15 False Expectations That Can Cost You Your Marriage

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Navigating a marriage can be tricky because you don’t know what to do until you finally step in. Despite this, most newlyweds go in with heavy expectations, most of which are just misinformed opinions. Here are some tips that can negatively affect your marriage, so it’s better if you don’t take them too seriously and do what you think is right for you and your partner:

Marriage is 50-50 work

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Most newlyweds believe marriage requires them to put in 50% effort each, but that’s not true because it implies you only need to do half the work. Marriage involves 100% effort on both sides, so you won’t fall apart if one spouse feels down.

Constant romance

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We think getting married means we’ll be doting on each other all the time, but marriage attracts a lot of ups and downs. While most of us want to stay in the honeymoon phase, most marriages go through rough patches without romance.

Agreeing on everything

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You’re wrong if you think your spouse will agree with you on everything. Although most couples go into a marital relationship after discussing ideals and goals, there will still be conflict sometimes, and often at the most unexpected things.

Instantly solving problems

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Once you’ve encountered a problem, things won’t just fall into place. You and your spouse won’t magically solve everything; most married couples go through numerous conflicts and disagreements before coming up with a solution.

Same parenting ideals

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We all know what kind of parents we’ll be, but when the bundle of joy finally arrives, you’ll find yourself backed into unexpected corners. You might conflict with your partner even if you previously discussed parenting steps.

Unwavering support

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We all dream of a spouse who answers every call and will step down to support us in anything, but marriages don’t work that way. Your spouse may support you majorly, but it might not be consistent. They may have their own days where they’ll need support themselves.

Handling family issues

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No matter how much you try to separate yourself from your and your spouse’s families, you’ll still have to deal with nuclear fallouts and other shenanigans. The only way most marriages will survive family intrusion is by being on the same page when handling it.

Household equality

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Navigating a healthy marriage is all about divide and conquer, even if it’s about chores. A marriage will start to crumble if you anoint responsibilities without discussing them or put the brunt of one task over your spouse’s shoulders.

Prioritizing each other

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Yes, every healthy marriage requires you and your spouse to prioritize each other. But this doesn’t mean it’ll always happen; familial and workplace emergencies sometimes trump spousal priorities.

Being independent

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Your routine drastically changes after you get married. No matter how much you vow to stick to the same routine, you won’t be as independent as before. You’ll have to discuss plans with your spouse and vice versa.

No jealousy

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Too many people think getting married means all insecurities will disappear. This is a misinformed take that will impact your marriage. Your spouse and you will still feel emotions like jealousy, even if you’re tied to each other.

Not feeling lonely

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Many newlyweds believe being in a marriage means they won’t ever feel lonely. However, unexpected situations like workplace emergencies, losing a family member, or rough patches can still make you lonely unless you work on it.

Prioritizing Your Children At All Costs

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While prioritizing your children’s well-being is important, neglecting your marriage for the sake of your kids can lead to conflicts and impact your relationship. It’s good to think about you and your partner, which doesn’t really mean that you’re neglecting kids.

A Baby Will Solve All Issues

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Believing that having a child will magically resolve your marital issues is a misconception that can add stress to an already strained relationship. Children deserve a stable and stress-free environment, and bringing them into a troubled marriage will only do more harm than good.

Divorce Is the Only Solution To Big Problems

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It’s important to remember that every relationship faces challenges, and not every solution should lead to divorce. Many issues can be resolved with commitment and effort from both partners. Open communication, seeking professional help, and being willing to compromise can often lead to solutions.

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