Wow Your Guests With These 14 Kitchen Lighting Trends

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When entering a room, we rarely take a look at the ceiling. Think of your best friend’s house. Would you be able to say which lamp every room has? Probably not. Nonetheless, lightning is essential for interior design. It can not only completely change the vibe of a room but, especially in the kitchen, is fundamental for you to make the most of the space available. Here are 14 kitchen lighting trends that wow! 

The Perfect Trio

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Many kitchens have a single pendant right at the center of the ceiling, but this is not ideal. You may want to play with a trio if you have a long counter in the middle of the room. Install three identical ceiling lamps right above your counter for perfect symmetry. 

Under Counter Light

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When thinking of lighting, we either imagine lamps attached to the ceiling or floor lamps. However, sometimes, these are not enough. Your kitchen is a great example of this. Make sure to add some lights under your counters, where you will do most of the chopping and washing. 

Modern Chandelier

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Who said chandeliers are out of fashion? Opt for a modern design and ensure it fits your room’s vibe. Chandeliers are the perfect mix of ultimate luxury and minimalistic modernity. When it comes to colors, keep it simple. Black or white never disappoints. 

Simple Brass

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A simple brass frame can turn every bulb into a little piece of art. This elegant yet basic metal, an alloy of copper and zinc, is the perfect choice for lighting. Whether you want to use it for a pendant, a chandelier, or track lights, this material guarantees a clean and sophisticated look. 


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Don’t forget to add some scented candles as well. While these may not provide much light, they will add coziness to your room, ideal for whenever you decide to spend some time in your kitchen, for instance, sipping a steaming cup of tea and enjoying a little dessert. Scented candles can also help you mask bad odors when frying. 

Radial Forms

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This elegant ceiling lamp is ideal for minimalist kitchens. Its radial forms will immediately attract the attention of your guests to the ceiling while providing you with plenty of light to use your kitchen at its full potential. Make sure to use this light in combination with under-counter ones for the perfect brightness level. 

Supersize Pendant

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If you prefer to install a single light to make your life easier but still want your lighting to make an impact in your room, we have the perfect solution for you. Choose the design you prefer, but make sure it is extra large! This will help you make an interior design statement without too much effort.

Edison Bulbs

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Another great idea is to install a few different bulbs and let them hang from your ceiling. This fun project will give your kitchen that extra touch of extravaganza. Make sure all the bulbs differ in size and shape, or opt for identical ones if you prefer a symmetrical look.

Large Industrial Pendant

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Large industrial pendant lamps can be used in all sorts of kitchens. These stylish lamps will give your room plenty of light but won’t be too intrusive in your design. While they may be good for those opting for a simple, classic style, those wanting to make a bold statement with their lighting choices should try something else. 

A Touch of Colour

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Sometimes, a touch of color is all you need. You can decide whether to paint your lamp the same color as your kitchen counters or opt for a completely different one to make it stand out. This can be an original idea for adding color and fun to your home without too much effort. 

Retro Desk Lamps

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Remember that lamps don’t only belong on the ceiling and under the counter. If your kitchen has a piano bar, you can consider installing a few retro desk lamps to give it that old-fashioned, vintage touch—a unique idea that will surely surprise your guests. 

Retro Pentagon

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If you’re passionate about design, you’ve undoubtedly spotted these in magazines in the last few years. Retro pentagon lights are back! They can be an excellent idea for adding more lights in your kitchen in whatever corner needs extra illumination. Otherwise, you can opt for a maxi design and place it at the center of your ceiling. 

Lights With Natural Materials

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Use light fixtures made from wood or rattan to add a natural rustic touch to your kitchen. These natural materials add a cozy, organic vibe that’s perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Whether it’s bamboo pendant lights or a wooden chandelier, these eco-friendly options are stylish and versatile, blending seamlessly with any kitchen look.

Geometric Designs

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Geometric light fixtures are a great piece of art for your kitchen. Their bold shapes and clean lines add a modern, eye-catching touch that instantly lifts up the look of your kitchen. Think hexagonal pendant lights or sharp, angular ceiling fixtures that illuminate and make a statement look.

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