Is Your Child Being Bullied? Look Out for These 12 Warning Signs

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Bullying can happen in so many forms and can have severe consequences for the wellbeing of your kids. Whether it’s through verbal or physical abuse, identifying bullying and taking active actions against it is crucial. Here are 12 signs to look out for if you suspect your kid is bullied. 


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This is probably one of the most common signs of bullying. While all kids tend to injure themselves from time to time while playing with friends, if your kid suddenly seems to have more injuries than usual, it’s worth checking with him to see if everything is okay. Try to ask what happened and see if he’s open to talking about it or if he maintains a secretive attitude.

Change in Eating Habits

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Changes in eating habits may also be linked to bullying, especially verbal abuse. For instance, your child may be made fun of by her friends based on her appearance. Consequently, she may suddenly want to eat more or less or have started to inquire about the nutritional values of certain dishes.

Torn Clothes

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Similarly to injuries, torn clothes can be a sign of physical abuse. If you notice your child often comes home with dirty or torn clothes, there is a chance he may be a victim of bullying. Inspect the clothes you find in his room and try to talk about this issue with him. 

Low Self Esteem

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 Constantly being bombarded by physical and psychological abuse has severe consequences on a kid’s mental health. Not surprisingly, victims of bullying tend to have lower self-esteem compared to their fellow students. Did you notice a drop in your kid’s confidence lately? If yes, you may want to investigate further what’s going on. 

Difficulties in Sleeping

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Victims of bullying often have trouble sleeping due to anxiety. They may be afraid that someone may hurt them the following day and, therefore, be unable to get well-deserved rest. If you think your kids are sleep-deprived and seem more tired than usual, try to spot other signs that may be caused by bullying to figure out whether this is the cause. 

Refusal to Go To School

Is your kid suddenly refusing to go to school? If he entered the classroom with a huge smile until yesterday but suddenly no longer wants to go to school or participate in any related activity, something is going on. Talking to his teachers about the issue will help you get a better picture of the situation.

Missing Properties

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If you notice signs of bullying, it may be time to check whether any belongings are missing in your child’s room. Bullies often seek all sorts of objects, from beauty products to toys, school materials, and more. If you notice something is missing, try to discuss it with your child. 

Asking for Money

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Has your kid suddenly started asking for money? Of course, apart from toys and beauty products, bullies often try to steal money. Whenever your kid asks for extra, make sure to investigate why this is the case. Inquire why she needs the money and see whether the requests persist.

Asking for Extra Food

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Bullies may also steal your children’s food and snacks. In this regard, it’s essential to notice that while some kids ask their parents for extra food when this happens, others simply ignore the whole thing and avoid eating entirely. In this case, parents may notice their children are hungrier than usual when arriving home.

Different Relationships with the Internet

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Nowadays, bullying also takes place on the internet. Known as cyberbullying, this form of abuse is extremely dangerous and can have terrible repercussions. Did your kid suddenly decide to delete all his social media accounts? Or is he spending way more time on his laptop or phone? These are all signs that he may be experiencing cyberbullying. 


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How would you feel knowing that on your way to the office in the morning, you may find someone ready to attack you physically and verbally? Anxious, exactly. If you notice your kid is overly stressed and anxious, it may be time to take action to figure out whether bullying is at the root of his change in mental wellbeing. 

Falling Grades

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Was your kid one of the brightest in his classroom? Did she used to get the best grades, but her performance has drastically declined in the last few weeks? Check whether this pattern is common to all subjects and talk to her teachers to see whether they have noticed anything suspicious. 

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