15 Fun & Flirty Pickup Lines To Win Over Your Crush

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How you ask your crush out can make it or break it. While thousands of pickup lines exist, some can be too straightforward, and others can fall flat. If you’re looking to avoid that situation and really want to win them over without leaving a wrong impression, you might love these flirty and fun pickup lines to do the trick.

If You Were A Fruit, You’d Be A Fine-Apple.

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This is a classic line that has charmed people for decades. The pun is excellent for people who love humor, so you’ll have a shot. But this pickup line is great because it subtly compliments the other person without making it uncomfortable.

Is Your Name Google? Because You’ve Got Everything I’m Searching For.

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This is a pretty simple pickup line. It’s straightforward yet equally romantic and automatically tells the person how interested you are in them. While these are reasons enough to use them, it’s also perfect because it gives the other person the chance to share information like their name naturally and, hopefully, their number.

Are You A Magician? Because Whenever I Look At You, Everyone Else Disappears.

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Admit it: if someone walked up to you and said this, you’d be charmed enough to continue the conversation. And that’s all you need to send this pickup line to the person you’re interested in. It’s also a great way to share how you’ve got eyes for them only, which is a lovely and romantic sentiment.

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just You?

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There’s no need to dilly-dally around if you’ve got a pickup line like this. Many people like pickup lines like this because they compliment their bodies pretty decently. While saying this pickup line, you’ll have better results if you fan yourself, feigning sweat and exhaustion.

Do You Have A Band-Aid? Because I Just Scraped My Knee Falling For You.

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There are two main reasons this should do the trick: firstly, asking for a band-aid is a great way to get someone’s attention, so you won’t have to worry about them looking the other way. Secondly, it’s a pretty cute way of saying how beautiful they are. If things go as planned, you might follow up by bending over one knee a few years later.

Do You Have A Pencil? Cause I Want To Erase Your Past And Write Our Future.

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This one might take a moment to understand, and that little window is enough to convince the other person to go out with you. It isn’t just a great way to ensure how you see them as your future, but it’s also a fun way to assure a person’s past relationship experiences won’t matter compared to you.

Can I Follow You? Because My Mom Told Me To Follow My Heart.

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This line is super sweet and genuine. It’s a fun way to show you’re really interested and willing to take a chance. It’s likely to make your crush blush and smile and could even lead to a great conversation. It’s a cute way to break the ice and show your playful side to them.

You Must Be Made Of Copper And Tellurium Because You’re Cu-Te.

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This one won’t land with everyone, so you’ll have to be more picky about who you say it to. But it’s an excellent way to start the conversation if you’re crushing on a lab partner or someone you met in chem class. Plus, you’ll be able to bond over mutual interests.

I’d Say God Bless You, But It Looks Like He Already Did.

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You didn’t hear it from here, but this pickup line works best with people who value religion and enlightenment. It’s perfect if you’re crushing on someone from your church or who you know will love a line like this.

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight, Or Should I Walk By Again?

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There’s nothing more appealing than confidence, and if you play the cards right, the person you’re talking to might just give you their number. This opening line might not work with everyone, but it’s a fun way to introduce yourself and get the other person’s interest.

I Must Be In A Museum Because You Truly Are A Work Of Art.

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Beware when you use this line because it will cause the other person to blush. This pickup line implies they’re beautiful, directly compares them to famous artworks like the Mona Lisa, and suggests they’d win. You get bonus points if the person you hit on is an art major.

Do You Have A Name, Or Can I Call You Mine?

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Simple and efficient, this pickup line is perfect for someone you just met and are highly attracted to. You’ll need to be a little bit confident to get this line to work, and as we’ve established before, confidence does wonders for flirting.

If Beauty Were Time, You’d Be Eternity.

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Forget poetry; with a line like this, you might be checking out the nearest wedding chapels and writing your vows. The person you tell this pickup line to might struggle to form words because it’s just that effective and romantic.

Do You Have A Map? Because I Just Got Lost In Your Eyes.

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This line is like a shortcut to their heart. When you drop this one, be ready for a surprise since it’s very flattering. The person you’re talking to might be left speechless, feeling genuinely charmed by your sweet and thoughtful compliment.

Are You French? Because Eiffel For You.

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This playful line is perfect for breaking the ice with humor. It’s lighthearted and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. The person you say this to will likely appreciate your wit and may respond with laughter, making the interaction fun and probably romantic.

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