17 Easy Decluttering Tips To Clean Your Messy Home

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Is your home cluttered and disorganized? It happens to the best of us! But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll share 17 brilliant decluttering tips to help you transform your space from chaotic to orderly. Whether you’re dealing with a mountain of clothes, a jumble of papers, or just an overall sense of messiness, these tips help you regain control and create a more peaceful, organized home. From clever storage solutions to practical decluttering strategies, you will find some inspiration to tackle the clutter and create a more functional and inviting living space. 

Multi-Functional Furniture

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Incorporating multi-functional furniture into your home decor can significantly declutter your space. For instance, ottomans with hidden compartments provide a stylish way to store blankets or magazines, while coffee tables with shelves underneath offer convenient storage for books or decorative items. These pieces serve their primary purpose and help maximize space and keep surfaces clear, contributing to a cleaner and more organized living environment.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

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Wall-mounted shelves are a practical solution for displaying decor items while minimizing clutter on tabletops or floors. You can showcase books, plants, or art pieces using vertical space without sacrificing valuable square footage. Opt for floating shelves in various sizes and styles to complement your home decor and create visual interest on blank walls. Additionally, arranging items thoughtfully on these shelves can add personality to your space while maintaining organization and tidiness.

Storage Bins And Baskets

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Storage baskets and bins are essential for tidying up various areas of your home. Whether placed in living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms, these containers offer a stylish way to store and conceal items like throws, toys, or toiletries. Choose woven baskets or fabric bins in coordinating colors and textures to enhance your decor while keeping clutter at bay. 

Drawer Organizers

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Drawer organizers are indispensable for maintaining order in drawers throughout your home. By using dividers and trays, you can categorize and separate items such as utensils in the kitchen, office supplies in the study, or cosmetics in the bathroom. It prevents drawers from becoming jumbled messes and makes it simpler to find what you need quickly. Invest in adjustable or customizable organizers to accommodate various drawer sizes and configurations, ensuring a tailored solution for every space.

Floating Wall Hooks

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Floating wall hooks are versatile storage solutions that help keep frequently used items within reach while minimizing clutter. Install hooks near entryways for coats, hats, and bags or in bedrooms for scarves, belts, and jewelry. By utilizing vertical wall space, you free up floor space and create a streamlined look in your home. Choose hooks in materials and finishes that complement your decor style, whether modern, rustic, or minimalist, to integrate them into your design scheme seamlessly. Regularly decluttering items on hooks ensures they remain functional and visually appealing.

Cable Management Solutions

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Tidy up electronic clutter by implementing cable management solutions. Use cable organizers, such as cord clips or sleeves, to bundle and conceal cords neatly behind furniture or along baseboards. Additionally, consider investing in furniture with built-in cable management features to create a cleaner and more streamlined look in your home. By organizing and hiding cables effectively, you can eliminate visual distractions and create a safer environment, reducing the risk of tripping hazards.

Under-Bed Storage

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Maximize space and declutter your bedroom using under-bed storage containers. These containers are perfect for storing items like seasonal clothing, shoes, extra bedding, or even bulky items like luggage. Opt for low-profile storage containers that can easily slide in and out from under the bed, making it convenient to access your belongings while keeping them out of sight. Capitalizing on this often-underutilized space allows you to free up closet space and create a more organized and efficient storage solution in your bedroom.

Entryway Organizer

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Set up a dedicated organization station to keep your entryway clutter-free. Install hooks on the wall for coats, hats, and bags, and place a shoe rack or mat near the door to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked inside. Incorporate a tray or basket for keys, mail, and other essentials to ensure they have a designated spot and stay aware of the situation. Establishing an entryway organizer can streamline your daily routine and create a welcoming first impression for guests.

Jewelry Organizers

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Utilize jewelry organizers to avoid tangled necklaces and misplaced earrings. Invest in jewelry trays, hooks, or wall-mounted racks to store and display your accessories organizationally. By keeping your jewelry visible and easily accessible, you can streamline your morning routine and add a decorative touch to your space. Consider arranging your jewelry by type or color to create an aesthetically pleasing display while preventing items from getting tangled or damaged.

Photo Display Solutions

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Showcase your cherished memories and personalize your space with photo display solutions. Create gallery walls using a mix of frames in various sizes and styles, or opt for photo ledges to easily swap out pictures and artwork. Digital frames offer a modern twist, allowing you to display multiple photos in a rotating slideshow. By curating and displaying your photos thoughtfully, you can add visual interest to your decor while keeping surfaces clutter-free.

Decorative Storage Boxes

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Incorporate decorative storage boxes or baskets into your decor to conceal miscellaneous items while adding a stylish touch. Choose boxes in coordinating colors and patterns to complement your aesthetic and blend seamlessly with your decor. Use them to store remotes, chargers, magazines, or crafting supplies, keeping surfaces clutter-free and organized. Whether displayed on shelves or in cabinets, decorative storage boxes offer a functional and visually pleasing solution for decluttering your space.

Open Shelving Systems

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Enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your space with open shelving systems. Install shelves in your kitchen, bathroom, or living area to display decorative items, dishes, or toiletries while keeping countertops clear and organized. By utilizing vertical space and keeping items within easy reach, open shelving systems offer a practical solution for decluttering and organizing your home while adding a stylish design element.

Paper Filing System

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Implementing a paper filing system is a crucial decluttering trick for managing the overwhelming influx of documents in our homes and offices. By creating designated spaces for incoming mail, bills, receipts, and important documents, you can quickly sort and file each item where it belongs. This system keeps your surfaces from paper clutter and saves time finding a specific document. 

One In, One Out Rule

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The “One In, One Out” rule is an effective decluttering strategy that helps maintain a balanced amount of possessions by ensuring that an old one is removed for every new item brought into your space. This method is particularly useful in preventing the accumulation of unnecessary items and keeping your living areas neat and manageable. By applying this rule, you can continuously curate your belongings and avoid the buildup that often leads to cluttered drawers, closets, and rooms.

Donate Regularly

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Keep a donation box in an easy-to-reach spot and toss items in whenever you come across something you don’t need. When it’s full, drop it off at a local charity or thrift store. This small habit not only clears out your space but also helps others. It’s a good way to declutter and make a positive impact while also simplifying your life. Also, knowing your items are going to someone in need makes the process even more rewarding.

Utilize Vertical Space

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Installing shelves on your walls and closet can help increase your storage capacity without wasting valuable floor space. This method helps tidy your living areas by providing designated places for items that otherwise clutter surfaces and floors. By using vertical storage solutions, you can easily access and organize your belongings, making it more straightforward to maintain a clutter-free environment. Vertical storage can add a decorative element to your home, making it functional and aesthetically pleasing. This approach maximizes space efficiency, especially in smaller houses or apartments, where every inch counts.

Make A Cleaning Schedule

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Set up a regular cleaning routine to keep the clutter in check. Break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so it’s not too overwhelming. For instance, you could focus on the kitchen on Mondays and tackle the living room on Wednesdays. Get everyone in the family involved by giving each person their own chores. It makes a huge difference when everyone puts their effort into it.

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