course, a sexy belly chain to adorn your belly button! Seriously, what were we thinking back then? Unless you are a belly dancer, leave jewelry on your arms, necks, and maybe feet if you’re going on an easygoing beach party. 

Embellished Denim Skirts 

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We all had an art teacher wearing one of these unique creations. While we appreciate a good DIY project, these surely don’t look sophisticated in 2024. Even though embellished denim skirts probably never were, even back in 2010. Keep them in your wardrobe if they have sentimental value, but make sure they stay there. 

Arm Warmers

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You should eliminate all your arm warmers unless you’re singing in a punk rock band. While they may have been helpful from a practical perspective, these accessories can make any outfit look incredibly cheap. Avoid these at all costs!

Trucker Hats

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Guess what? Trucker hats should only be worn by truck drivers and baseball fans. Regardless of what the teenager in you say: No. They don’t make your outfit look any cuter. Luckily, you can choose from plenty of other hat options whenever the sun gets in the way. Sunglasses and foulars are another fashionable way to protect yourself from the heat. 

The Velour Tracksuit

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We’re getting so nostalgic just mentioning it: the famous velour tracksuit! Everyone wore it, from Britney Spears to Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, and Lindsay Lohan. But despite the nostalgia, you’d better leave this popular tracksuit to the 2010s. Staying frozen in the past won’t help your fashion style develop. 

Visible Underwear

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Here is another trend we should abandon. As a rule of thumb, no one should know what type of underwear you’re wearing. Back in the 2010s, however, we thought differently. Not only did we showcase our underwear proudly, but we even wore bold pieces! Unfortunately, scarlet red thongs peeking out from low-waist jeans were more common than we like to remember. 

Clear Heels

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Clear heels have long become an outdated trend. They can be pretty uncomfortable because they are often made of stiff plastic material that doesn’t provide much cushioning or support for your feet. Clear heels can also be challenging to style, as they clash with many outfits and look tacky or cheap.

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